Volume CCXLIV: The Sensei Sean all Saturday Edition; A Special Saturn Day Sensei Sean

Hello every One, and welcome to the Sensei Sean all Saturday Edition of The Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, thank Your Highness for inviting Me into Your House. Unlike vampires, I Will not feed off Your Life Force Energy, the Intent Ion of this Public a Sean, is to Give the Breath of Life back to the blue-blooded Man drowning in Commercial Admiralty’s rocky waters. It’s a bloody mess, all the citizen ships have been CAPSIZED!!!

Oh, but these are all just convenient coincidences, right? I’m quite sure that’s what My brother and sister Will be telling their Self over and over again. It is True that if One tells a lie enough times, One can eventually believe it to be True. That’s why lie detectors can be ineffective – they Will only work if the One telling the lie believes they are telling a lie. If One believe a lie to be the Truth, it Will not Show up on a lie detector test.

Consider that virtually everything that is happening in the world right now are things My family Writ Me off for being a ‘conspiracy theorist’. Now, Truth be Tolled (because One Will be charged for a lie and be lie-able, or libel if Truth is not Told), I did not have all the details correct – the devil is in the details, so I don’t worry about such things.

I thought the global ‘pandemic’ would be the announcement of aliens, or a [faked] alien invasion. I didn’t know what the event would be specifically, but it would affect every One on earth. I said that Bill Gates Will Wish to inject every One with some kind of nano-technology instead of the identification chip every One was tall King about, it appears I got that Part right. MRNa technology is a type of patented nanotechnology. I’ve also heard the patent number for the technology is 666, but that’s probably a genuine conspiracy theory, though it’s a great example of what the independent [propaganda police] ‘Fact Checkers’ Will do with this inform a Sean.

‘Fact Checkers’ Will say that Bill Gates does not have a patent on the vaccines numbered ‘666’. People are so stupid and so blindly Willing to accept anything that helps to support their fictional narrative of what’s going in the world, that the ‘Fact Checkers’ might even show a copy of the actual patent, proving it is not numbered ‘666’. People finish reading the propaganda piece and tell their Friend’s that Bill Gates’ patent on the vaccines has officially been debunked, while the piece asserts that he does in fact have a patent on the vaccines (and probably the coronavirus that was Created in some biolab in Ukraine funded by the U.S. and the Real reason there’s a war there now), they only got the nae of the patent wrong. Doesn’t change the fact that Bill Gates to claim ownership of all the People who’s DNA have been altered as a result of his patented technology. It’s no different than Monsanto with their seeds.

Well, that wasn’t an expected rant for this Saturn Day Sensei Sean Edition, but it does touch on some of the most devilish deeds being done in Man’s Macrocosm, and the same appears to be True in My Microcosm.

Three powerful law firms have all Presented a fraudulent Estate Application and Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee to an Ontario Superior Court, suggesting to the Court in both their documentary evidence and oral testimony at the Motion hearing (for the one party that did Show up) are not evidence of the fraud they’ve been accused of perpetrating. Imagine being accused of breaking into some One’s house and then sending them their security video of the break in as proof that nothing unlawful had been done! Seriously, that’s the only Way I can emphasize the insanity of what’s going on in The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s first Claim.

See, lawyering was actually called ‘devilling’ back in the day, and any One who Wished to be war King as an advocate in the Courts would have to take an apprentice Ship, spending some time under a Devil Master. It is turning One over to the underworld, Man’s fiction of Law, rather than God’s Law – a turn ‘E’, and E is always a Symbol for Man’s Energy.

I said once before that My English teachers would be so proud of Me now for citing all My references – that would be something I would deliberately omit to keep essay grades ‘under the radar’ in high school. A bibliography was worth another ten percent or something. Sometimes handing in paper’s late was worth a percentage a day, too, so that was another ‘trick’. None of these techniques are effective, by the Way, but that’s something I Will be tall King about another day. For now, here’s what Merriam’s Dictionary has to say about the Word, Devilling.



Learn to pronounce


gerund or present participle: devilling

  1. 1.DATED•INFORMALact as a junior assistant for a lawyer or other professional.”there is the possibility of devilling for fellow members of the Bar”
  2. 2.NORTH AMERICANharass or worry (someone).”he was deviled by a new-found fear”

Now of course, it’s Dated. The evolution of Words has allowed for Devilling to be called Soliciting for lawyers and attorneys at Law. Who is One thing King ‘the BAR’ is for? The BAR is as high as an attorney or lawyer/liar can go – they are Acting at Law (before the Law, subject to Law). That is why the Judge presiding over a Matter is always Higher than the lawyers. All Judges re-Present the Crown. The Crown is the Highness (Your Highness) of the Court because there is no Court without the Sovereign because there is no Author Writ E (Writ of Energy, Covenant with God) but God, and the Sovereign is God’s (Sworn) representative on earth.

The Sovereign is presumed to know God’s Law, so only the Sovereign can make determinations regarding Man’s Law. A Sovereign is the very first legal and lawful requirement of any legitimate Court. God is Universally recognized as the only True Authority of Man, period. That is quite literally why Man’s Laws are referred to as the colour of Law – it is the Truth of Law after passing through a pyramid’s prism of distort Sean.

