Volume CCXLI: The Sensei Sean All Saturn Day Edition; Sinful Susan of Rosen-Sack Supports Client’s Court Fraud

Hello every One and welcome to the Sensei Sean All Saturn Day Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Moral Highness is always welcome in My House. Today’s Sensei Sean all Saturn day is symbolic because the planet represents Satan in Magic, and Susan Sack of RosenSack LLP is aiding and abetting her client’s attempt to deceive the Court, effectively aiding and abetting court fraud. I am thing King it is fair to say that fraud and attempting to deceive Me, the Court, and the public is a sin, and also [technically] a federal offense under Canada’s Criminal Code.

Now I suppose Susan Sacks could claim that she doesn’t know her client is guilty, but I am thing King that Will be a bit of a stretch even for People with a great Imagination and ability to suspend disbelief.

“Negotiating with intelligence and integrity.”

RosenSack, supporting a client guilty of Court fraud

The irony, right? Integrity? What integrity is there in supporting a client they know to have commit a criminal offense? Intelligence?! What intelligence is there in hoping to gaslight a Court judge into believing One’s client didn’t fake an application to the Court? If I can call any Courthouse in Ontario and request the Court of Record for the Estate file and find out that there isn’t one in only a couple of minutes, is it reasonable to presume that Susan Sack doesn’t know her client is guilty? Of course not. As it stands now, there is no Court of Record for My father’s Estate whatsoever, and here’s what the online portal has to say on the Matter. This is the Official Public Record entering the CV number and last name of the alleged Estate Trustee Applicant. I made sure to grab enough of the screen to Show that this is current.

And just in case I was making My search too specific, We eliminate the last name from the search to see what the Bracebridge Courthouse has on file for CV-20-59, which is the number Issued to the [fraudulent] Certificate. I advised My sister it is not a valid Certificate, it’s a fraud. That’s when Neil Milton was as King of Me to stop communicating with her. Remember, the original fraudulent Certificate wasn’t even assigned a CV number until I mentioned it! Then they [allegedly] send it back to the Court by courier to have the Certificate ‘fixed’ and assigned a CV number, but once again there is no Record of any Certificate being returned to the Bracebridge Courthouse. The Bracebridge Courthouse just Writ a CV number on the copy of the fraudulent Certificate they had on hand and recopied it to make it look like it had been re-Issued. The handwriting is different, the spacing between the numbers is different, one of the zero’s is open in the original, the copy they are closed, original has ink smudges, copy is clean penmanship. So many mistakes…

We also know that RosenSack is not only aware that their client is attempting to deceive the Court, Hala has prepared most of the fraudulent paperwork to perpetrate the illusion of an application in the event their Motion to dismiss fails since I filed the Claim on August 4th! They now need to make sure they at least have the necessary documents on hand so that they can continue to assert they’ve been filed. The Bracebridge Court has confirmed for a fact that not one document has been filed with the Court yet, they were waiting for the Certificate to Issue! No Court process whatsoever… I Imagine this is also why Erica Kappa’s Affidavit of Service of the Application is made from New Brunswick while she claims she allegedly served Me from Milton’s Estate Law in Ottawa the same day? But criminals don’t tend to notice the inconsistencies in their own story, or pray that no One Will Notice the little details. I always pay attention to details because isn’t that where they say One Will find the devil, ‘in the details’? So True, isn’t it?

Under CV number 20-59 for the Bracebridge Courthouse, there is no Estate Application whatsoever. This is what a search looks like when documents are filed with the Court. I just did a search for My mum’s last lawsuit. One can see that even though the Claim was dismissed on consent, there is still a public Court of Record for the Matter years later.

How does Canada define fraud under Canada’s Criminal Code?

I am thing King faking an Application and Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee for an Estate Valued at $425k by the perpetrators of the fraud qualifies, no? Is every document not served upon Me and Created to perpetrate the fraud considered an individual Act of fraud? I’m not sure about that, these are Quest-Ions I should have been as King Honourable Justice Hooper.

I also have an error to correct in the last few Posts since the Motion. I mentioned that Jenny Bogod did a terrible job defending against My Reply Factum (because they didn’t respond to it at all), when in fact it was Susan Sack, partner of the firm!!! I do apologize, it was an honest mistake despite the fact that the Judge clearly addresses ‘Ms. Sack’ on several occasions, I was just expecting Jenny Bogod because it’s Jenny’s name on all the documents that have been served on Me and filed with the Court, so it didn’t dawn on Me that it was Susan until I was on the third playthrough of the Audio of the Motion Record.

But it’s really no wonder she is furious that an audio of the Motion is on the Public Record because she’s supporting her client’s fraud, and it is not at all believable that they don’t know their client is guilty – which effectively means they are also trying to deceive the Court into believing documents were filed for the Estate when they know they were not!!!

Consider that this is a pretty powerful firm that specializes in defamation suits. I suppose We really shouldn’t be surprised, I guess their job is to try and help their clients get away with the crime – whatever that might take. I wonder how many criminal lawyers RosenSack has allowed to continue robbing the public blind by serving fake applications with intent to take advantage of Self Presented litigants.

I guess they must be hoping that Justice Hooper is perfectly fine with misrepresenting Endorsements of Superior Court Judges in Canada and attempting to fake Certificate of Appointment Applications? I am thing King probably not, but I guess We Will have to wait and see!!!

Finally, the Most Magical Part of My day in this Universal Product Sean, is that it is also the 5th of November and something auspicious always seems to take place in My Microcosm on the 5th and 11th of November. I had said that I anticipated the Audio Recording of the Motion would be My most downloaded document, and that I was looking forward to watching My Words Magically Manifest.

Top of the Charts!!! It only took four days, and in Magic, Four is Found a Sean

Is helping some One get away with Court fraud aiding and abetting a criminal Act? I am thing King it is, but I am wondering what Honourable Justice Hooper Will be thing King?

No wonder Susan Sack is so concerned the Motion was published, she probably doesn’t Wish for the world to know that her job is to make sure lawyers are never held accountable to the public for their crimes. It’s a sinner’s job, but some One has to do it, right Susan?

Love and Blessings

Post Script – Corrections Will be made to the last few Posts to correct the name from Jenny Bogod to Susan Sack for the Motion Hearing Audio Record.

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