Volume CCXLII: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; Judge Threatens The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Trustee

Hello every One and welcome to the Terrific Two’s Day Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House. It’s already been an exciting week, as I received a Letter from Judge Hooper yesterday regarding The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Audio Recording of the Motion Record. Of course, I provided Section Two of Canada’s Charter which states that Publicity to the Proceedings be uninhibited in My email reply to the Justice. I also advised the Judge that I am feeling threatened and intimidated by her letter to Me, as I’m not sure what she intends to do. I am in no Way shy to tell You that a Judge should never be threatening a Man with harm for any reason, especially One who has appealed to the Court for relief and remedy of trespass upon his right to due process of Law in an Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee Application.

Every single document not filed with the Court is one count of fraud, and not one document Hala’s lawyer, Suzy Sack Presented to the Court has actually been filed with the Registrar. No fees have been paid into the Court to process any application or motion for direction, so some One at the Registrar’s desk is either pocketing the payments their Self, or allowing Hala to make requests to the Court for free without any paper trail whatsoever. If documents are not processed by the Court and entered into the system, then any document can be switched out at any time, and there is no accountability, no Official Court of Record for the Application. A Certificate cannot lawfully Issue if the Application has not been filed with the Court and processed (entered onto the Court of Record) by the Registrar.

My sister is currently walking around with a Certificate I know to be a fraud. It might look Good but it isn’t a valid Certificate if no Application was ever filed with the Court. It was not Issued by the Court. All Hala’s Endorsements, the Application and all required information pertaining to it, as well as proof of service on all parties of same must be filed with the Application so that the Court can review all the information and Endorsements pertaining to it before Issuing the Certificate. Then, once all the information is reviewed, the Certificate is sent out by the Court for a Judge to Sign – a Registrar does not have the authority to Endorse the Certificate. Hala’s Application specifically must include the Errors in Application Form returned to her in her first Application, along with proof of service on Me specifically! There is no Way for the Court to know Hala has done these things if the documents are not processed by the Court, period!!!

These crimes are known by Judge Hooper and so far, no One is being held accountable, and I am now being threatened by the Judge for Publishing the Motion hearing with Intent to Protect and Defend Principles of Justice described as indispensable to the Courts in the administration of Justice by Canada’s Charter, Chapter Two.

I didn’t manage to get a second Post Published yesterday to let You know that I received a reply from the Court and Justice Hooper who has thus far failed to explain why she is not prosecuting Hala Tabl and her representatives for knowingly perpetuating Court fraud and gross violations of Rule 1.09 with criminal intent to cause harm to an individual and trespass upon One’s right to a fair and impartial hearing, while threatening the individual who appealed to the Court for relief and remedy for the fraud perpetrated on the Court, and for misrepresenting two Superior Court Judges who were unfairly influenced with intent to pervert the Rule of Law.

Considering how many Rules of the Court were violated in the Estate Application, the only recourse I have left is public accountability, and if I remove the Audio Recording of the Motion, I don’t believe Justice Will ever be done. It doesn’t make any sense to Me that an impartial Judge interested in preserving Justice and the integrity of Canada’s Courts would threaten the Man publishing a Motion with Intent to preserve Principles critical to criminal Justice as determined by Canada’s own charter on a public facing website. A public facing website is a Trust obligation of any State Actor, a Promise to the People on the Public Record. The Charter and Inherent (God Given) rights of Canada’s People were the purpose and Foundation for the Rule of Law in Canada, and any Law that violates the Principles of the Charter are of no force or effect.

So I Will not be removing the Audio Recording of the Motion Hearing until all parties have fulfilled the terms of the Reply Factum which two parties tacitly agreed to, and to which Hala Tabl’s counsel failed to provide any legal or lawful excuse for at the Motion Hearing. The Court has a duty and obligation to investigate a federal offense, and the Courts of Justice Act is a provincial Act, this is an International, Common Law Court of Law and fulfillment of a Trust obligation.

I have no Idea what the Judge is threatening to do to Me specifically. I’m not sure why she would notify the Ottawa police because no One is at risk or in any danger, there is no injured party, no damage to any One’s property. But it seems highly suspicious to Me that no One is being held to account for the Estate fraud, so this is the only Way I know to hold State Actors accountable.

My duty to God and the Trust are more important to Me than getting arrested for attempting to uphold and protect Principles integral to Justice in any Common Law society. Those are Canada’s own Words, I’m not making them up, check out the whole page, it’s worth it! They broke serious Rules with criminal intent and the Judge does nothing, I break a victimless Rule that doesn’t even apply to the Trust in the interest of preserving Justice, and I’m the one being threatened with harm by the Judge? Something is not right here, this Motion needs to be audio-vised, this is the only legitimate Court of Record regarding My Father’s Estate and The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Claim.

If Justice Hooper chooses to make Me a Martyr for My determination to preserve Principles in Canada’s Courts integral to Justice, I am thing King it Will only make this Blog that much more popular. If Justice Hooper makes Me a martyr for Justice, I Will make her the next Star of My Show in this Universal Pictures Greatest Present a Sean.

This Post is scheduled to Post at the same time the email is scheduled to send to the Court regarding the threats of harm against Me.

Love and Blessings,


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