But the antics of the Respondents to The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s first Claim is Truly incredible in its own right, and the example I used here to demonstrate how insane their antics are is no exaggerate-Sean whatsoever. Perhaps even most importantly because the full Story regarding the entire fraudulent Estate Application is right here!!!

There also isn’t really much alternative for Judge Hooper because she threatened Me for Publishing the Audio of the Motion while turning a blind eye to the fraudulent testimony Susan Sack was perpetuating on the Court of Record at the Motion hearing it Self?

It really is unreasonable to suggest that the Judge Will not just type the CV number of the Issued Certificate into the system to find out for her Self if the materials have been filed with the Court, and Judge Hooper specifically states early in the Motion that she has read the material. I should have just requested for the Registrar in the Court at the Motion to type in the CV number and tell the Court what comes up. But if Judge Hooper did read the material, then she also read the email from the Bracebridge Courthouse, so Her Honour knows the entire Application is a fraud from the start of the Motion Hearing because the Court does not rule against it Self. For better or worse, Michelle L. Murphy is a Registrar of the Bracebridge Courthouse, and she has clearly stated that the Estate Application is not open to the public, and Will not be entered onto the public record until after a Certificate Issues. That is about as clear a cause of Action and proof that My right to fairly participate in My Father’s Estate was violated with criminal intent. They were deliberately not filing documents to get around the requirements of the Court for the Application to be processed so that I would not be able to participate or have any clue what is going on whatsoever.

The reason My example of the thief proving their crime and calling it a defense is not a dramatic exaggeration, is because one of the lawyers (for My brother) is a JD in Law, which means Juris Doctorate in Law. It is not reasonable to presume he doesn’t know that all of this is just proof of My right to participate fairly in the Judicial process being violated with criminal intent, or to presume he doesn’t know ‘CV-20-59’ is not a valid CV number. It is not at all reasonable to presume that all of tha lawyers involved don’t know that’s not a valid CV number!!! It is gaslighting at unprecedented possibility levels!!! As if all of that isn’t bad enough, are they all legitimately hoping that the Judge Will not know what a valid CV number looks like, or were they Truly believing that the Judge might be okay with all of this because I’m not a lawyer? Either Way, pretty gutsy in My opinion. Here’s a Quest-Ion for the True Adventurer…

If the Estate Application isn’t a fraud, and Hala Tabl in particular is not guilty as charged, is it not reasonable to presume considering the amount the Respondents have invested in their defense, that they would have sufficient wealth to bring a Claim against Me for libel? Wouldn’t the same be True for the Canadian National Bank? They all Wish to cause harm to the Beneficiary’s share of the Estate assets. See, in Order to do that, they Will have to prove the Application is not a fraud which they Will never be able to do because no documents were ever filed with the Court Registrar.

The other reason the Judge doesn’t really have a choice, is because there are legitimately other claims waiting to proceed against My Father’s Estate and that can’t happen until some One is legitimately appointed by the Court to Act as My Father’s Estate Trustee. They are eventually going to get caught for their fraud, and it may well be by insurance companies that have sufficient wealth to do so. The fraud can’t go undiscovered forever, a Real Certificate Will need to Issue from the Court at some point.

If the Judge lets Hala off the hook for the fraud and all of her violations of Rule 1.09 and directly violating Orders from the Court required for the Application, I am thing King that Judge Kaufman Will not be so accommodating for Christopher and Neil for their next Motion.

“Prior to briefly dealing with the substance of the emails, I am mindful of the protocol of this court in responding to unsolicited correspondence to the court by counsel. As members of the Law Society of Upper Canada, both counsel should know that it is inappropriate and unacceptable for counsel to correspond directly with the judiciary on a matter before the court, unless specifically invited to do so. The members of the judiciary are neutral, independent, impartial triers of facts, who make decisions on cases based on the evidence presented to them in court and through court process. It is inappropriate for a party to communicate with a judge outside of the courtroom, as it makes the court process unfair and leads to potential abuse of such process.

Judge Kaufman

Judge Kaufman is a far more well seasoned Judge than Judge Hooper who has only been on the bench for a little more than six months. Kaufman, on the other Hand, has been awarded the Honour of Canada for his work relating to Canada’s Justice system, and I believe Will not be so pleased to hear that I was excluded from the entire Estate Application process because Hala Tabl didn’t file any of her documents with the Registrar. If Judge Hooper is thing King that is acceptable, I am thing King Kaufman Will disagree and wonder why Hala is not being held accountable as My sister’s legal counsel in the Matter…

Saturn Day is a Celebration of Satan for some of Man’s Macrocosm, that is what the planet represents Mystically speaking. Lawyers are some of the most evil, sinful People on the planet, and the Respondents to The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s first Claim are except Sean all examples. Remember they are also supposed to be experts in Trust and Estates Law, yet the gaslight the Jurisdiction of the Trust continuously?

An Honest Judge Will put these Antics to rest very quickly, an Honourable Crown Court Will apprehend criminals perpetrating fraud on the Court, a clown court Will be a circus where People Will jump through hoops for jesters of the Court. Which kind of Judge Will Hooper be?

You know I Will Keep You Posted, here’s to Celebrate all this Saturday’s sinners, and for their ultimate convict Sean…

Love and Blessings,


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