Volume CCLI: The Super Natural Son Day Re View; Por-Traits of Trudeau, Today’s Face of Fascism

Hello every One and welcome to the Super Natural ‘Son’ Day Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House. Trudeau Will eventually become one of the Portraits I paint of State Actors with a Role to Play on the world’s Stage for The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s “He Art Exhibit Sean” which I Will continue war King on tomorrow! I have been painting a picture of Trudeau’s Character in the Mind of My readers for the last week in hopes of sounding the alarm for any of Canada’s People who Value their Sovereignty and Freedom before it’s too late.

I guess the video is banned in Canada? Look up ‘Lex Fridman 1984’. And welcome to Trudeau’s tyranny and the digital age of book burning…

I have also said I Will be sharing more of the videos I watch in My spare time with My audience here because I don’t consider (most of) it to be a waste of time. Like any One, I do use YouTube and the internet in general for entertainment, music, and other recreational purposes, but I also like to learn and am especially interested in philosophy and psychology. In fact, it was because of some of the things I’ve learned from videos that I shared with a Friend that encouraged Me to share more of them with You here. I had a lot of ideas about potential solutions to help My Friend heal from nerve damage that proved to be helpful and were echoed by videos ‘recommended for You’ on YouTube that provided the scientific data to support several philosophies I’d been tall King with My Friend about. Because I’m not a doctor, I don’t really like sharing My personal philosophies with My readers here because more than anything, I understand the power of thoughts, the placebo effect in medicine and acknowledge that even things I can absolutely know to be True for Me and My body, may not work for others. DNA can uniquely identify an individual because We are not all the same. I’m seriously opposed to a ‘one size fits all’ medical approach to anything.

The video above with Lex Fridman tall King about George Orwell’s 1984 is the video I consider to be the most Valuable share of the week. An Andrew Huberman podcast introduced Me to Lex Fridman (and a number of other very inspirational and interesting People) and there is a very Good reason so many People enjoy his videos and insight on Life. The main message behind his review of 1984 is that Love inspires Hope, and Love Will (eventually) prevail, even if there is a period of chaos first.

One of the other reasons I’m sharing the video is because Lex is also tall King about how he shared his reading list for 2023 – a list of 52 books for a book every week as a goal for 2023. Then he mentions how disappointed he was that some of his peers, some People he even admired as individuals, insulted his book list for whatever reasons. It really bothered Me just because what I like most about Lex is the polar opposite of what I like about most other presenters of information – he’s very calm and relaxed and makes Me feel exactly the same Way without losing interest in what he is tall King about. It also seems very clear to Me that he really Wishes to encourage and inspire Goodness in People – I just don’t understand why any One would Wish to be so petty as to insult a Man with such sincere Good intentions. We really are living in an upside down world and We need as many People believing in the inherent Good of Man’s kind as possible.

One of the other reasons I am thing King it is a shame People did this, is because I would really Love to hear more of Lex’s insight, especially on the books he has included in his list. Yes, many of them were required reading for English in school, and that is not a coincidence. The educational system is one means of delivering a public notice. The educational system told Us what a world run by ‘Big Brother’ Will look like if the People allow it to happen. Life is a Self fulfilling Prophecy and every story is foreshadowing an event in Man’s Microcosm.

I also do all kinds of things at the start of every year to try to improve My own daily habits, even if they don’t stick, principles often do. War King out is a great example because it is Truly rare for Me to ever go longer than a year without starting some kind of workout program that usually lasts for anywhere from two to three months. Even though it had been ten months since My last workout, I was still stronger than I was before I started war King out last year!!! Last year four chins was the most I could manage on My first day, this year I was able to do five easily and felt like I could have done as many as ten.

I’ll share My workout results with You every thirty days or so but for now I can tell You that the improvements I’ve made in My first week are noticeable enough that I have inspired My Friend to start war King out, too. Her first goal is a single chin up and I’m confident I can help her to achieve that result before the end of the month.

I’ll have to keep this one short but I didn’t share any Viva and Barnes videos this week and they do a pretty Good weekly roundup of what’s going on in the world, and I find Viva inspiring because I’ve been watching him since before he was proverbially red-pilled, and now he’s a beacon of hope for speakers of Truth.

I hope every One is having a Good start to the new year, I believe 2023 is going to be the most revealing year the world has seen to date, and I believe the corruption of governments all over the world Will exposed, and State Actors Will be held accountable for their respective Role on the world’s Stage in this Universal Pictures Greatest Present a Sean.

I Will also be war King on My Exhibit-Sean this week and hope to have some more Portraits to Present to You soon!

Love and Blessings,


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