Volume CCXLVII: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; ’tis the Season to be… Grifting?

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural ‘Son’ Day Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here, it is always an Honour to be in Your House. It is the Super Natural ‘Son’ Day Edition because I am still dealing with My Father’s Estate in My Microcosm, and the Christ Mass Celebrate Sean is all about God’s Sun. It is the Sun that walks on water when it sets (Seth’s) in the evening sky, it is the Sun that Gives Life to the world and makes it ‘born again’ every spring after the cold, dark winter. The Sun even ‘dies’ on the Cross (horizon, Horus-Son) for three days, beginning on December 22nd (last year’s release date for Matrix IV, 12-22-21) as the days finally stop getting shorter. But the days don’t begin to get longer again until December 25th, at which point the Sun/Son finally triumphs over darkness and begins to reclaim the earth until its next fall

Yes, these are all Celestial Holy Days, it was all Writ in the Stars (also known as the Heaven’s above). I didn’t really mean to go too much off on any tangents today, but it is the Christ Mass season where most of the world Will be celebrating in some Way, and those who are not Will most likely be aware of the celebration and the Story of Christ.

It is referred to as ‘the Greatest Story ever told’, and the entire world is Living in that story’s fictional timeline, which technically makes every Character on the world Stage some One else’s intellectual property (because We are choosing to Play a Role in another author’s Story and intellectual property rights belong to the Creator of the material). Yeah, People were Way ahead of the Bill and Melinda Gates to Hell Foundation with respect to trying to ‘own’ People – it began with Titles. Can a Man be sued if she doesn’t have a name? The answer is no, the Man must be Given a name before a Court can determine Juris Diction, and jurisdiction is determined by the subject Matter of the Claim. So first the subject Matter must be ‘identified’. That’s why they typically use ‘John or Jane Doe’ until they identify the individual.

The reason I mention the season at all, is because modern times and an economic system that rewards those who covet the most have entirely corrupted the Christ Mass Consciousness message. Santa was never meant to be the Star of the Show and he’s been stealing the Stage!!! It is NOT a coincidence that Santa is an acronym for Satan, Trust Me!

I’ve taken a little more than a week off from Writing because there has been no Word yet from Ontario Superior Court Justice Jaye Hooper regarding My sister and her previous lawyer’s fraudulent testimony to the Court regarding an Estate application, and I was rather hoping that the criminals would have been apprehended by now. The longer the Judge allows these Court fraudsters to get away with their grift, the more opportunity they have to conveniently lose evidence and or cover their tracks, and the greater the harm being done to Me – especially considering the contempt demonstrated by opposing counsel. Just as one of many examples, this is My last letter to Neil Milton in response to My sister’s last letter (who shouldn’t be contacting Me at all).

And just so People know, the fraud is as easy to confirm as typing ‘CV-20-59’ into any Court case search, and any lawyer Will know that it’s not a valid CV number because it needs to have at least four or five digits after the year of Issue. For example, the CV number for The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Claim is CV-22-89835 – a two digit number is temporary, usually waiting for one or more parties to be appointed legal and lawful representation… Like waiting to have some One appointed as Estate Trustee, for example…

So I’ve been quiet over the last week and a bit because I don’t Wish to say too much until the Judge does whatever the Judge Will do. It’s not at all believable that the Judge doesn’t know the Estate application is a fraud, so it’s a little suspicious she’s taking so long to do something about it. It’s almost like she’s looking for some kind of excuse to not do her job, and I’m curious to see what she comes up with before making any presumptions. She’s already threatened Me with contempt for Publishing an Audio Recording of the Motion after I’ve reported Court fraud to her in the motion hearing! So I already have substantial grounds for appeal if she doesn’t make the right call. Presuming that’s what I would do, and I would suggest it is not wise to make any presumpt-Sean’s about Me and what I might do if the Judge doesn’t make the right call. At this point, I’m just collecting inform a Sean to see how many People within Canada’s government and judiciary are abdicating their Oath to Canada’s People.

All the world’s a Stage, soon We know how some of the most important Characters in this Universal Pictures Greatest Present a Sean are choosing to Play the Role God Gifted them with this Holy Day season…

I Wish I could tell You that I anticipate a reply from the Court this week, but I’d have said that four weeks ago and been wrong every week since – I’ve never been Good with estimating time. However, there is no Way to conceal this fraud forever, so whatever decision the Judge makes Will have little effect upon the overall outcome except how complicit she may look, and how much explain a Sean she Will be compelled to provide.

Love and Blessings,

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