Volume CCXLI: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; Suzy Sack Protests Public Record of Motion

Hello every One and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, and what a Thrilling Thursday In Deed!!! The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean had the Rule 21 Motion to dismiss heard by Honourable Justice Hooper today in [Virtual] Courtroom 222 (I can’t say that didn’t feel auspiciously Lucky, too), and I made an audio Recording of the proceedings for the International Public Record that was Published earlier today. I Promised I would return later in the evening to elaborate and share My thoughts on the Motion, so here I am Giving You the Good News update.

Well, it didn’t take very long before My Words began to Magically Manifest. I had said that the Motion Hearing would be My new most downloaded document and that has already proven to be True in the few hours since My last Post. I have also said that I presume My adversaries in Law are reading My Blog because it would be foolish for them not to. Their worst nightmare is that they Will have to prove they filed documents with the Court when in fact no proof is required because there is nothing on the Court of Record! What I mean is that I don’t have to prove they didn’t file documents with the Court because the Court Will know that!

Just before 5:00 this afternoon, I receive an email from Susan Sacks who is telling the Court that ‘Sean Von Dehn’ had Recorded the entire proceedings and Published it to his Blog. Interesting, the Author of this Blog is King Sean, House von Dehn. I’m not sure who ‘Sean Von Dehn’ is, though I presume she means Sean von Dehn, one of the named Beneficiaries of the Claim, not the plaintiff’s ‘representative’. There is only one ‘Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’, no re-Present a Sean’s, I’m not the second coming…

All it does, is increase the likelihood of more People downloading and listening to the Motion. Susan Sacks wouldn’t be so concerned about Me uploading it if she didn’t know how damaging it is for her firm. Jenny Bogod knows just as well as Hala Tabl and Neil Milton that if documents are not filed with the Court, they are guilty of fraud. Same goes for telling Me that Justice Woodley’s Endorsement of June 4th, 2020, was binding upon an Application dated March 24th, 2022??? No Justice even knew about the Application until Justice Casullo on May 6th!!! They were telling Me no further Endorsements were even forthcoming because the Application had been filed with the Court and [already] Endorsed by Justice Woodley!

Again, if You listen to the Recording of the Motion, You Will see that Suzy Sack does not Present any new arguments, she simply reiterates the arguments made in her initial Motion, this time she’s just providing a Book of Authorities to support her initial position. But if the Statements made in My Reply Factum are presumed to be True until proved otherwise by opposing counsel (which they are), then the arguments in My Reply Factum stand uncontested on the Court of Record.

Honourable Justice Hooper

You Will Notice at the beginning of the Motion, the Judge addresses Me and indicates that she’s read My Reply Factum thoroughly and understands My position. First, she Wishes to Give opposing counsel opportunity to respond to My Reply Factum. Suzy Sack doesn’t do that. I believe the Judge even mentions something about not knowing how much time Suzy Will require to respond to the Reply Factum. I believe Justice Hooper was expecting some kind of explanation for the documents not being filed with the Court because the Judge Will have read the email to the Bracebridge Courthouse in My Reply Factum. I am thing King the Judge was not expecting that Suzy Sack would fail to provide some kind of explain a Sean.

Otherwise, it doesn’t really make sense to ‘Reserve’ the decision. The other two parties didn’t show up and that isn’t Good for Jenny Bogod because it does appear to the Court as though they have nothing to say in response to My Reply Factum – at the very least, that is what the Court of Record has to say right now. We know that the Courts and defense counsel are reading this Blog because it didn’t take Susan Sack long to complain about the Motion! Maybe Christopher Crisman-Cox doesn’t Wish to support the fraud now that he knows the Truth?

Public accountability is an integral Principle of Justice and the Rule of Law. I hope You Will read Susan Sacks email to Me and the Court, and My reply to that email.

Love and Blessings,

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