Volume CCXLVIII: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; Musk Melts Mainstream Media’s Matrix – My Pronouns are Prosecute/Trudeau

Hello every One, and welcome to the Terrific Two’s Day Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, and what an exciting Two’s Day it is in Deed!!! Today’s Title is paraphrasing #Elonmuskquotes ever so slightly by inserting ‘Trudeau’ in place of the infallible Fauci, where the Intent-Sean is that Elon’s Tweet Will ultimately expose the entire glow ball conspiracy, Trudeau and all.

I have often been criticized by People in My Microcosm for supporting Elon Musk as many People are thing King he is one of the global elite hoping to enslave Man’s kind. It is entirely possible that Elon Musk is just the latest example of controlled opposition – perhaps the entire cover up and eventual Twitter buy by Elon was all just Part of an elaborate Plan to expose corruption in the highest levels of the U.S. government, and I’m sure it won’t be long before We find out how many other countries were perpetrating the fraudulent Plandemic on the world’s People for ‘big pharma’ (which may as well be the new proverbial ‘big brother’ because they effectively dictate every country’s national social policy for their own profiteering agenda, regardless the risk to public health). But regardless what Elon’s motive might be for purchasing Twitter and exposing the fraud, I for One am eternally Grateful. Do be warned, virtually every One who supports Elon Musk from this point forward, mainstream media Will portray to be a white supremist, hate speech advocate, probably with a dash of white privilege thrown in for Good measure. Before they even start, I should probably let some of You know that Elon Musk is ‘African-American’ (I’m not even sure if that is considered ‘politically correct’ anymore, but I hope You get My point – definitely NOT a white supremist!).

So today for this Terrific Two’s Day, I Plan on Posting another Edition of My Matrix IV De-Coded Tell a Vision series to make it a Two’s Day True to its name, and I am also hoping to share some lighter fanfare with respect to the mainstream media meltdown courtesy of Elon Musk.

Musk Melts Mainstream Media

“My pronouns are prosecute/Fauci”

Elon Musk, #ElonMuskQuotes, #ElonMuskNews

Who says I have to be on Twitter to use hashtags?

Now, I also mentioned that I was thing King about Writing Elon to get My Twitter account back because I was banned for Tweeting that Kyrie Irving had a billion dollar lawsuit in waiting for being threatened with the loss of his career for exercising his right to autonomy over his medical choices. One of the only reasons I haven’t Writ Elon yet, is because I have heard he actually reads all of the requests to restore Twitter accounts personally!!! He really is dedicated to his ventures like no Man with his wealth and resources I’ve ever known or heard about before. As King of him to restore My Twitter account seems like something of a trivial request considering the Man has so much on his plate right now, I figured I Will wait until he gets a little more settled in his new position. Exposing the Twitter files is much more important to Me than having My own personal Twitter profile back – and seriously, Pinterest drives Way more traffic to My Blog than Twitter ever did anyway, it was just a place for Me to banter with People in real time (sort of).

To celebrate Elon Musk’s mainstream apocalypse, I am including an inspirational video of Elon. There is so much in this video that I would Love to be tall King with You about in more detail, most specifically the ‘sub-zero mentality’ he is tall King about. ‘Sub-zero mentality’ is the mentality My brother, My sister and mother have all adopted and it is absolutely devastating to a Man’s Character. Listen carefully to what Elon has to say about this phenomenon he believes many People are subject to and a victim of in their own Mind. It is all about a fear based mentality where it doesn’t Matter how much wealth some People attain, it Will never be enough because they inwardly believe they are worthless. A worthless Man can lose it all very easily. A Man who perceives him Self and his Ideas to have limitless Value in the world, Will not care how much physical wealth they attain because it is not relevant to their validate Sean…

So long as People are fighting over a piece of pie they Will always be losing relative to those who are baking their own. That’s the difference between subzero net value and unlimited net Value. It’s also the reason Elon Musk Will always be rich, regardless how much money he has.

Love and Blessings,


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