Volume CCLI: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; An Athlete Dies Suddenly

Hello every One and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Presence is a generous Gift to My House. For yesterday’s Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition, I was tall King about the current glow ball Product-Sean on the world stage by state actors rather than the latest ‘Matrix IV, Resurrections’ or other film Interpret a Sean’s. In My Microcosm, these are really the things that I’m most interested in knowing about, yet they have become increasingly more and more taboo to be tall King about in Man’s Macrocosm – that’s why this year is going to be more Magically devoted to opening Pandora’s proverbial Box regardless what demons the Act may unleash upon the world, as it is necessary for the Apocalypse (which is the Golden Dawn of Man).

I’m always tall King about no coincidences and it was just yesterday that I was tall King about how CTV News is just a propaganda network for Trudeau’s criminal cabal. It wasn’t until I was compelled (under duress and without recourse) to deal with a narcissist My Self that I even Truly began to comprehend what a narcissist (really) is. I’ll be honest with You, I thought it was one of those Words People just like to throw around to get attention that doesn’t really mean anything more than an individual having an inflated ego or sense of entitlement or something. And if that’s all it means, then it also means We pretty much live in a narcissistic world founded upon narcissistic principles because most People are putting their own needs before others, and those same People Will believe they are entitled to do so. Isn’t that what Hollywood (Holy Wood; holly is the most Magical type of wood for making Magic Wands) is all about, Stardom (Star-Dome; even the Star is Living in its Mind)?

Basically, I didn’t really attribute much in the Way of credentials to People complaining of narcissists because it seemed like a nothing accusation that could be made of almost any One in a commercial world where We are trying to sell Goods for whatever the fool Will pay rather than what the thing is worth relative to cost. The more (commercial) advantage one can take of another, the more celebrated they are. How many People have paid over $100 for Nike shoes that only cost a couple dollars to make?

But narcissism is in fact a psychological disorder. When thing King of the Word, I was reminded of Narcissus, a Man who Loved (the Image of) him Self so much, he fell into a lake and drowned – You can read a retelling of part of the Story by Paulo Coelho (who also happens to be My favourite author, no coincidences) from his book, ‘The Alchemist’.

So I presumed that basically a narcissist would be exceedingly conceited to such an extent that they can’t even see their own flaws – absolutely in Love with their Self. In some cases, that might even be True, but it’s most certainly not an essential characteristic and not even a genuine characteristic of a legitimate narcissist. Elon Musk mentions that he believes the greatest motivational flaw of entrepreneurs, is an individual with a sub-zero net value. Elon Musk really just defined the economic value of a narcissist in relation to a business model. A narcissist is basically the polar opposite of Narcissus, a narcissist inwardly hates their Self.

As counter-intuitive as it may at first seem, it also makes perfect sense because One begins to understand the motive of the narcissist. Because they do not approve of their Self, because they regard their Self as worthless inwardly, they require validation and approval from the outside world – whether it be wealth and status or compliments their receive from others, their Self Image is (entirely) dependent upon the opinion of others… They need approval from others like an addict needs a fix.

So why am I tall King about this? Because it Truly is a psychological condition and it’s a pretty serious one, it IS a form of psychosis. There are a lot of narcissists in society and it’s not at all hard to see why – it is becoming a psychological pandemic and it’s being done by propaganda with deliberate Sean to divide and conquer Man’s kind.

I’m telling You that increased death rates are an anomaly taking place in virtually every country of the world where the vaccines were approved for emergency use, and I Will be called a conspiracy theorist if I say that We should conduct an investigation to see if the vaccines are the cause. It is in fact what any responsible and credible government would do and is obliged by the Rule of Law to do when they learn that a medical procedure supported and endorsed by government state actors may be causing serious harm and death to an alarming number of People. Any other pharmaceutical product would be pulled from the shelves the instant the risks were discovered, why is this the except-Sean? And more importantly, why is Trudeau and Theresa Tam continuing to suggest they are safe and the best Way for People to protect their Self? If they don’t know they are lying to the People, then she is not qualified to be a health minister for Canada, is she? She’s more likely a Chinese insurgent and spy war King for Xi Ping.

Thankfully, Viva Frei was tapping in on what I was tall King about yesterday, and this is what I’m tall King about with respect to ‘no coincidences’. I’m not the only one thing King there is something fishy going on here, and all I did was share CTV’s version of why the athlete died. Why doesn’t she at least ask if this might be a side effect from the vaccine? No… All these incredibly unusual events that must be perfectly synchronized in order to even be plausible is a far better explanation than presuming a foreign substance in the body might be to blame or even a contributing factor. Any One who questions this explain a Sean is surely a conspiracy theorist and MAGA supporter. Nope, CTV doesn’t Wish for any One to be thing King about that because they are (one of) Trudeau’s propaganda puppets telling any lie they are told to protect his criminal cabal, and they are getting paid a lot of the Canadian People’s money to tell these lies.

And You know what they say, right? Birds of a feather flock together? I didn’t just start tall King about People like Viva Frei, Robert Barnes, Kim Iverson, Dave Rubin, Elon Musk, Jordan Peterson and I don’t know how many others recently, I’ve been a fan of most for years. But either I just happened to start following a lot of People I Trust (as journalists and or credible researchers in their respective field of study) that were secretly conspiracy theorists now coming out of the closet, or intelligent, well researched individuals know that most of the conspiracy theories have recently been proven to be conspiracy facts! And not just ‘maybe’, like incontrovertible evidence (consider the Twitter dumps and FBI, CIA interference with U.S. elections and censoring Twitter to manipulate public opinion as just ONE example, there are several now) of conspiracy theories proving to be factually true (and worse than anticipated in many cases).

Here’s Kim Iverson chiming in on some of the excess deaths We are now noticing post vaccination, and I’m sharing both her new Rumble link because I Wish for every One to switch to Rumble to get content not policed by propaganda Nazi’s. All My favourites are on Rumble because great Minds are thing King alike.


And the censored, YouTube version for those too faint of Heart for the full story (baby steps, it’s okay, those already awake to the Truth know how hard it is for People to see Truth for the first time, We are patient). Just to be clear, that’s not meant to be facetious or sarcastic, either. People initially get pretty furious when they first discover just how corrupt and fascist their government and media really are, it is a perfectly natural react-Sean.

Robert Malone was also one of the doctors who Signed the Great Barrington Declaration. If You haven’t heard about that yet, there’s something to Google in Your spare time because it was a recommended contingency plan for dealing with a viral pandemic that was in fact Writ by doctors and virologists (go figure that doctors might know better than the WHO, a Self elected group of oligarch’s bent on global domination).

I’ll be back with more Good News tomorrow, but if You are not hearing about the alarming increase in death rates throughout the world on mainstream media, find a different mainstream for Your media.

Love and Blessings,


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