Volume CCLII: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; Propaganda and CTV Journalist Jessica Robb

Hello every One, and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me (and it really is one or the other and determined by God at the point of concept Sean), it is always an Honour to have You in My House. All the world really is a stage and the antics of state actors and media propagandists just gets crazier by the day! Keep in Mind that ‘CTV’ (Canadian Television) tells only the Vision they Wish for People to see.

The world couldn’t not see Jessica Robb losing her ability to communicate coherently and staggering like she’s about to collapse moments before the feed cuts back to the studio, so it’s important for Canada’s propagandist mainstream media to tell their viewers exactly what they saw and what they didn’t see.

Viva Frei’s take on the scene starts at 15:40.

What I find concerning about this is that We haven’t heard from Jessica Robb yet. Jessica Robb has not made any official statement that I can find, only CTV claiming Jessica Robb had made the following statements. As Viva points out (who was a legitimate lawyer before becoming a YouTube sensation and may still have a license to practice in the province of Quebec), it sounds like something a legal team would put together, not a statement made by a reporter.

Keep in Mind, if People in mainstream media’s propagandist publications paid for by Canada’s People didn’t get the jabs (the covid bioweapon), they would lose their job. Every One had to get vaccinated and no One is allowed to say anything about the vaccination that may increase vaccine hesitancy, even if the hesitancy is warranted for known risks and serious complications (including ‘SADS’, or ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome’, quickly becoming common post vaccination). The last thing CTV is going to do is admit that the vaccines they were requiring employees to get under threat of termination (economic harm) in violation of their Charter right to autonomy and privacy over health care choices, is admit that the required vaccines are now causing reporters to pass out mid way through interviews. I’m not even saying that is the cause of Jessica’s illness or whatever happened, I’m suggesting that We have a right to know and to be concerned. Demonizing any One who is as King that question is weaponizing the incident for political purposes (that’s the narcissist narrative) to promote their propaganda. The vaccines are not safe, they are not effective, they do not stop the spread of any virus, cold or flu, and they bring with them serious, irreversible health risks – all these points are now irrefutable facts provided by the scientific community and admitted long ago by the CDC themselves (though they still recommend the vaccines saying the benefits outweigh the risks, even though there are no longer any known benefits whatsoever).

In related Good News, the football player Damar Hamlin has been released from hospital and is returning to his hometown, though the doctors are very cryptic in discussing his condition. Once again, if One listens I would suggest that these doctors were very well scripted for the camera, possibly by lawyers, encouraged to only reveal details that sound encouraging without promising that Damar Will ever return to football. They can’t estimate how long his recovery Will be? That suggests to Me that he’s not recovering very well at all, and what they are really saying here is that We are lucky he is still alive and Will get to spend some quiet time with family ‘just in case’.

And I suggested that Pierre Poilievre is just controlled opposition and I couldn’t be more positive than I am now. He’s already advocated for Ukraine publicly several times (Ukraine is a neo-nazi regime developing bioweapons with U.S. dollars because the research was banned in U.S.) and has nothing to say about the Bank of Canada Act which is an Act of treason (even though it was commit in 1974, every State Actor not taking Action to veto the Act is an additional Act of negligence supporting the original treasonous Act while private banks continue to control Canada’s economy at the expense of their People).

(One of ) the reasons I know Pierre is controlled opposition, is because he’s being Given a platform to talk about Jordan Peterson by the SUN’s journalist, Brian Lilley. The whole Idea is to create a civil war, to continue to attack Canada’s charter and provide just enough opposition to make the People aware of the treason when any REAL politician would be war King with the authorities to have the treasonous traitors war King for private, foreign corporations arrested, removed from office and tried for treason and crimes against humanity. Pierre is not as King for an investigation into the bioweapons Canada’s People were coerced and intimidated into taking. We’ve witnessed the single greatest war crime against the world’s People in human history and that is NOT an exaggeration. The world’s People were used as a medical experiment in violation of the Nuremberg Code created to prevent this situation specifically!!! The SUN and the Citizen or National Post may look like different newspapers or media networks, but they are all promoting the same propaganda in different flavours. Every single one of these news networks is owned by PostMedia Corporation which owns several others as well, and is connected to the world of international (propagandist) journalism by the AP (Associated Press). The AP is like the one ring that binds all the rest in Lord of the Rings…

Keep in Mind, everything that the Biden administration has done is supported by Trudeau – the two are war King together and this Will eventually be exposed. China, Biden, and Trudeau are the main conspirators war King against Canada’s People, and the goal was to bankrupt the economy for China’s benefit for the ‘great reset’ where China hopes to emerge on top with a gold backed currency free from the devaluation principle of inflation. Russia already has a head start, now Rubles can be traded at One’s financial institution for real gold!!! Bet You can’t do that with Canadian dollars!!!

Find out just how many People have been involved in lying to You. Did You know that ‘the science’ has known that natural immunity is over twenty times more effective in prevention of all viruses than any of the vaccines?! Yeah, but they can’t tell You that because it’s more profitable for the government if they sell more dangerous Pfizer, Moderna and other pharmaceutical products, right! I can’t wait until someone subpoena’s Trudeau’s ‘Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation’ to see what stocks they’ve been investing in over the course of the pandemic. Trudeau is not allowed to have anything to do with his Trust while in office, but We know how Good Trudeau is with ethics violations, don’t We? Do We really Trust that he’s not privately increasing the wealth of his Trust with all these big pharma deals, offering immunity from prosecution? That’s okay, Trudeau doesn’t have immunity from prosecution, and when We can prove that Pfizer and Moderna knew the risks of their product before as King for immunity, then We can prove malicious intent for immunity from prosecution which voids the immunity. Trust Me, these criminals Will hang!!!

We really do need a public inquiry, but even more importantly, use of vaccines should be permanently and immediately halted in light of this information. Any government state actors who fail to take action and advise their People that there are now concerns, are adding malicious intent to Acts of criminal negligence. Something for the True-dough government to be thing King about…

And finally, just to Give You something of inspire a Sean, the power of setting and achieving goals by My favourite professor of Neurobiology and Ophthalmology, Andrew Huberman. His Presentation on supplements is exceptional also (pretty much everything I’ve watched by Andrew is amazing so far). Enjoy getting smarter and becoming more motivated!

I’ve already Writ too much to get into it today, but I have some other things I’m war King on in My Microcosm and received a (small) result today that I am hoping to Publish here tomorrow.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script – I’m not sure why these videos are not showing up in the Post, I can only presume that this is Part of Trudeau’s propaganda and digital book burning plan. Doesn’t he real eyes that banning content only makes People more curious and suspicious as to why it is banned? Even more curious, if these videos are banned in Canada by some bill Trudeau passed, then why am I able to watch them without interference?.. Things that make Me go, ‘hmmm.’


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