Volume CCLI: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; My New Year’s Motivate Sean and Inspire a Sean

Hello every and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Royal Highness Honours My House. It’s been well over a week since I have Writ a Post, as I was taking some time to enjoy the Holy days My Self and making some Plans for the New Year. This is also the six year anniversary of The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Establishment (Establish-Mind) in God’s Kingdom which is always cause for Celebrate Sean in My Microcosm.

I have a Special Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition for You to start the New Year because I have been Blessed with a very Good Friend in My Microcosm for several months now. I can be very chatty and conversational in social settings which tends to have the effect of People presuming I’m an extrovert who spends a lot of time socializing when the reality is I’m the polar opposite. If I could have it My Way, I’d just an anonymous Voice here and keep to My Self as much as possible.

The only reason I even mention it now is because it has been so long since I’ve had a close Friend in My Microcosm. Like any One (or at least most People I presume), I have lifelong Friends that just can’t come with Me on this Part of My journey and (like any Good Quest) I make new Friends along the Way. This particular Friend continually insists that I should be teaching the world everything I know – and a lot of it probably isn’t what You might be thing King.

The whole purpose of this Blog really is to share the knowledge I have with the world and I share knowledge that is most relevant to My immediate goals. What I’m trying to communicate here is that I believe the inform a Sean I am sharing is the most important inform a Sean to be tall King about, but I’m always going to be biased. My Friend Gives Me something of a window into Man’s Macrocosm and these are some of the things My Friend is thing King I should be tall King more about here on My Blog.

One of the first things My Friend suggested I should be tall King more about, is My basic philosophy on day to day Life. I’m inclined to believe that People probably don’t care how I spend My day when I’m not Writing, yet My Friend is thing King that how I spend My days especially when I’m dealing with an Estate and belligerent, lying lawyers, is perhaps even more important because We are all dealing with something in Our Life. Any One who’s been reading this Blog for any length of time Will know I’m not shy about ranting here when I have reason to rant, but it really isn’t a very accurate reflect Sean of My attitude or Mind Set the rest of the day. In fact, Writing is often a form of therapy for Me that allows Me to sort My thoughts enough to Keep My House in Order.

But I have discussed all kinds of things with My Friend from water being a form of liquid crystal technology that consistently transmits inform a Sean to Our DNA necessary for Our evolution, to the power of visualize a Sean to Create the body One Wishes to have, to My philosophies on coffee, smoking, cannabis, Art, fitness, cooking, plants, and even My cats (which may well be two of the most incredible cats on the planet). In fact, the plants and cats pretty much go hand in hand because most cats Will destroy plants and My apartment is full of plants that are thriving. I did have two plant (and pot) casualties when first introducing a new kitten (Kingston – they generally have to break a rule before they know it’s a rule), and most recently I discovered he was slyly harvesting peppers at night while I sleep without disturbing the plant! My cats literally listen to voice commands spoken in a regular tone, I talk to them like I would talk to any One else. They are allowed to sit on any chair, they are not allowed on any table, counter, or other surface not intended for sitting except the bedroom window sill. The (48 square foot) living room window is for the plants, the bedroom window is for the cats. Cats understand territory and it’s worth mentioning that if I did not leave a window for them and tried to utilize all the window space for plants, they absolutely would knock over any plants taking up too much room to claim their own space because looking out the window is a non-negotiable requirement for cats.

So I discuss a lot of different things with My Friend who insists I should be sharing all this inform a Sean with You here, despite the fact that in many cases I stress that much of what I am tall King about is just theory – it’s much easier to be tall King about philosophies I apply to My own Life with a Friend in My Microcosm who can see the theories war King in My Microcosm, than it is to be tall King about it here and expect People to believe these things to be True. I believe I have a perfect fitness program that Will work for any One, produce fast results, and Keep One fit for Life if applied everyday.

The interesting thing is, in True Harmony with My continuous theme of ‘no coincidences’, things My Friend and I were tall King about started showing up as recommended viewing for Me on YouTube. Even My philosophies with respect to a new workout routine (which is always the same) were reflected in My recommended YouTube repertoire, including My philosophies with respect to Visualize a Sean.

One of the main reasons I don’t believe any One can Truly claim ownership of anything is because the inform a Sean must exist before it can be learned and shared. My Friend Will often be as King of Me how or where I learned this thing or that, and sometimes it is an easy Quest-Ion and sometimes I have no Idea if something I know is just a belief and philosophy, or if it is something I learned along the Way and forgot the source. There was a time when I didn’t really pay much attention to remembering the source when I was researching something because it’s not as important overall – it’s far better to remember and comprehend the inform a Sean it Self than to remember a source and forget the facts. So I pretty much presume that anything I know is already known.

So today I am hoping to share a long list of YouTube videos that Will hopefully inspire Your New Year as much as they have mine. I am also including some of My alternative news sources where it appears many of My Words are Magically Manifesting in Deed.

I’m also beginning My new workout routine (yesterday) this year and the goal is (and always has been) that it Will be a routine part of My day for Life. It is specifically designed to not be longer than twenty minutes to half an hour (at most and at the serious Spartan level of fitness it is designed to ultimately produce). It is a slight variation from last year but only because I’m adding squats from the start and the previous plan was to add squats when the load became sufficient to require two full rest days. Instead of alternating chins and push ups for six days and resting on Sunday’s, I’m starting with a three day chins, push ups, squats, repeat, then a rest day for the seven day cycle.

