Volume CCXLV: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; Thing King about a Conspiracy Theory in Canada’s Courts?

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Royal, Moral Highness is always welcome in My House. Your Presence are Gifts I cherish.

Today’s Title once again refers to an Estate Matter that has been ongoing in My Microcosm for over three years now. The Quest-Ion mark is because We are still waiting to hear what Canada’s Courts Will have to say on the Matter, and Judge Hooper has Reserved her decision for three weeks today from the time of the Motion Hearing.

The Good News is, at this point in time, the Courts [of Canada/Ontario] do not appear to be involved in any ‘conspiracy theory’. In fact, it was the Courts that provided Me with all the inform a Sean necessary to learn of the conspiracy against Me perpetrated by My brother, Michael von Dehn, and sister, Tanja Johnson, and facilitated by My sister’s lawyer, Hala Tabl, of Milton’s Estate Law. As of August 4th (the date that The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean filed its Claim against Michael, Tanja and Hala), no Court in Ontario had any Record of any Application for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee filed with the Court on March 24th. I was even told by the Barrie Courthouse that I Will receive Notice when the Application is filed with the Registrar. Essentially, if the Application hasn’t been entered onto the system yet, I have nothing to worry about, the Application is on hold, I Will receive Notice when it proceeds.

Ironically, contacting the Barrie Courthouse was a beautiful mistake. ‘Bracebridge’, ‘Barrie’, they sound totally the same, right? Okay, so maybe not, but they do have a couple of significant details in common that caused Me to confuse Barrie for Bracebridge – they are two of the main cities of choice for shopping outside of Gravenhurst (where My father Lived and died) and they both begin with ‘b’. When One is not so familiar with the area, it’s an easy mistake. In this particular case, it was a Gift from God.

Brendan McCarthy was the Registrar at the Barrie Courthouse who conducted a province wide search for all Estate Applications containing Joachim Heinrich von Dehn, and confirmed that no Application had been filed with the Court. Even more interesting, after sharing this email with Hala Tabl and Carmen Pignataro of the Law Society of Ontario to prove that Hala had lied to Me and no Application had been filed with the Court on March 24th, Brendan emails Me again from the Barrie Courthouse the following Monday (four days later) to tell Me that he received an anonymous voicemail on the Court’s answering machine, indicating that the Bracebridge Courthouse had found ‘a receipt of filing’ of an Application in the name I’d been as King about, but it had not been entered onto the system yet because of ‘covid delays’. He only decided to email Me because he thought it was suspicious that they would leave a message about an Estate I was only just as King about recently – how would they even know I was as King? That was Brendan’s point, really. But this is also one of the reasons The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Claim is so interesting, if not the most important reason this Claim is so interesting.

After receiving the email from Brendan at the Barrie Courthouse, I was directed (once again) to the Bracebridge Courthouse where I was as King for a receipt of the filing, and to know when the Application hearing Will take place. Crickets. If they did respond, it was only to tell Me the Application hadn’t been entered into the system yet, and to check back in a couple of weeks. There was also no name associated with any of the emails, just the address of the Bracebridge Courthouse.

The email also makes number seven on the top ten list of most downloaded documents this year. The other Significant detail, is it’s always ‘King Sean’ Writing the Court for The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean. The same section of the Trustee Act states that the individual Writing the Court is deemed by the Court to be Acting in the capacity stated in the correspondence (Trustee/Executor) if any direction or advice is Given by the Court in reply. King Sean, House von Dehn has made many queries to the Court as The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Trustee, and ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ (and I am thing King it remains ‘Her’ Majesty’s service until Charles is Coronated – that’s the Oath of the Defender of the Faith.

When I received the Statements of Defense and learned of the new Endorsement by Casullo, a new Affidavit by My sister, an accompanying cover letter by Hala Tabl and whatever else, I not only placed the Bracebridge Courthouse on Notice of fraud in an Estate Application, I also advised the Minister of Justice and Attorney General that the Bracebridge Courthouse was engaged in fraud and refusing to respond to correspondence regarding an Estate Application. I am thing King that in five years (going on six) I may only have contacted the Minister of Justice directly three times. Every time I receive confirm a Sean of receipt of My email, and every time I get a result of some kind. Twice it was a response from a Court, once it was a reply directly from the Minister of Justice and Attorney General, in this particular case, it was a reply from the Bracebridge Courthouse, and a name to hold accountable for not filing the documents into the system and depriving Me of My right to due process of Law in the Estate Application, Michelle L. Murphy.

