Volume CCXLII: The Two’s Day Tell a Vision Edition; Matrix IV Resurrections, Part XIV

Hello every One, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House – We are always Living in Our Head, thank King You for inviting Me in. I’m excited to get back to My Tell a Vision Interpret a Sean of Matrix IV Resurrections, it is a Pleasant distract Sean from My Microcosm and usual Posts.

Mr. Anderson is Mental (Ment-al, Mind is all) and this is where We left off last week and a Good start for this week because Mr. Anderson has just been told that it’s all in his Head. He got shot in the head at point blank range and woke up in his therapist’s office. His first visit to the therapist was after jumping off a building. This is the up-grade, ascension. The Rules are changing…

Previously, if One believed they died in the Matrix, the Real Man Will die, too. The Idea of Neo has infected Mr. Anderson’s operating system permanently – he can no longer die (spoiler alert). He can also never really be Mr. Anderson, he Will always know that’s not really him. The longer Mr. Anderson experiences the Matrix, the more of Neo Will Wish to come out.

So they Created a loop in the Program to keep Mr. Anderson from evolving into Neo so that he Will believe he is crazy rather than immortal… It provides a reasonable explain a Sean for his immortality. This is also why We see some One who looks a lot like Trinity in the same situation at the beginning of the film, only slightly different. They mention there is a ‘loop’ in the Modal. Mr. Anderson is stuck in a ‘loop’ in the Matrix – it appears to Mr. Anderson as though he’s still young, but he’s been repeating the same time loop over and over. The Idea was that if he isn’t Mr. Anderson for long enough, he Will never become Neo, so the agents just kill him anytime he starts to ‘wake up’.

I placed ‘they’ in italics previously because I Wish for You to be thing King about who ‘they’ might be. Who is programming the Matrix, who Created the Operating system it Self?

The next Scene supports My theory as We see Mr. Anderson standing on a rooftop, visualizing Morpheus making the leap between two skyscrapers and preparing him Self for the jump – with a bottle of ‘Spirits’ in Hand. (Not a coincidence).

“I fly, or I fall.”

Mr. Anderson

And just as Mr. Anderson is about to jump off, his friend catches his ankle and pulls him back.

Okay, I know it’s only four hundred and something Words today, but it was 2337 Characters at the end of the last sentence and I was as King of God if People Will Mind if I Keep this one short so that I can Publish before midnight. 37 is always approve all from God.

Very Good Scene coming up in the next Edition, so stay Tuned into this Universal Pictures Present a Sean.

Love and Blessings,


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