Volume CCXLIV: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday; Meeting More Marvel Us Witches and Wizards

Hello every One, and welcome to the Lucky Wednesday Edition of The Good News Journal, thank King all of You Wonder Full Warlocks and Witches for joining Me, it is a Pleasure to be here.

Today may be a short one because for once it was reasonably quiet in My Microcosm for most of the day. No additional Acts of Contempt of Court by My adversaries in The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s first claim. I do have some News regarding the City of Ottawa but the King’s bench is Reserving Public a Sean of that Matter for a more optimal time. I already have some big Plans for the City of Ottawa but I Will be tall King about all of that when there is some kind of Resolute Sean regarding My Father’s Estate.

Today, I’m going to be tall King about today’s Title, ‘Meeting more Marvel-Us Witches and Warlocks’. I met this Lady a few weeks ago while she was campaigning for a seat on city council. One of the Wonder Full things about My own International Public a Sean, is that I can Keep the identity of My Friends Secret to My Microcosm, while exposing those who breach the Public Trust. So for now, I’m Keeping My new Friend’s name a Secret.

However, We had discussed some Ideas and I am always My usual outspoken Self, explaining that I don’t ‘vote’ for any One because I believe all State Actors are completely incompetent and have no Idea how Canada’s economy actually works. We discussed this Idea in a little more detail and she mentioned that she was interested in exploring more in depth with Me another time, as King for My email.

Today, I ran into this Lady again, who said to Me that she’d been trying to email Me for awhile but hasn’t received any response. I was as King if she was sure she had taken the correct email address because I hadn’t Noticed any emails from her unless they had ended up in My junk folder or something. Turns out she only had ‘gnosticwisdom’ as My email handle, rather than ‘gnosticwisdom37’. [Interesting side note, spell check doesn’t like ‘gnosticwisdom’, but has no problem with ‘gnosticwisdom37’?]

Anyway, when I correct the email address she says to Me,

“I’ve been looking forward to connecting with You, I think We Will have a lot in common. Your email address caught My attention – are You familiar with the Rosicrucian Cross?”

“You mean the Secret Society?”

“Yes, the one in Europe, not the U.S.”

“I Wish I had My briefcase with Me today – I have the Rosicrucian Cross painted on the back of it!”

Yeah, apparently My email address alone was enough for this Lady to be thing King I might know something about the Secret Society. This is the same Secret Society that is responsible for pretty much everything I know or don’t know about Real world Magic and the Symbols (like an Instrument in a Universal Symphony Playing in Harmony with the Orchestral Product-Sean). Aleister Crowley was the Head of the Order, and is responsible for the Tarot deck for which I conducted a reading for Man’s kind (and Will revisit again soon enough to Show just how prophetic the cards Truly are).

Rosicrucian Cross (unfinished, but close enough to identify what it is).

The other ‘Lucky’ event for this Wednesday, is that I mentioned the ‘Errors in Application Form’ is the most important document with respect to The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Claim against Hala Tabl, My sister’s previous lawyer. I suggested that this Idea would be echoed in My Microcosm by becoming one of My most downloaded documents next to the audio of the Motion Hearing it Self.

I do Love to watch My Words Magically Manifest. There is only one document in My top ten list that is NOT related to My Father’s Estate in some Way. The world is watching, and no Word from Justice Hooper yet. I find that very interesting in Deed. I Will be painting a Portrait (for traits) of every Judge who comes before Me to add to The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s He Art Exhibit-Sean. I wonder how many Will be Stars or villains. I may even distinguish between the two by adding Goat Horns to the corrupt (like only a fool would Worship, Jim What’s On). Right now, Sally A. Gomery’s Character Will be Honoured in the Exhibit Sean for Honouring her Oath to the Courts and the People of Canada. Wonder what Judge Hooper Will do? Only time Will tell…

Love and Blessings,


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