Volume CCXLI: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; A Magical Trans Script Sean

Hello every One, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Royal, Moral Highness is always welcome. It’s been an especially eventful week which always makes for a Feverishly Fabulous Free Lance Friday! I have so much Good News to be tall King about and sharing with You today that I’m also especially excited because the Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm in all things – Good News for Me means Good News for You and the rest of Man’s Macrocosm, too. It Truly is a Universal Law whether People fully comprehend it or not.

The most Breaking Good News of the week was The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s first Motion hearing for a Rule 21 Motion to dismiss. I did Promise to Keep an International Public Record of all the proceedings, below is a link to the audio Record of the Motion.

[Virtual] Ontario Superior Courtroom 222, Honourable Justice Hooper presiding.

Of course, it wasn’t long before Susan Sack, presumably one of the ‘partners’ of RosenSack LLP, law firm for defendant Hala Tabl, Writ an email to the Court complaining that I Published an audio Recording of the proceedings!

I suppose I really shouldn’t have been surprised, and I’m not even entirely sure if I was. I do, however, remember laughing out loud before I even opened up the email. Does it not sound like something a child would do? Her client is in trouble for breaking the Rules, and now she Wishes to go and tell the Court that I’m breaking the Rules, too? It’s the same as going to mommy and daddy when One is a child.

Unfortunately, I’m not breaking the Rules, this Claim is the fulfillment of a Fiduciary obligation and I have an obligation to God to let the People of the world know what is going on in Canada’s Courtrooms. I provided the appropriate legal disclaimers with the original Post and made My intention to publish the proceedings known to the Court in My Reply Factum and a separate email requesting a public link to publish here. If the Courts don’t provide a legal alternative (the link), I have lawful right to disregard the Courts of Justice Act because the intent of the Act is to uphold Justice, not to defeat Justice – that would be ‘Contra Bonos Mores’, or ‘Against Good Morals’ (Latin). The Courts of Canada were never intended to be private forums in any Way, and this is the Power of a Public a Sean.

If I were to pay for a transcript of the proceedings, I would be free to Publish the transcript because it’s all considered part of the Public Court of Record. Only when there is a privacy Order in place is One not free to publish documents that exist on the Public Record. I suppose I should also disclaim that One must not misrepresent those documents, either (take them out of context or alter them in any Way).

The re-Act Sean of Susan Sacks says more about the Motion than Jenny Bogod’s poor performance – their concern is that her [non existent] reply to My Reply Factum Will reflect poorly on their firm (which of course it Will). Not only does Jenny Bogod fail to respond to any of the arguments in My Reply Factum which assert that her client is guilty of Court fraud demonstrably proven by her own materials, it is not likely to be believable that Jenny Bogod does not know her client is guilty of Court fraud, yet she continues to proceed with the Motion without offering any defense in response to My Reply Factum! The more I am thing King about it, the more the Honourble Judge’s decision to Reserve her decision makes sense to Me.

Consider that the Judge Will be expecting Jenny Bogod to provide new arguments in response to My Reply Factum – she doesn’t. Consider that alone says she is guilty as far as the Court of Record is concerned, and consider that any Judge of the Superior Court is obviously going to know these things. When it’s My turn, I only assert that she hasn’t addressed the fraud charge or any of the statements made in My Reply Factum and until those Quest-Ions are answered, the Court can’t dismiss because We need to know the Truth. If Jenny Bogod isn’t offering any explanation for the documents not being filed with the Court, then the evidence is necessary for the Court to make an informed decision. The Court Will not provide an excuse for the documents not being filed with the Court for Jenny Bogod, the Judge was waiting to hear one! (Or at the very least, that it what I am thing King.)

The Minister of Justice and Attorney General know I’m not shy about putting a Judge on Notice if they fail to Honour their obligations to the Court, so I’m pretty sure they were expecting Me to Keep some kind of Record of what happens during the Motion. Even if the Courts did not expect Me to share a Recording, I can guarantee that Judge Hooper knows I Publish everything here and Will be providing My critique for all of You here.

