Volume CCXLVIII: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; Miserable Markle – God Save the Queen!!!

Hello every One and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Super Natural Son Day Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, always an Honour to have You in My House. For today’s Super Natural ‘Son’ Day Edition I Will be tall King about a different Son, a Son of the new King, Charles III, previously [?] second in line of succession for the Title of King of the entire Commonwealth. I put a question mark in brackets because I’m not so sure he Will hold that position for long, I am thing King his Title Will be stripped! And all because of Miserable Markle, the narcissistic social climber from hell who has made it her mission to destroy the reputation of the Crown and Her Majesty’s most Magnificent reign over the Commonwealth in her time on the throne as Queen. May Her Majesty rest in Peace and be remembered fondly by the People in perpetuity – God Save the Queen!!!

And now You know the Motive a Sean behind today’s Post because I am more furious than I could ever Imagine I would be to hear about the new Netflix… I’m not even going to do it the Honour of calling it a documentary, it is nothing more than a mocumentary (wow, Spell check doesn’t even flag that one which represents approval from the Universe).

What I find most interesting about the whole thing, is that Meghan continually plays the race card, suggesting she was not accepted by the Royal Family because her mother is a woman of colour, despite the fact that no One would even know by looking at her. Meghan’s skin is probably paler than mine, and I’m of German/Scottish ancestry.

Don’t get Me wrong, I fully understand and comprehend that the Royal Family would absolutely know Meghan’s mother is a woman of colour and could potentially be guilty of racism if she were treated unfairly or with prejudice by the family – the problem is, she wasn’t!!!

Meghan was welcomed into the Royal Family with open arms and the press were ecstatic about the fact that Meghan was of mixed racial descent, many tabloids touting that the Monarchy is moving with the times and becoming more inclusive in its evolution. To suggest the press doesn’t like Meghan Markle because she’s of mixed racial descent, is an even greater stretch considering the global push toward a more inclusive world Wishing to put an end to racial injustices everywhere. Meghan was a perfect fit for a modernized Monarchy if she were not such a square peg unable to fit into her new social circle. I’m already Giving her too much credit for suggesting it’s ‘her’ social circle – it’s not, it’s a much higher social circle than what Meghan is accustomed to, and one far too high for a shallow, self obsessed narcissist to ever ascend.

Can You tell I’m furious? Seriously, though! If You have not seen the new Netflix series, please don’t waste Your time (or Your last meal because You may well bring it back up).

And although I feel sorry for Harry, he deserves whatever his brother and father decide to do with him for being stupid enough to fall for Meghan’s fraud. She doesn’t Give a rat’s ass about Harry, she is not ‘in Love’, she’s a social climber preying on a wounded Man suffering from depression and loneliness. She saw a weakness in a member of the Royal Family, preyed on and covet his pain to make it her Key to his Kingdom. I tell You now, she Will not be remembered as the ‘breath of fresh air’ she was initially perceived by the Royal Family to be, but a treasonous traitor to the Crown and perhaps the world’s most notorious gold digger.

Of course, I’m not the only one tall King about this. The only Good News about the new Netflix series, is that it seems it is being received with unanimous disgust from People all over the world. Even American’s are disgusted because in many Ways, Meghan’s narcissistic nature is going to leave a very bad taste in the mouths of People all over the globe that Will only cause harm to the reputation of other American’s. Will the Brits and the Royal Family start thing King that all westerners are as shallow and self centered as Meghan Markle? God forbid, please!!!

There is SO much to say about this, it is Truly shocking for Me. It made Me furious when My brother said to Me that My father deserves no Honour, and that was in a private converse a Sean, not broadcast on mainstream media – he was also just a Common Man, not head of State for the entire Commonwealth! Who insults the Character of One who is no longer able to defend their Honour? Rhetorical – Meghan Markle does that.

In My opinion, it is morally incomprehensible, and unconscionable. To do so to perhaps the most memorable individual of Our time with the longest reign on the throne in known Man’s history, is a social injustice as well as unethical and morally depraved. If nothing else, Meghan has just shewn the world why she Will never fit into any Royal Family – she has no class, and her sass won’t last. It’s really a shame that Harry might lose it all for a piece of ass. I’m hoping the world Will for Give him and see that Meghan is taking advantage of a Man suffering from unresolved depression and his mother’s untimely, tragic death.

Now, I’ve only known one Monarch in My time, and the same Will be True for every One of My readers I would presume, and she was dearly Loved by the People overall. Considering the incredible amount of scrutiny the Crown receives on a continuous basis, it is nothing short of astounding that the Crown is still so relevant and deeply Loved by so many today. It is because of Her Majesty’s incredible commitment to carry out her duties and Honour her Promises to the People that the Crown still has any relevance for the People at all. Charles has very big shoes to fill despite how small Her Majesty may have been in statute, it Will take Charles considerable time before he Will be able to step outside of her shadow on the world’s stage.

