Volume CCXLI: The Super Natural Son Day Re-View; Susan Sack of RosenSack Perpetrates Fraud on Court in Motion Hearing

Hello every One, welcome to the Super Natural Son Day Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. I am Honoured to have You in My House, Your Presence is always a generous Gift. The Son Day Edition always relates to Honouring My Father in some Way – whether it be My earthly Father, or Our True Father in the Heavens above. This particular Son Day is the most Super Natural Son Day so far because RosenSack, a law firm specializing in [lawyer] defamation suits had nothing to say (Nihil Dicit) in response to My Reply Factum in response to their Rule 21 Motion to dismiss at the hearing this past Tuesday. They are effectively supporting and perpetuating the fraudulent Estate application for appointment of Trustee for Hala Tabl on behalf of My sister, who is now walking around with a fraudulent, invalid Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee!

The most amazing thing about it for Me, is that it is difficult for Me to tell just how much this kind of thing takes place because they seem to be absolutely shameless about it! Do lawyers get away with faking applications to the Court to deceive their adversaries so that they can’t respond on a regular basis? I mean, if I were the One who had perpetrated a fraud of this magnitude, knowing that none of My documents had actually been filed with the Court, I would be far too terrified to walk into a Courtroom thing King that the Judge would not know that the documents had not been filed. I would presume that if some One were accusing Me of Court fraud, the Judge Will probably take a look at the official Court of Record regarding the Matter. I might try and come up with some excuse as to why they hadn’t been filed (if I were ever corrupt enough to do such a thing in the first place, which I’m not), but the last thing I would ever try to do is produce the same fraudulent documents insisting they’ve been filed with the Court! Why? Because I Imagine One of the first things the Judge would say to Me would be,

“Okay, so if I pull up the Court of Record for this file, I Will see all the filed documents on the Record, right?”

(Hard swallow)”Uh, yeah, sure.”

And… Busted! The CV number assigned to My sister’s application is not a valid CV number, it’s not related to any Estate application!

One should be able to type the CV number into any Court case search to see when the Application was filed, all Motions filed with the Court for direction related to the Application, all objections filed against the Application, the withdrawal of the first application, et cetera. One should be able to see every major step of the Application process. The first Application hasn’t even been withdrawn, and the CV number to that application doesn’t even match!

This is CV 20-65, the Application Endorsed by Honourable Justice Woodley with instructions to file the Application with the Court and to serve Me with a copy of the [filed] Application and Endorsement. Suggesting this Endorsement is binding upon CV-20-59 is an Act of fraud in and of itself. The Application and Endorsement were served upon Me but were never filed with the Court!!! Even in their Motion Record the CV number they claim to have assigned to the Application allegedly Endorsed by Woodley does not match the Woodley Endorsement! They are saying that the CV number for this Application is CV-20-59! Woodley Endorsed CV-20-65, so it was obviously the same application that was Endorsed by Casullo. All they did was switch out the new Application with the old one when Presenting it to Casullo. I was served with an entirely different application than what was Endorsed by Casullo – Casullo Will not comment on how small the Value of the Estate is if it is almost three times the Value permitted for a small Estate Application. And who knows what Hala’s cover letter explaining the background of the situation might say, We still haven’t seen that document!

But really, the most amazing thing is that RosenSack didn’t take the time to look into this Estate to find out what the official Court of Record has to say before defending their client who allegedly followed all of the Rules and filed all of these documents with the Court? It’s a pretty easy thing to check. Would it not be easier and a whole lot less time consuming to just be as King of the Court to check the Court of Record to see that this Matter has had due process if it Truly had?

Jenny Bogod is the one emailing Me with a fake letter to the Court for the return of the Certificate to be assigned a CV number (it didn’t even have one when they first presented it to Me, and apparently didn’t even notice themselves for ten days until I pointed it out?). Jenny Bogod knows damn well no Certificate was returned to the Court because the Certificate is a fraud, so she is assisting Hala in continuing to perpetrate and cover up her fraud! Jenny Bogod should know it is not a valid CV number, so she either presumes I’m too stupid to know and the Judge Will be okay with that, or both Me and the Judge are too stupid to know and won’t notice! The Ottawa Courthouse told Me that CV-20-65 is not a valid CV number, and that a valid CV number is assigned when the paperwork is filed with the Court! So the CV number itself is proof of the fraud!!!

So the real Quest-Ion, is are they hoping to gaslight and perpetrate fraud on the Court, or are they presuming that the Court Will be okay with their fraud because I’m what they call a Self Presented litigant?

I can tell You for sure that RosenSack Will hate all this bad publicity, but it’s been fabulous for Me – My Blog is getting more traffic and downloads of the Motion hearing than I would have believed possible, especially so soon. The Recording of the Motion hearing is already My most downloaded document and I Will be adding it to My Anchor podcast sometime in the near future when I Imagine it Will do even better!

The Ottawa Courthouse was not shy about telling Me that CV-20-65 is not a valid CV number, so I’m sure that Will be something Justice Hooper is aware of, too. Reserving her decision makes way more sense to Me the more I am thing King about it because her Honour was probably just as stunned as I was to not hear any rebuttal from Miss Sack to My Reply Factum. Keep in Mind that every unrebutted statement made in My Reply Factum stands as fact if not disputed in the Motion – that would be every single one!!! The other two parties didn’t even show up to respond, so it is presumed that they have accepted all statements in My Reply Factum as fact. My Reply Factum remains uncontested by the close of the Motion!!!

I doubt very much that Honourable Judge Hooper Will be okay with Ms. Sacks continuing to perpetrate her client’s fraud, I am thing King it is more likely that she was so shocked that they did not defend against My Reply Factum, she requires the time to be thing King of what is appropriate. Should Ms. Sacks and Jenny Bogod be charged for aiding and abetting Hala’s fraud and trying to Present fraudulent documents to the Court they insist to have been filed?

It really does boggle One’s Mind. Either the Court Judge and RosenSack are trying to gaslight Me presuming I don’t know the CV number is invalid, or Judge Hooper was so shocked by Ms. Sack’s attempt to continue the fraud that she chose to Reserve judgment to save Ms. Sack’s some embarrassment in front of her peers in Court.

Either Way, it is entirely possible We Will receive a result this week, and I for One Will be looking forward to it. Oh, the other insane thing about this, is that I included My email to the Bracebridge Courthouse in My Reply Factum, so the Judge knows that none of these documents have been filed as of the date of the email, and I end the Motion hearing by stating to the Judge that as of that morning, there is still no Court of Record for this Estate, no documents have yet been filed with the Court.

Those were pretty much the last Words, but One Will [somewhat] soon be able to read the Tran-Script-Sean. It is taking much longer than I had anticipated, but I am war King on it!

As infuriated as RosenSack Will be about the Publicity I’m providing for them, there Will be nothing they can do about it except sue Me, which Will mean they would have to prove that anything I am saying here is not True – which of course they Will not be able to do. So Suzy Sack Will have to suck it up along with all of her other criminal colleagues aiding and abetting Court fraud for their clients!!!

You’ll also Notice that I Will be leaving a copy of the audio Recording of the Motion with many of My Posts over the next little while – partially because it’s so popular and I Wish to make it as easy to access as possible, and partially because I know it Will infuriate Suzy Sack and the rest of her criminal cabal.

Love and Blessings,

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