The other reason Susan Sacks’ email to the Court is somewhat funny, is because that’s exactly how the Court Will see it, too. It does sound like a child complaining about nothing – it actually reminded Me of something My sister would do as a child. What is Susan Sacks as King of the Court to do about it? Nothing! She can file a Motion if she Wishes… But even then she Will be expected to tell the Court what it is she is as King of them to do! The Court doesn’t take Action without some One making a Motion, Application, or Claim of some kind. The Courts also don’t make arguments for any party, ever!

The other reason it’s irrelevant in this particular case, is because it is a Trust Claim. The Situs of the Trust determines the Jurisdiction of the Court – if One listens to the Court of Record of the Motion, I advise Judge Hooper that the subject Matter of the Claim determines the Jurisdiction of the Court. The Judge does not respond to say, ‘no, it doesn’t’. This is the Official Court of Record, these facts are now clearly Established.

The Intent-Ion for this Fabulous Free Lance Friday was to share some quotes from the Trans-Script-Sean I am war King on. I Will admit that I was not initially very Pleased with the outcome of the Motion and perhaps even a little disappointed. Now that I’ve had an opportunity to listen to the Recording of the Motion a few more times (three in total now), I can honestly tell You that I feel much better about My performance. Keep in Mind, I am very critical of My Self (as I know many of Us are, We are often Our own worst critic).

I was so… I don’t know, it feels like nervous is the Word I Wish to use but it’s not really the correct sentiment – perhaps hyper-sensitively aware of My own flaws is more accurate. I was being so critical of My own performance that I wasn’t really paying as much attention to the Judge as I should have been. And that’s kind of ironic in it’s own right because the reason I was hyper-sensitively aware of My own flaws was because I did not Wish to do anything to offend the Judge, yet did not Wish to get bullied by a Judge, either. I had no Idea what to expect from the Judge because I know they Will be well briefed before they are placed on a bench before Me.

If I were as comfortable as I am in My natural state of being, I would have very quickly Noticed how carefully Judge Hooper is choosing her Words, especially in the early Stages of the Motion (all the world’s a Stage…). The Judge does a fantastic job of Honouring My position without relinquishing her own or diminishing her authority in any Way. It never appears as though I’m trying to ‘Trump’ the Judge, and vice-versa. Her Honour very diplomatically and eloquently addresses the King thing early in the game which allows her to get the Elephant out of the room so that she can properly gauge how much space it left for everything else. ‘King Sean’ goes on the Court of Record to clearly identify that I am Acting in My Sui Juris capacity without any notable resistance from the Judge, and without ever appearing as though I’m competing for her authority. I’m not Claiming Dominion over the Court, I’m Claiming Dominion of My Claim and Trust. The Claim it Self is My intellectual property, a family Art-I-Fact and Heirloom. Do Keep in Mind, I do not Claim to be any One’s King but My own, the ‘I’ land of Sean, and I presume every One else is equally Sovereign. Summarized by Buddhists as ‘Nemaste’,

“The Divinity in Me, sees and Honours the Divinity in You.”

Buddhist Proverb, (Greeting)

I had Planned to Post the Trans-Script-Sean for this Fabulous Free Lance Friday Post, but I got tall King about the Motion too much and We are now at Word budget for this Fabulous Free Lance Edition. Instead, I Will be typing out a Trans-Script-Sean that I Will include with the full International Court of Record, along with the audio Recording. This also allows the Public to correct any errors I might make in the Trans-Script-Sean – there are a couple of Words here and there that I can’t quite make out. So those Will be two new Pages to look forward to Posting soon.

Finally, the most Fabulous Good News for My Friday is watching My Words Magically Manifest. My Trust Declare a Sean now makes the top ten, and the Court of Record is already number six after only three days!!! Number 3 is the first Notice of Court Fraud sent to the Bracebridge Courthouse. And We wonder why Hala hasn’t filed her documents with the Court?

The entire top ten list is worthy of Notice. Number 2 is Noah Potechin and the Canadian National Bank’s Notice.

All the world is a Stage, soon We Will see what Role State Actors are choosing to Play in this Universal Pictures Greatest Present a Sean. I do have a Universe City Degree, don’t You know? 😉

Love and Blessings,

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