A Tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd.

In Honour of Her Majesty and others who appreciate Her years of service to the world’s People.

My Sunday Blog

As an itinerant Christian preacher, I am always on the lookout for experiences from my own life to use as illustrations in my sermons that I preach in church. Who would think that a battered-up orange traffic cone and a piece of car debris from driver violence at my school crosswalk could be used as an illustration to honour the life of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd in a church sermon. I set up four bright orange traffic cones along the solid center line of the dangerous Highway 93 every morning and afternoon. Plus, four right at the crosswalk on the shoulder. It is an attempt to try and calm traffic and to try and prevent drivers from passing through the crosswalk. I endeavor to serve and protect these children to the best I am able to. However, these traffic cones get hit by drivers very violently. My deep concern…

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