Volume CCLI: The Thursday Thing King Edition; Finding Middle Ground on Middle Earth

Hello every One and welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House. In My last couple of Posts, I have been tall King more about Issues that are topical in Man’s Macrocosm that are also important to Me in My Microcosm. One of the main Issues I Will be tall King more about this year, is the narrative We are Presented with by ‘MSM’ (mainstream media, sometimes called ‘the Legacy Media’) and comparing that narrative with objective reality. That’s also where today’s Title comes from, as I have often suggested that both Heaven and hell are both before Us now for those with eyes to see and relative to Our perception. That’s why We’re Living in ‘Middle Earth’ because We are at a critical point in Man’s evolution that determines which of the two Kingdoms We Will collectively Create.

Yesterday I was tall King about the football star, Damar Hamlin who ‘dropped dead’ shortly after a tackle in a recent football game (he allegedly ‘flat-lined’ twice before being admitted to hospital in critical condition but is still alive in a coma to the best of My knowledge). The reason this is such a mainstream tall King point that most People have heard about, is because it is not at all ‘normal’ for twenty-four year old men with elite levels of fitness to suddenly collapse as a result of cardiac arrest! If it were a common occurrence in elite athletes, it would not be one of the most talked about incidents kicking off the New Year.

I was also tall King about narcissism and how it’s a psychological disorder, a form of psychosis that can be either mild or extreme. The significance of tall King about this psychological condition, is that it is well known to be a (toxic) psychological condition by clinical psychologists but I don’t hear a lot of People tall King about how this psychological condition is being perpetrated by mainstream mouthpieces. My belief, is that there is so much narcissistic-style journalism and psi-ops tactics centered around narcissistic principles in mainstream media, that it is having the effect of creating a narcissistic society. Narcissistic behaviour is being normalized by mainstream media so that the new norm Will be a psychologically damaged society that can only feel validated by demonizing an external enemy. Wearing a mask We know to be virtually useless in protecting Us from a virus is a perfect example – People do it not because they feel safe, but because they Will receive a dopamine injection by feeling as though they are making a sacrifice for the ‘greater good’ while completely abandoning their own logic and reason in favour of social posturing. Don’t believe Me? Watch the next video where Megyn Kelly is as King why players Wish to see Skip Bayless fired after ‘sick’ comment…

“Athletes call for Skip Bayless to be fired after ‘sick’ Damar Hamlin tweet”

The exact Tweet is:

“No doubt the NFL is considering postponing the rest of this game. But how? This late in the season, a game of this magnitude is crucial to the regular season outcome which suddenly seems so irrelevant.”

Skip Bayless (Twitter tweet)

Megyn Kelly admits she can’t identify anything inappropriate about the Tweet, and I have to agree. To any normal, critical thing King individual, it sounds like a Man who is both a serious fan of football that wants to make sure the entire team doesn’t lose an opportunity to win the season, while expressing empathy for the player who suffered the very unfortunate and unprecedented injury by stating that the outcome ‘suddenly seems so irrelevant’. But now they are as King for his resignation?

Before I go on, consider that narcissism is motivated by a sense of inherent worthlessness. The worthlessness may be an individual’s perception of Self, but it may also be an ideology that an individual identifies with because attacking an individual’s belief system is an attack on their ego which Will defend its identity at any cost. For the ego, attacking the One criticizing the ideology is a Matter of survival.

One of the tactics of the narcissist, is to blame the other for what the narcissist is guilty of while failing to acknowledge any wrongdoing their Self. Now let’s pay attention to what Megyn Kelly’s guest has to say and how Skip was treated on ‘Undisputed’.

The first thing Eric Bolling does is insult Skip for his Tweet, presuming it was made with some kind of agenda and more specifically, with malicious intent when there is nothing whatsoever malicious or opportunist about the Tweet. What was so ‘sick’ and concerning about the Tweet? Was it because it included the Words ‘but how?’? Right off the bat, Skip has a defamation suit if he has a Good lawyer because they are defaming his character by suggesting he had some kind of malicious intent when there is absolutely nothing libelous or malicious about the Tweet.

“I thought is was disgusting, I thought it was horrible…”

“but why!?”

Eric Bolling and Megyn Kelly

So now he gives a very typical narcissist answer…

“It’s not what he said, it’s when he said it.”

Eric Bolling

Okay, so now the narcissist has admit that there is nothing wrong with the tweet!!! This is where People need to pay the most attention because that falsehood is the slander and libel that is hurting Skip Bayless! Now it is the timing of the Tweet that makes it sick and unacceptable! It isn’t even a defensible position for either side because it’s meaningless, it is nothing more than an irrelevant opinion. There is nothing malicious about the Tweet it Self, so the narcissist has to bring in elements that are irrelevant to continue the attack (which also makes it indefensible because it’s a straw man argument – it’s also easily provable because all We’d have to do is be as King when that Tweet would have been acceptable, to which of course there is no answer).

Now Eric Bolling begins playing on empathy by emphasizing that the athlete is fighting for his life and postulates that Skip is using the Tweet to promote him Self as a commentator by being the first to speculate on what the injury means for the sport and the team. Skip Bayless is a sports columnist and commentator – it is quite literally his job to comment on news worthy sports happenings.

This is where Eric Bolling shows how narcissistic he really is. He says the Tweet is inappropriate because it was opportunistic! He then goes on to say that many People ‘on the right’ began suggesting the injury was caused by the vaccine! Skip Bayless never made that suggestion, he didn’t even hint at it! But here We have Eric Bolling using his interview with Megyn Kelly to propagate his propaganda insisting that the injury is NOT related to the vaccine.

He calls this ‘sports opportunism’, ‘political opportunism’, while he him Self is using this interview to set a social norm by launching a preemptive strike against any One who might suggest that the vaccine was responsible for the untimely cardiac arrest. The entire intent of this interview was to postulate him Self as morally superior when he is in fact morally bankrupt, while demonizing any One who may have a healthy interest in knowing why this athlete suddenly fell on the field as a result of untimely cardiac event, regardless of the cause. Truth seekers do not care what the Truth reveals. Narcissists don’t care what the Truth is, they Will make their own and demonize those who don’t endorse it under the guise of empathy (if You don’t support the narcissist, You are being abusive for failing to tolerate the abuse).

I’ll be tall King more about narcissism and how it seems to be the main propagandist tool for social compliance under the guise of empathy, generally postulated as taking irrational action ‘for the greater good’.

We should all take dangerous, experimental medical products regardless what the risks may be because if One doesn’t, well… You might be offending some One who did and their ego is more important than Your well being.

The unfortunate thing I’m finding, is that the left are completely narcissistic, and the right are adopting their psychological tactics which makes things even more dangerous. People like Jordan Peterson who are critical thinkers have moved to platforms like Locals.com and Ben Shapiro’s Show, ‘The Daily Wire’. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much middle ground, and although these individuals are standing up against the leftist ‘woke’ agenda designed to destroy society and the family unit, they are also supporting other ideologies that are responsible for Man’s kind decline overall (like capitalism and private property).

We need to find some Middle ground and some One in western society needs to study communism so that We can stop demonizing a social model most People don’t understand the meaning of. I’m a communist at Heart (and the right Will hate that because that’s what they perceive to be the enemy, when the real enemy is narcissism and a psychologically damaged, morally depraved society).

Love and Blessings,


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