Volume CCLI: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Fighting Canada’s Fascist Dictator, Trudeau

Hello every One and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House. Today I Will be tall King about the very quickly rising tide of fascism flooding the consciousness of Canada’s People under the guise of public safety (narcissistic psychology 101).

Some People are thing King I’ve been exaggerating Trudeau’s treason against Canada’s People and the Crown, but when the propagandists start using the educational institutions and the ‘law society’ of a nation to enforce draconian dictates and compelled speech to strip away freedom of thought, conscience and religion, that is a fascist dictatorship by definition.

Currently, the College of Psychologists of Ontario are preparing for their ‘Applied Behavioural Analysis’ update (and although I make plenty of typos here and there, I’m not responsible for publishing a landing page for a College of Psychologists that apparently don’t know how to Spell the Magic of the Word ‘behavioural’? (behavoural on their site)) – that’s just embarrassing and lazy. Do they not have the funds to hire a competent editor? This is straight out of 1984, teaching People how to ‘reprogram’ their brain, done by People who don’t even know how to Spell the Words they are currently using.

These institutions responsible for issuing (and potentially revoking, apparently) licenses to certified professionals are now politicized in Canada to forward Trudeau’s treasonous agenda. One is not allowed to Quest-Ion Trudeau or they are threatened with revocation of their license!?

This is not really a surprise, doctors have been silenced and cancelled or denied funding because they have questioned lock downs, mask mandates, or the efficacy and safety of the vaccines. Any One who does not succumb to Trudeau’s dictates are now enemies of the state. The real enemy of the state, are State Actors war King for foreign, non-government, private organizations like the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, private centralized banks that charge (previously) sovereign nations an interest and service fee to print their coin, effectively enslaving the People of the nation to perpetual debt and continuous deflation of their economy until all the nation’s wealth has been successfully siphoned into private banks and their preferred corporate interests. Now that Canadians are struggling, the Bank of Canada Will now increase interest rates to further bankrupt Canada’s People, and when they are all forced from their homes because they can no longer pay their mortgage, the same banks Will purchase all the land at pennies on the dollar, increasing their wealth tremendously at the expense of Canada’s war King class. That’s international banking 101, and they Will never teach it to You in school. No, school Will now teach You that there is no such thing as a biological male and female of Man’s kind – how stupid are Your children going to be under the Trudeau regime?!

But We’ve all accepted these compromises and treasonous Acts against sovereign nations as commonplace, just as the People allowed many other unconstitutional acts to pass, like the income tax Act. An individual cannot survive without an income, and it is a violation of One’s rights to be taxed for anything One does not have a choice about using. That is precisely why groceries cannot lawfully be taxed because they are essential to survival. They got around some of that by introducing a ‘goods and services tax’ because One must eat, but one does not necessarily have to purchase prepared or serviced goods, that is now considered a ‘luxury’ (and luxuries can be taxed to give wealth from the have yachts to the have nots). Apparently, North Korea and Iran are the only two countries in the world that have not been compromised by central banks – I guess it’s no wonder why they are so often demonized for Wishing to retain their Sovereignty and independence.

Brian Lilley is a mainstream journalist who is just as ignorant with respect to what it means to Truly be a Sovereign nation (Canada hasn’t been Sovereign EVER and I Will discuss why another day) as any One else, but his intention is Good. He has been paying attention to the demise of free speech in Canada and I’m sure concerned about being cancelled him Self just for calling out the government on some of these Issues. I’ll let You read his take on the College of Psychology threatening Jordan Peterson with economic harm for failing to allow the college to violate his inherent right to freedom of opinion and expression.

What does a fascist dictator look and sound like? Take a look for Your Self.

Justin Trudeau: The Prime Minister of Gaslighting – Viva Clips

“People went out and got vaccinated at a rate faster than that of almost every other country. Because of that, We actually had a better and safer pandemic than most (yes, We lost far too many People) but We did better than most other countries that We can compare to.”

“But there were some People out there that were spreading harmful disinformation and misinformation and lies that made People scared that the vaccine was more dangerous than the virus.” – proven now to be a scientific FACT…

“Families sitting around the bedside of a loved one who was dying from covid saying “oh My God, I Wish I’d taken the vaccine, I Wish I hadn’t listened to all those YouTube channels.” Like, this is real, there were real tragedies and there were People trying to, to ‘gin that up’, and to expand the divisions and the fear and the sense of conspiracies that were out there. We have, as a government, always, and Will always be patient with People who are hesitant about getting a vaccine or whatever, but those People who were actively putting People’s lives in danger by spreading falsehoods around science that Will help and heal and save People and save Our economy and save lives and Our, Our institutions – those People, and they were a small minority within a larger group who were really vocal, I don’t have and won’t apologize for calling out People who were harming their fellow Canadians.” – Justin Trudeau, the liar and propagandist extra-ordinaire…

Yeah, and I Will not be apologizing for calling Trudeau a fascist dictator guilty of perpetrating crimes against humanity for coercing and intimidating People into taking a vaccine he promised to be one hundred percent safe and effective in preventing infection and stopping the spread, reducing symptoms, NONE of which have scientifically proven to be True. In fact, the vaccines have caused so much harm and increase in deaths in Canada since the roll out of the vaccines, that Stats Canada isn’t even publishing the excess death numbers anymore – they stopped reporting in April of 2022!? No, that’s not concerning at all, especially when We see how honest Trudeau is about the safety of the vaccines now that the dangers are well known in the scientific community.

Trudeau is such a fascist dictator, Canada is the laughing stock of the world for descending into a draconian dictatorship faster than the rest of the world would have believed possible. He is quite possibly the world’s most loathed politician, hated even more than Putin and Xi Ping. Here’s what Redacted has to say about the College of Psychology pandering to propagandist Trudeau’s dictates.

We are literally watching Canada fall into fascism because no One Wishes to stand up to Trudeau’s tyranny. Even the Ontario Superior Court’s Ellen Chang-Richardson, a Registrar, identifies as ‘they them’!!! Wow, how many People is she, does she not understand English? And if not, is she really suitable to be war King as a Court Registrar if she Self identifies as a group of individuals? I though the Courts were to not be politicized and free from prejudice and political bias – I guess not if You are Ellen Chang-Richardson. Wonder if she is part of the Chinese takeover of Canada’s government infiltrating the Courts.

My Friend seems to be thing King that taking over nine weeks to do something about Court fraud is too long and that Justice Jaye Hooper must be compromised and bias to opposing counsel. Why else would she threaten the claimant for publishing the audio of the Motion while failing to take any action against a federal crime reported to her on a Court of Record? Corruption runs deep in Canada’s Courts, and I Give You My Word I Will expose it wherever I find it.

Here is the last Motion filed with the Court. We are still waiting for a reply, despite how obvious the court fraud is. I guess federal crimes are just part of the judicial process for lawyers licensed by the law society so long as they are towing the treasonous Trudeau agenda.

Love and Blessings,

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