Volume CCXLIV: The Super Natural Son Day Re View; Criminals in Court, or Criminal Courts?

Hello every One and welcome to the Super Natural Son Day Re-View, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Royal Highness is always welcome in My House. It is always a True ‘Son’ Day when it relates to Matters dealing directly with My Father’s Estate in My Microcosm, though I anticipate that it is also a reflection of what is taking place in Man’s Macrocosm because the Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm in all things – it is a basic Law of the Universe.

In this particular Case (like a brief Case, or even a Suit Case, where One a Dresses One’s Character for a particular Role One Will Play on the world’s Stage), My Microcosm spills over into Man’s Macrocosm because if the criminals in My Microcosm that are now in Contempt of Court (for attempting to Present documents and oral testimony as proof of due process in a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee Application, when it is in fact known to be evidence of the fraud in the same Application – not a single document has been filed with the Court to be processed by the Registrar) are not held accountable by the Court upon which they are attempting to perpetrate the fraud, then Canada’s Ontario Superior Courts Will appear criminal and corrupt by association. It would be unreasonable to presume the Court doesn’t know the Certificate is a fraud, so if the Judge chooses to do nothing about it, it doesn’t say much for Canada’s Courts – or at the very least, it doesn’t say much for Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice.

However, Judge Hooper has Reserved her decision on the Matter for more than two weeks now (the Motion Hearing it Self was November 3rd), and this isn’t One’s everyday scandal. Faking an entire Estate Application is a big deal. The fraud now involves at least three semi-prestigious, reputable law firms and Will include at least four, as well as one of Canada’s big banks, ‘The National Bank of Canada’ (and the fourth law firm are the bank’s representatives), and at least one Court Registrar on the desk at the Bracebridge Courthouse. Michelle L. Murphy was kind enough to receive Hala’s documents and not file them onto the Registry so that I wouldn’t have any Way of knowing what was going on with My Father’s Estate, nor would any other member of the public. That was awfully Good of Michelle, wasn’t it?

So One can see how it might be problematic for the reputation of the Ontario Superior Court if a Judge were to choose not take action when this level of corruption is exposed – it would be hard to convince the public that the Judge isn’t involved somehow, especially if the Judge is threatening the Claimant reporting the fraud.

Today, to be True to the intent of the Son Day Re View Theme, I am going to re View why The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean believes that Justice Will prevail. We are going to re View the Facts as they stand on this International Court of Record right now, beginning with My undisputed Reply Factum.

The Reply Factum is the last Word on the Matter before the Motion Hearing. Neil and Christopher don’t even Show up for Tanja or Michael (respectively), and Susan Sack doesn’t rebut the Reply Factum, she just reiterates the same points already rebut by the Reply Factum. Here, have a listen Your Self.

Of course, My Story would not be worth telling if the Life of a Journalist were not peppered with a little danger from time to time to keep things hot and spicy, so it wasn’t long before I received a complaint from Susan Sack to the Court regarding the Audio Recording of the Motion.

If One reads My reply to the complaint, I immediately make it clear that the Audio Recording is for the purpose of public accountability. Considering this was the right Hala Tabl and Michelle L. Murphy felt they were entitled to violate in the Estate Application, I can’t Trust that Justice Will prevail if there is no public accountability. I need to make this hearing available until Justice prevails and the fraudsters in the Estate Application are held to account.

Things did heat up on Monday when I received a Letter from the Court regarding the Audio Recording of the Motion.

I figured this was just Susan Sack whining like a baby to the Judge because her client’s fraud and her intent to perpetrate that fraud on the Court are now exposed on the International Public Record, which probably isn’t Good publicity for RosenSack LLP, a prestigious firm specializing in defamation aiding and abetting their client’s Court fraud. Can’t say I blame her, so I thought this was just a formality to quiet a screaming baby. It included a Letter from Justice Hooper.

But the threats continued Monday afternoon, and The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Trustee was beginning to feel more than a little harassed and intimidated, so he decided to Write the Judge a final Letter regarding the Public a Sean of the Motion and why it Will not be coming down.

And that’s the Last Word regarding both the Motion and the Recording of the Motion.

But the other two Respondents continued the shenanigans by suggesting the Claim was a colossal attack on the Casullo Endorsement while all parties know I knew nothing about the Endorsement until I received Hala’s Statement of Defense, learning for One more breach of Trust and Cause of Action against her. So I placed the whole lot on Notice of Contempt of Court.

And none have said a Word since, so this is the Last Word on the Matter on this International Court of Record.

I guess We Will see what kind of Courts Canada’s Ontario Superior Courts are – clown Courts, or Crown Courts? Will Justice be done, and what Will it look like?

I’ll be sure to Keep You Posted.

Love and Blessings,

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