Volume CCLII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition;

Hello every One and welcome to the Lucky Wednesday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Sovereign Nation is always welcome in My House, it is an Honour to have You. It is a Lucky Wednesday Edition because Witches, Wizards and Warlocks are Master Magicians (or in My case, a-Mage-in-a Sean) which Manifest their Luck – Wednesday’s are Lucky because We decided they should be, and so it is.

I’ve been tall King more this year about what’s most important (in My humble opinion) in Man’s Macrocosm because the government of Canada is seriously out of control and the People really need to start doing something about it. At the same time, this is the Good News Journal because there is plenty of fear porn out there on both sides for those who Wish to be terrified, so I Wish to focus more on the silver lining than the storm cloud it Self – I know the Golden Dawn is looming behind its darkness.

So today I figured I’d let You know about some of the other little things I’m war King on in My Microcosm which includes an update of ‘The Good Green Thumb Nursery’ and ‘The Prince of Peppers Product Sean Company’, a couple of little entrepreneurial ventures I started last winter. This is year two of a five year plan to produce sufficient inventory, though technically I’m already ‘turning a profit’ because I have eleven cultivars of pepper plants that have survived the winter (two still producing flowers and the odd pepper) and a few are beginning to sprout new leaves for their second year! I also managed to harvest seeds from every single pepper cultivar I purchased, and I have at least twice the quantity of seeds of the rarer varieties to start this year. I figured that since I haven’t been tall King about it in awhile, I would let You know My little indoor greenhouse is doing pretty well.

I really do take terrible photos, even I wasn’t striving for perfect-Sean! It would be impossible to positively identify each of them anyway because they don’t have flowers or fruit anymore (unless You’ve got really Good eyes and can see the furthest one in the back left in a blurry photo). However, I harvested the last two fruit (peppers – finger hots) just last week! I’m thing King that’s pretty incredible, I was not expecting to be harvesting peppers almost all year long.

And here are some of My other cool plants which continually grow in number from taking cuttings and off-sets as well.

That’s a basil plant in the middle photo and I have to say that I’m surprised how beautiful it is as a perennial houseplant. The flowers are the most delicious part, too – I swear they taste like candy! I use leaves from it every time I make pasta sauce and one of the coolest features of the plant it Self is the main stem/trunk. It is smooth like polished maple with a high gloss finish which tempts one to touch it to see how smooth it is, which also leaves One’s fingers smelling wonderfully aromatic for a while. Tasty leaves to just munch on for a snack, too. It hasn’t stopped flowering since it started and I’ve cut the flowering tops several times (and eat them or use them in something I’m going to eat).

The next plant is a mystery plant for Me still, though I Will look it up one day. This was the especially Lucky part of My Lucky Wednesday because the discovery was made as the result of a kitten incident. Kingston, the youngest of My two cats (seven months or so) stood up on his hind legs and rested his front paws on a very top-heavy table with a plant sitting on top. As hard as it may be to believe, he really didn’t mean it, the cats never touch the plants – at least not on purpose. He was just ‘inspecting’ the relocation of a plant (they can look they just can’t touch) and the table almost fell over on him!

This plant crashed to the ground with the table and a tidy little transplant was ready to go…

I don’t know what this looks like here but I thought this was a cluster of decorative stones cemented in place by the root ball it Self – NOT! Those things that look like rocks are (part of) the roots (known as ‘tubers’, like potatoes). I’ve also mentioned that patience is not one of My better virtues and something I am always war King on and I have been trying to root this cutting since last spring. It’s been sitting in a pot of soil doing apparently nothing for about ten months – if it didn’t look so healthy I would have discarded it. As it turns out, it doesn’t really grow like typical plants, new shoots come up from the root – the one that exists already won’t grow much, it Will just increase in number with each shoot increasing in size. I’ve now got it sitting secured by lava rock so that it has a constant supply of water and I am thing King it Will do much better now (You can see that there is a new shoot starting in middle photo).

I’ve also got a daily checklist that I started this New Year to keep My Self motivated and one of the daily tasks is taking care of My plants (which was always a daily task, just never on a ‘to do’ list previously). It takes over an hour and up to two hours depending on how thirsty they are (just pointing out that they do require maintenance, plants don’t just Magically grow beautifully). I also have outstanding matters with the City of Ottawa and Canada’s government to take care of, so those things are on My list, too. I’ve suggested many times that a lawsuit should be One’s absolute last option – only when every other avenue of negotiate Sean has been fully exhausted.

It’s demonstrably obvious from My previous experiences (all of which I’ve shared here) that trying to communicate with the City of Ottawa is a waste of time and energy. In fact, One might go as far as to say that I gave the City of Ottawa more opportunity than they deserved (My Friend has said that so I know it’s a least True in part). When every municipal avenue has been exhausted, it is time to take the Matter to the province. On Monday I called Service Ontario to follow up on an email I had sent before the Christ Mass Holy Day vacate Sean.

The Magical Motive a Sean of Monday in My Microcosm, is that despite the fact that the last service agent I am tall King with says she Will transfer My call to the appropriate Ministry before placing Me on hold only to disconnect Me (hang up on Me) a few minutes later, I was confident that the phone call had not been a waste of time. I also didn’t mention the call in My Monday Motive a Sean Edition because I am the only One who Will Truly understand why I know the call was not a waste of time.

Although the call is edited for content, nothing is redacted from the converse a Sean, only the time waiting on the line to spare My audience the elevator music. One Will perhaps Notice that I don’t mention My name, I did not Give any additional inform a Sean than what is heard in the recording. I mention that I sent an email to the ‘Service Ontario’ address posted on their public website but did not Give any details regarding the content of the email, subject of the email, email address or any other inform a Sean that would otherwise allow them to know who they were tall King to. I was also using a Friend’s phone so that they would not be able to identify Me by the phone number. Yet within moments after the call ended (I was initially furious to be hung up on), I noticed that some not so popular Blog Posts were being read numerous times, all of them related to the Notices served upon Ontario Works. Didn’t Wish to say anything about it on Monday because One might be thing King it was just a coincidence and the two incidents could not possibly be related.

However, on Tuesday morning I finally received a reply from Service Ontario to the very email I was as King about the previous day. Probably just another convenient coincidence – it’s really a shame I don’t believe in such things.

So today I am sharing that audio phone call with You because I anticipate it Will become one of the most downloaded files to date, second only to the audio of My last Motion hearing in the Estate Matter. Soon We Will watch My Words Manifest.

Otherwise, do what You can to Keep Your Self healthy and do not Trust a thing the Canadian government or their legacy media tell You, they are compulsive liars and propagandists, especially CTV. At this point, there appears to be no scientific evidence to suggest that there is any benefit to being vaccinates whatsoever! The government and CDC have known that natural immunity is more effective than the vaccine for over two years – but telling You might create vaccine hesitancy and the Trudeau Foundations investments in big pharma would not be so profit able.

Here’s Megyn Kelly chiming in to tell You that Canada is now a totalitarian dictatorship. Not My Words, Megyn Kelly, well respected career journalist…

Love and Blessings,


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