I Wish I could say that the only thing I don’t understand is Meghan’s motive, but I am thing King I do. Her only purpose is to destroy the Royal Family, destroy Harry’s relationship with his father and brother (and pretty much every One else), and when they are finally stripped of their Titles because the Crown Will not tolerate their lies anymore, Meghan Will file for divorce and move onto her next victim. She’s like a black widow spider, except she only kills her prey on the inside.

I am thing King that all over the world, whether We fully comprehend it or not, none Will dispute the Significance of the Crown or its influence in the world – it is undeniable. But most People don’t really comprehend its True Purpose, what the Institute-Sean it Self represents. The Promise of Her Majesty and the Crown, is that We are ALL Sovereign under God – Her Majesty and the Crown’s job specifically, is to ensure that the inherent rights of the Sovereign are always protected in any Commonwealth country.

Here is the Promise Her Majesty made to the People of the Commonwealth a little more than nine years ago.

I encourage One to read the entire Charter, it’s roughly a ten minute read. I’m just going to quote one line for now…

“We support the role of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group
to address promptly and effectively all instances of serious or persistent
violations of Commonwealth values without any fear or favour.”

Charter of the Commonwealth

The reason I’m pointing this out, is because this is the highest Law in any Commonwealth country. A Charter for the People is a Trust Instrument (You Will Notice the Charter is referred to as an ‘Instrument’ in the document it Self).

The Significance of this is that ‘State Actors’ cannot be Trusted, despite the fact that every ‘independent’ country of the Commonwealth has its own Trust Instrument (Charter). Like just recently in Canada, Trudeau unlawfully invoked the Emergency Measures Act. It violated the Common Law rights of Canada’s People, so it is not legally binding, and Canadians could call upon the Ministerial Action Group to report violations of Canada’s Charter which are breaching the Promises made to Canada by the Crown in the Commonwealth Charter. Her Majesty is always liable if Trudeau violates the rights of Canada’s People, and (unlike Trudeau) the Crown must Honour their Word and Keep their Promises made to Canada’s People, or they lose all credibility and the Institution means nothing.

It’s True that the Crown almost never interferes directly (or never that I’m aware of), but it’s also why the Courts take cases a little more seriously when One brings charges against Her Majesty. If I Wish to bring charges against Canada’s federal government, it is Her Majesty, Elizabeth II who is served, not the Canadian government. The Charter is why, and also why the Crown is so Significant internationally. Even if Canada’s State Actors were completely incompetent, every U.N. Treaty obligation is binding on Canada, so Canada’s People always have guarantee of the protection of their inherent rights as People of the Commonwealth. It’s kind of like an insurance policy for Charters in the event the Charters Created by ‘independent’ government state actors are insufficient in protecting the inherent rights of Canada’s People. State actors are not Sovereign after all, so how could they possibly know what Sovereign (inherent) rights are? So there had to be some ‘back up’ protect Sean’s in place.

The point of this Post was to let You all know that despite the Crown’s colourful and sometimes uncomfortable and even offensive history at times (slavery), the purpose was never to enslave People, it was to develop a Kingdom on Earth that emulates the Heaven’s above. Over the centuries, Kings and Queens have used various methods to Keep People living and war King together in (relative) harmony, while still allowing Spiritual infants the freedom they Wish to have to not get along and compete with each other for profits. They can teach Us in kindergarten that We should all share and share alike, they can teach Us the Golden Rule, but they can’t compel People to do it without trespassing upon free Will. Slavery could never have existed if not for People being morally bankrupt enough to use their power and influence to oppress others and take slaves. It says far less about the Crown than it does about the People of the time who allowed for it to happen in every continent of the world. The problem is, We most often Wish to point the finger at some One else rather than take accountability for what We Our Self are guilty of. The genocide of countless indigenous People in Canada is a perfect example. Some People Wish to blame the Queen and the Pope – I’m pretty confident that neither one of those individuals had anything to do with the massacre of indigenous People on Canadian soil, that was all done by the treasonous traitors claiming independence from the Crown, wasn’t it?

The institution and the Crown don’t represent a single individual, they represent the Authority of God and Christ. Christ is the Sovereign the Crown represents, and that’s also why Her Majesty was also referred to as ‘the Defender of the Faith’. Whomever holds the Crown, is only holding it for Christ to ensure his place on the world stage is protected upon his return.

On that Note, this Blog Post caught My attention today and I’m adding it as recommended reading in support of My thesis.

Love and Blessings,


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