This inform a Sean is all in the Reply Factum! The Bracebridge Courthouse was unable to respond to My emails for almost two weeks (after I learned of the application proceeding contrary to what I’d been told by the Bracebridge Courthouse) because Michelle L. Murphy was on vacation? Does she even believe that’s believe able? When Michelle L. Murphy of the Bracebridge Courthouse goes on vacation, all Court proceedings for the Bracebridge Courthouse are on hold? I never knew a Court clerk had so much power!

The reality is, Michelle L. Murphy started providing answers for Me as soon as I emailed the Minister of Justice and Attorney General to report their failure to respond to My emails, a vacation was the best excuse Michelle could come up with. Michelle certainly wasn’t going to tell Me that she was now responding to Me because she was told by the Minister of Justice and Attorney General that she’s better provide Me with her name and some answers – that might embolden Me and she’s probably scared enough.

Hala Tabl, on the other hand, is still thing King she Will pull off the fraud, and Jenny Bogod, her new lawyer, is determined to help her because it’s important to protect the reputation of lawyers representing the Law Society of Canada, right?

Susan Sack, the lawyer who spoke for Hala at the Motion Hearing, perpetuates the fraud on the Court and slanders My Character on the Court of Record by stating that the Claim is ‘a colossal attack’ on an Endorsement I knew nothing about (and as a result of her client’s negligence), and knowing I knew nothing about it!

Her client, Hala Tabl, broke every rule of the Court to fake an Application for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee for no other Purpose but to deceive Me into believing a Certificate was required, when they had already made a deal with the bank to Give the remainder funds to My sister. My sister probably received the money before the Casullo Endorsement because she never required a Certificate and never intended to provide any accounting whatsoever.

I’ll have to do a Part II because this is already long but it gets every One up to date. What I haven’t been tall King about much yet, is the motive behind it all. The bank behind the power of sale are the original criminals and thieves. My sister Will not pay a dime out of her own pocket to do anything for My Father, dead or alive – she most certainly has not been paying Hala Tabl. The bank that stole My Father’s house hired Hala Tabl to solicit My sister, and are paying her from My Father’s Estate funds to get around Me.

I am also presuming My Father is now paying for Neil Milton and Hala Tabl in the Claim against My sister. That’s also why all three Respondents to My Claim are as King for their fees to be paid from the Beneficiary ‘Sean von Dehn’s share of the Estate – they already been paying their Self from the Estate assets, so now they need to get the Court to Sign off on it. No One has authorized for Hala Tabl to receive a penny from the Estate, so it is very important for Hala Tabl that the Claim against her be dismissed, or she’ll have to be as King of My sister to pay (and that won’t go over so well).

Both Merovitz Potechin, LLP, lawyers for the National Bank, and Milton’s Estate Law, lawyer Hala Tabl for My sister in the fake Estate Application, are firms in Ottawa. The bank is required to have an ETDL (Estate Trustee During Litigation) appointed before they can (legally or lawfully) proceed with power of sale. Power of Sale is a type of Claim against the Estate, and any Claim requires due process of Law. Ottawa is four hours and seventeen minutes from Gravenhurst by car according to Google maps, and most certainly not close to Bracebridge, which is four hours and fourteen minutes away, according to Google maps. By comparison, My brother and sister both live somewhere around three hours away from Gravenhurst. But here’s the real puzzler… Why did My sister hire a law firm in Ottawa four hours away from the probate Court but also five hourse and forty-eight minutes from Gorrie (where she lives)? It doesn’t make any sense.

Unless… I’m already on the Court Registry as the Trustee by default?

And here’s the most popular document of the year, after the audio of the Motion Hearing.

The Good News Journal has uncovered some corruption within the Courts, but I can’t say that the Courts have ever supported any corruption they’ve been made aware of. Courts don’t have the capacity to be corrupt, only People can do that. Michelle L. Murphy can do that, Hala Tabl can do that, My brother and sister can do that, their lawyers can all do that. But it doesn’t do anything for the repute a Sean of the Courts, Good or bad, it only says something about the individual, and We know who all the conspirators are now. The only One We are waiting on, is Justice Hooper to apprehend the fraudsters and set things straight. Unfortunately, despite the fact that Courts cannot be corrupt because they don’t have any Will to be corrupt, a Judge is a Man, so a Judge can be corrupt, and Judge’s are said to be the Voice of the Court, so a Judge has the potent all to sully the Repute a Sean of Justice in Canada.

More to come in Part II.

Love and Blessings,


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