Volume CCLII: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; Continued New Year’s Motivate Sean

Hello every One, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House. It’s going to be a short one for Me today because I still have a few more tasks to squeeze in before the end of My day to maintain My personal New Year’s resolute-Sean’s.

I’ve got a daily schedule to keep the Motivate Sean high this year which also includes a daily fitness routine, and I have most tasks done for today. My new daily ‘Motivate Sean’ schedule is a pretty full schedule already and I’m always hoping to add to it, even though I’m not yet completing all the tasks already on My list. The only reason I’m reporting on it is because I really do find it motivating even though I’m not accomplishing all the tasks on the list. I’ve been consistently improving on completing the tasks that were on My list while adding new ones as I go. The real reason I’m not completing all the tasks on My list is because I’m adding so many new things to it so consistently, and the reason I’m adding more tasks to the list is because it feels so Good to get stuff done!

One of those tasks is a Blog Post everyday, so some of them may be a little shorter if I don’t have much to say, though I’m also war King on Writing earlier in the day and putting more time into planning Posts and adding new content. I am even thing King about adding an audio podcast book review, and maybe even tackling some of the books on Lex Fridman’s reading list (he was the inspire a Sean for the Idea).

Today, I’m just going to be sharing some of the YouTube videos I’ve been watching lately because it was motivate Sean gained from YouTube videos from various Presenters that are responsible for My New Year’s resolute Sean’s and so far I am finding them very beneficial (and hope to maintain them until they are daily habits).

This is what I’m listening to right now as I Write this Post, and I also listen to Andrew Huberman when I’m doing My workout. My Mind seems to drift less if I’m war King out while I’m learning – I now stand at My desk rather than sit, and spend a couple of minutes a day hanging from a chin up bar (just by hanging for thirty seconds or so at a time several times a day). I go outside for fifteen minutes every morning to get sunlight in My eyes, and do it again sometime in the afternoon before it starts to get dusk. All the things I’m doing have increased My overall energy, and all of it was introduced to Me by the Andrew Huberman Podcast (YouTube version).

I don’t generally use supplements much but I was Gifted with an unopened, 500 gram container of pure creatine monohydrate. I tried it before when I was very young when I hit a plateau in My routine and it was a boost I would only have expected from something not legal (I have never used, nor would I ever use steriods, growth hormone or any other ‘drugs’ that would provide an unfair advantage). I’m actually watching this podcast to see if Huberman has anything to say about creatine. It’s an energy source that’s used when oxygen stores have been depleted, allowing one to generally continue to perform an exercise for as much as ten or more seconds beyond usual exhaustion. I won’t even use the stuff I have if I learn it’s no Good or harmful in any Way, and won’t use it until I plateau, and only for the purpose of transcending a plateau. I don’t expect to plateau for at least three to six months…

This video might be a little too nerdy for some, but I Love chess and I heard about these two Gifted Romanian girls that a Friend of mine told Me about, expecting they Will be young Masters by the time they are twenty. I’m not sure what their ratings are, but apparently they’ve made chess cool on Twitch. When I found out Lex Fridman was interviewing them, I couldn’t resist and enjoyed the whole thing. I’ve also added chess to My daily chess list since watching the video, so I figured it was worth sharing.

I’m keeping the subject Matter a little lighter today to get the week off to a more Motivational start. I’ve got some exciting news coming for You soon enough. Till then,

Love and Blessings,


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