The reason I’m sharing these videos with You today is because one of the things Friends in My Microcosm comment on the most, is how busy I am with various little projects I’m war King on in My Microcosm, and how many things I’m interested in tall King about. I criticize My Self for not Writing enough, or for not advocating enough for the rights of others, yet I published 327,000 Words last year and didn’t come anywhere close to Writing daily – that’s a lot of Words for a Free Lance Journalist not as King for any compensate Sean.

My favourite Inspire a Sean right now is a Man by the name of Andrew Huberman who is a professor of brain science and more specifically how the brain affects Our biology. One of My main theories that I believe very strongly in, is that Acting on the desire to be more fit and healthy by starting a new program Will never be a waste of time or energy, even if it only lasts a few days. This Will be the third year in a row for Me staring this very same fitness routine with the intent to make it part of My daily routine. The first year I got bursitis (an elbow injury), and last year I somehow managed to tear a nerve in My shoulder. By the time I had fully recovered, I’d lost My Motivate Sean and kind of forgot about it altogether until closer to the New Year – then I’m probably also guilty of using the New Year as an excuse to promise to start, but ‘not just yet, We’ll start on New Year’s’…

But I did manage to workout for exactly sixty days last year, and I was at 46 chins per workout (trying for five sets of ten) at the time of the injury, over a hundred push ups (war King toward 125 per day), and I already looked like something out of a Marvel comic. I could only manage four chins on the first day, just to Give One an Idea what kind of improvement We’re tall King about.

Ten months later, I was still able to manage a set of ten chins about a week before Christmas without too much trouble (last one hurt but not too much). Basically what I’m telling You, is that sixty days of positive effort takes more than three hundred days to undo – I’m still healthier and stronger today for having worked out for only sixty days last year – in fact, technically more than twice as strong. A lot of the time People are thing King I must be wrong about My philosophies because they just seem too simple.

The desire to improve One’s Self is the only Intent-Ion One needs to put into Act-Ion in Order to begin changing One’s Life for the better. Even if One fails, simply the Act of failing at a Goal can be the Inspire a Sean to try something else. My philosophies are war King for Me because I believe they are war King for Me.

This One is for any One who knows how much I Love coffee, even sometimes calling it the ‘Nectar of the Gods’. Anytime some One is telling Me that One day I Will have to quit coffee because it’s bad for My health, I tell them coffee isn’t bad for Me, though I won’t disagree it might be bad for some. The same is True for cannabis and nicotine. I only just discovered Andrew Huberman but I’m a huge fan because I Love understanding how the brain works. Huberman even talks about how helpful it can be for One to see how these neurons are firing in the brain so that One can visualize these processes in their own Mind when they experience them. Visualization is a powerful Self healing tool.

Something else My Friend was as King Me about was where I find inform a Sean the mainstream media isn’t tall King about. I’ve mentioned a few sources here and I’m always looking for more and never Wish to imply that I necessarily support the opinions being expressed, I just like to know the other side of the Story and figure the Truth is probably somewhere in between.

I strongly encourage every One to watch this whole video just to get an alternative perspective. Like You, I can’t really know what’s going on anywhere in the world unless I’m there to see it My Self. However, My intuition tells Me that Putin is the Good guy here simply because I know how hard the United States have tried to paint Putin as the big, bad wolf for so many years. I am thing King We Will eventually learn that Zelensky is a neo-nazi extremist backed by Canadian and U.S. money to hide gain of function bio-weapon facilities in Ukraine because the research was banned in the United States and would probably be frowned upon in Canada (which is also why I’m guessing We can’t know what the Chinese scientists were war King on in Canada’s top lab…). Trudeau is a little like Zelensky, nothing more or less than a U.S. and W.E.F. propaganda puppet charged with directing Canada’s part in the plandemic, perpetrating treason on the People and crimes against humanity in violation of the Nuremberg Code – all the world’s a stage, all State Actors merely Players.

I even had ‘Google Talks’ recommend videos for Me about how central banks colluded to rig both the economy and their favourite corporations to become an international central banking power doomed to eventually bankrupt the planet while manipulating global markets in their favour. I can’t tell You how encouraging it is for Me to see these kind of topics becoming mainstream on platforms like Google!? This really just means that TPTB Wish for People to be tall King about it, it is making Way for something new…

As a True introvert at Heart, I am always thing King about how to improve My Self and this year Will be no except Sean.

I have a lot more things I Wish to be tall King about that I Will leave for future Posts but as a teaser, I Will be tall King about the insanity taking place in the world and how a narcissistic government is killing the Minds of Our children by suggesting that We can determine Our sex at Will. A man cannot Self identify as a woman and become a woman, nor can a woman declare she is a Man and make it so. I Will never acknowledge ‘they/them’ as a preferred pro-noun. Do People even real eyes that they are Self identifying as a THING?! A noun is a thing, a verb is an Action, a Living Man is a verb because it is always in Act-Ion. Identify as a thing and One has no rights as a Man of either sex.

Have an Inspired New Year. I Will be sharing My war King out routines with You every thirty days.

Love and Blessings,


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