Volume CCXLII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; Spellings of Magic, a Notice of Contempt of Court

Hello every One, welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Presence is always a Gift to My House. Today and yesterday were both somewhat Lucky I suppose and I have a lot of Magic to be tall King about today. I am thing King I have figured out the entire conspiracy against Me as a result of The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s first Claim, and I am going to be tall King about how I Will respond to two more motions for summary judgment that My brother and sister Wish to bring before the Court. Finally, I’m going to provide a recap and summary of the status of the Claim as of this Lucky Wednesday, and even how it all relates to My Matrix IV Interpret a Sean. Let’s get right into it.

Okay, so One of the most important documents that has been revealed to Me in My Microcosm’s mini Apocalypse (the unveiling), is this one:

I know Court documents are boring, so I’m just going to highlight the important Parts on this world Stage that particular Characters have been required to Play to fulfill their Role.

Errors in Application for Appointment of Estate Trustee Without a Will

  • On form 74., where the applicant explains why he or she is entitled to apply for the Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee, information must be added relating to the consent Given by persons who are entitled to a share in the distribution of the Estate and who, together, have a majority interest in the value of the estate.
  • Where the applicant seeks an Order dispensing with the requirement to file a bond, consent to the Applicant’s Appointment of Estate Trustee Without a Will (Form 74.19) must be received from all persons entitled to share in the Estate and filed with the Court.
  • Our office requires the original Affidavit of Service of Notice.

Please Return this Notice with Your Documents

The reason this document is so important, is because the Registry Will know exactly who has a legitimate legal interest in the Estate – and Tanja Johnson Will not Show up in the Registry for the Estate of Joachim von Dehn because she is legally married, and the marriage is Registered.

This was March 20, 2020, the first time they tried to make the Application without My consent. They are still required to produce the forms cited above with the Notice of the Errors in Application with the Endorsements they have since obtained before the Court can properly Issue a Certificate. The Courts can’t do their job if People don’t file their documents. Courts don’t have the capacity to be corrupt, only People can do that.

This is why it’s so important that Hala Tabl actually file her documents with the Court. The Courts can’t direct the Application to the appropriate authorities to review the Application if it is never filed with the Court!!! There is no due process whatsoever because the documents have not been processed.

The Good News is, it proves they do require My consent and that Tanja does not have a legitimate, natural, legal claim. If her claim was recognized in the Registry, Tanja and Michael would together hold a majority interest in the Estate – here, the Court is telling them they don’t – they require My consent to have a majority interest!!!

Of course, they didn’t Show Me this document or tell Me about it, this was sent to Me by Michell L. Murphy from the Bracebridge Courthouse when I was as King to see what documents she is sitting on over there are the Bracebridge Courthouse for Hala Tabl. And just to Trump that point, Michelle wasn’t telling Me anything until I emailed the Minister of Justice and Attorney General to tell them about it – all clearly stated in My Reply Factum. I didn’t even have a name to hold accountable at the Bracebridge Courthouse until I complained to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General. It was a Notice of fraud in court application at the Bracebridge Courthouse. They didn’t respond, but Michelle did. 😉

At this point in time, the Good News is, I can still say wonderful things about Canada’s courts because the Courts have not done anything wrong at all concerning My Father’s Estate. The Courts don’t have any opportunity to do their job if People don’t file their documents, it’s really that simple.

Below is My email reply to their Notice of Motion for Summary Judgment, and My Notice of Contempt of Court. I Will include this email reply with any Motion materials I may file. My Reply Factum currently stands as fact on the Court of Record, and they are all proceeding as if they won the Motion hearing they didn’t bother Showing up for. I’m so sick and tired of the fraud and the continuous gaslighting!!!

And of course, there’s My last letter to the Justice after threatening Me for Publishing a Recording of the Motion, served upon the Ottawa Courthouse for Justice Hooper’s reply.

