Volume CCXLII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; Final Notice of Contempt of Court

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Today is a thing King Edition True to its name because I was thing King about what more I can do to put an end to Defense counsel’s incredible attempt to perpetrate fraud and perjury on the [International] Court of Record. One of the reasons this Blog is so powerful, is because it is a legal and lawful Common Law Court of Record – the most Powerful Court in the world. If We are all Kings and Queens, We must all be able to Hold Court, right? Sui Juris.

Christopher Crisman-Cox was the first surprise email requesting another Motion to dismiss against Michael because the complaint about the ashes is ‘statute barred’, and he had no liability or ‘duty of care’ because he is only a Beneficiary, was never the Trustee and had no interest in being appointed as such. It infuriated Me because he still doesn’t rebut any of the Statements made in My Reply Factum, didn’t even bother to Show up for the Motion to take the opportunity to respond when he had the chance, and now Wishes to proceed as if We haven’t just firmly and formally Established on this Court of Record that Michael von Dehn is guilty of extortion for threatening Me with an Act of criminal mischief (destruction of the last Letter I Writ My Father), if I dare to make My own application for a Certificate of Appointment to Act as Trustee, or even if I accept the position if I am appointed by the Court by default if an ETDL is required! Christopher Crisman-Cox just moves right along as if these things have not just been clearly Established and that Michael and Christopher have not just tacitly agreed to fulfill the Claim or be charged criminally for the threat of extorsion of destruction of a testamentary instrument. It may not clearly Show the Promise My Father made to Me, but it clearly articulates My Promise to My Father – which is a Trust obligation!!!

The following day, Neil of Milton’s Estates Law follows up with an email saying Tanja Johnson is seeking a Motion to dismiss because the claim is ‘a colossal attack on the Casullo Endorsement’. Once again, an Endorsement I knew nothing about until I read Hala Tabl’s Statement of Defense, which is just another example of breach of Trust with respect to her duties to the Court and the public to make sure the Rule of Law is followed. She obtains all meetings with Judges to deliberately get around a direct Court Order, specifically stating what documents she requires for the Application to be accepted for filing with the Court – and hence why none of the documents have actually been filed! It’s this one, for ease of reference.

Not a coincidence, it was one of the most downloaded documents yesterday and has only recently been surpassed by My last Letter to the Court and Honourable Judge Hooper regarding this Matter. That was also the Magic related to Our Matrix IV Interpret a Sean that I forgot to mention in My Post yesterday. Tuesday was 11.08.22, Our original Motion date, and now the last Word on the Matter on this International Court of Record.

Do Keep in Mind, I did warn that this Journey I am on is not for the faint of Heart (He Art). An email like the one above can be very intimidating. The first thing One must do in this situation, is let the Court and the Judge know You are feeling threatened and intimidated. That’s a big ‘no no’ for Judges, especially when One has come to them for relief. The fact that My opponents in Law are perpetuating their fraud with more perjury on the Court of Record at the Motion hearing only Trumps the apparent bias. I already have sufficient cause to have the Judge recused. She didn’t warn the Defendants that if what they are telling the Court proves to be untrue and Hala hasn’t actually filed any of her documents with the Registrar that she Will be looking at jail time. But that was the Reality of My Situate Sean.

However, You Will also Notice that some of the things I have been tall King about before are mimicked in the above email. Pay Special attention to the solid black line above and below the warning. The line goes right to the edge of the Page, it is ‘boxed in’. This indicates that the Act only applies to People within that box, which represents the Jurisdiction of Ontario (in this particular case). If I comply with the Judges request, I am consenting to the Jurisdiction of the Act and I would have lost My Claim for sure. Not even a guess, for sure. Charter rights don’t apply once One consents to the commercial Jurisdiction, one is presumed to waive those rights to enter that Jurisdiction. I would have had recourse because I only would have removed the Recording under duress and without prejudice. Ironically, it was My Friend who said to Me,

“Who are the police going to arrest? The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean, or King Sean?

A Friend

Yeah, amazing it wasn’t the first thought that passed through My head! But the Judge can’t use anything other than the name and address provided to her in the Claim, and they don’t have any Jurisdiction over that Man. And considering My experiences with the Ottawa Police, I’m not so sure they’d be in a big rush to come get Me if the Judge were as King for King Sean, House von Dehn any Way…

But the next most popular download and the new most popular relative to the time it’s been Posted, is the Notice of Contempt served upon the Defendants at 10:09 AM Lucky Wednesday morning.

And as I’ve mentioned before, Notice of Contempt of Court is not Contempt of Court, it is Notice that they are Acting in Contempt of Court – a warning of Contempt of Court.

Today is a True Thing King Edition because I am more than done tolerating these lies and Willful intent to deceive the Court and pervert Justice. They all tacitly agree to fulfill the Statement of Claim in lieu of criminal charges for their trespasses against Me, for Tanja and Michael’s intent (Mens Rae – of guilty Mind or with criminal intent) to exclude Me from My inherent right to a fair, impartial, and public hearing of any Matter regarding My Father’s Estate that concern My interests. Hala Tabl conceded to being the mastermind who colluded to fake an Estate application to deceive Me into believing due process was had, despite not filing a single document with the Registrar. And the most shocking thing about it all, is that every single defendant KNOWS they are guilty as charged, yet continue to suggest the Claim was filed with intent to attack the Casullo Endorsement, when I knew nothing about it until their Statement of Defense.

So tomorrow morning, scheduled to send at 7:37 AM, Will be a FINAL NOTICE OF CONTEMPT OF COURT. All three Defendants and Responding parties to the Claim Will have until 5:00 PM tomorrow to provide proof of service of the Casullo Endorsement upon Me, agree to fulfill the Statement of Claim in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in the Reply Factum, or default Judgment Will be awarded against them and they Will be required to fulfill the Statement of Claim in accordance with the Reply Factum, and all lawyers representing Tanja, Michael and Hala Will be subject to the Applicable Laws according to Canada’s Criminal Code for perjury on a Court of Record with intent to pervert the course of Justice, Court fraud for failing to file Estate documents with the Registrar, and countless violations of Rule 1.09 to obtain private meetings with Court officials in violation of a direct Court Order provided by the ‘Errors in Application’ form.

I have already prepared the required Court document for the Motion, and I Will be including the Notice of Contempt, Notice of Motion for Contempt, and the Notice of Default awarded against them at 5:00 PM with the rest of My Motion Record which Will be sent sometime shortly after 5:00.

The Significance of all of this? Remember I was tall King about how something big Will happen on November 11? Well, this is going to be huge because I am thing King they don’t have anywhere else to run. No more libelous claims about this being a colossal attack on the Casullo Endorsement, no more gaslighting the authority of the Trust Instrument, no more evading criminal prosecute-Sean for Hala Tabl and her criminal cabal. Tomorrow, My adversaries Will fear Me – and so they should, Judgment Day is coming for them, this is the beginning (11th, and 2 is a Door) Apocalypse!!!

Love and Blessings,

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