The other detail that makes Me furious and why I now Wish to file a Motion for contempt of Court, is because despite failing to dispute any of the arguments in My Reply Factum, he asserts that the Claim is a ‘colossal attack on the Casullo Endorsement’. That line infuriates Me more than any other because One can see how they are trying to Characterize Me with that statement, an Endorsement I didn’t know anything about at the time I filed the Claim!!!

I learned of it for the first time in the Defendants Statements of Defense. Apparently every One knew about it but Me!!! Are they thing King they Will never be required to Show that the Endorsement was actually served upon Me and filed with the Court? They Will not be able to do either, there isn’t even a copy of an Application filed with the Registrar, closest thing is a Notice of Application not filed with the Registrar with no CV number.

Susy Sack also agreed to add the Woodley Endorsement to CaseLines so the Judge is now going to see that the Endorsement is from 2020, and that she is serving Me with a new application in 2022, claiming the Endorsement Given two years earlier to an entirely different application is binding?! I’m sure Justice Woodley loves for the People of the world to be thing King that, right? Same thing with Casullo. No One knows why Casullo would Endorse Tanja’s Application if she had any Idea what the Truth of Tanja Johnson is or the Estate assets. The requirement is dispensed with because the Value is more than twice as much as the previous Application that was required to be served upon Me?

And even with Casullo’s Endorsement, it is only binding if it is filed with the Court along with the rest of the documents required for the Application and Notice of Errors in Application form they are required to submit to the Court when they file the Application – I should also get a copy of all of this stuff!

They haven’t done that because obviously the Court Will be able to see what they were doing to get around these requirements. Failing to share the Errors in Application Form with either Justice Woodley or Casullo, is taking advantage of the Justice because they don’t know the full Story. Again, neither One has done anything wrong because if Hala is ‘cheating’, the Court Will catch it when she refiles the Errors in Application form with the Endorsement and Application to get around those requirements. Justice Woodley specifically Ordered Hala to file the Application with the Court, which she never did!!! She only served it upon Me so that I would believe that she did!!!

The Court Will know she’s trying to get around a direct Court Order!!! She can’t file her documents with the Court because the Ontario Superior Courts have been doing their job, and Hala knows the Application would be returned again, and maybe she’d even be found in contempt. So they just tried to trick Me instead. They never intended to file any application and only had to fake the Certificate because I filed the Claim. In Truth, Tanja got the money months ago, probably long before Casullo’s Endorsement because Hala made a deal with the lawyers who sold the house under power of sale. My sister wouldn’t pay a dime out of her own pocket to take care of My father or she would have paid the $200/month mortgage so We could at least sell the house our Self. The bank hired Hala Tabl and agreed to pay her from My father’s Estate if Hala could solicit My sister.

Now You know why I Wish to see all of the correspondences between them and be as King to freeze accounts of Tanja Johnson at least, but perhaps Michael as well. My guess is that they got the money some time in May or maybe even sooner.

The Good News this Lucky Wednesday is that I still have faith in Canada’s Courts because they do appear to have been Acting as Gatekeepers for My father’s Estate. They Will not let Hala make an Application without Notice to Me, so no Application was ever made.

The downside is that I did legitimately feel threatened enough by the Judge to not be able to sleep Monday night. I like to Keep My door unlocked so I can have an open door policy for My Friends (when I’m in the apartment) but I kept wanting to get out of bed to lock My door in case the police came to bust it down or something. The only reason I didn’t lock it is because I have no intent to resist if that’s what the Judge Wishes to do any Way. One Way or another, I am going to make her a Star, just depends on what kind of Role she Wishes to Play in this Universal Product Sean.

The Good News about that, is that to put an end to My fear, I Writ that last letter to the Judge to let her know I’m feeling threatened of My safety and unfairly treated for a Man who’s only determination is to Hold Canada’s State Actors accountable to their oath when I report a Court fraud, which is a federal, indictable offense! I’m very pleased with the last Letter and My final Words on the International Court of Record. Let God take Me where He Will, I know what I Stand for and Will not be intimidated by Canada’s Court Judges. And Judge Hooper still has the chance to come out a hero if she takes the time to look up the Court of Record.

Love and Blessings,


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