Volume CCLIII: The Thursday Thing King Edition; War King for the People

Hello every One and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a great Honour to have You in My House.

Today Will be a shorter Post because I am keeping busy in My Microcosm despite not Writing as much as I had intended for the New Year. Last year, I didn’t Post anywhere close to a Post everyday, yet I still managed to Publish 327,000 Words! Is it just Me, or does that seem like an awful lot of Writing? That doesn’t include any of the emails I’ve sent back and forth advocating for My rights or the rights of others less fortunate than My Self, either.

It is because I have a very Good Friend in My Microcosm that I’m trying to be a little less hard on My Self if I don’t manage to Post everyday. My Friend was as King of Me if I feel I need to Write everyday to validate everything I am war King on in My Microcosm. That might not sound very flattering to My readers and I don’t think I’m articulating her sentiments (sent-I-Mind, sending One’s thoughts) very well, but she was commenting on how many things I am always war King on. I have an open door policy for the Friends in My Microcosm and this particular Friend randomly visits Me often – as much as one to three times a day. Every time My Friend stops by, I always seem to be war King on something.

Today I had all kinds of things going on in addition to everything I am sharing with You here. What My Friend was really communicating to Me is that she believes that Writing My Blog is therapeutic for Me and that it’s important to Me because it is something of a Manifesto of My Deeds. So many People I’m dealing with in My Microcosm demonstrate such incredible contempt for the Rule of Law, at times it may seem as though I have nothing to Show for My efforts – except what I Publish here.

The fact is, I’d never really been thing King of My Blog like that. I decided to Keep a Public Journal because a powerful Spiritual experience I had fifteen years ago (where does the time go?!) made Me Real Eyes that everything I Write Magically Manifests. Everything I had been as King for in My personal journal had been done for Me, and the Universe was as King of Me what I Wish for now that I have this higher level of know ledge (where the Word Highness comes from). It didn’t seem fair to Keep this Know Ledge to My Self, so I began sharing My Words with the world so We can collectively watch them Magically Manifest. 😉

Yeah, so I am thing King My Friend is correct, though. It might actually be hard to stay motivated if I didn’t have this Journal to Record My progress-Sean. I really don’t Wish to be compelled to take any One into Court, so part of Me keeps hoping that if I just Keep Writing these People they Will eventually Real Eyes that it is in their best interest to resolve Matters with Me privately than it is to make a public spectacle of them in a Court of Law. It looks better for all the State Actors involved and allows the corporation of Canada to at least Give the appearance that individuals within Canada’s government are reasonable, compassionate People, and that only Trudeau and a few of his cronies in the House of Commons are corrupt, corruption itself is not a corporate policy. Unfortunately, the individuals involved in My Microcosm aren’t Giving Me anything to help Me portray Canada’s State Actors in a positive light, they appear completely narcissistic and arrogant. Here’s today’s example in short form with little explain a Sean…

Kristine Haines Chiarello of Ontario Works and in response to the Notice of Liability for Breach of Trust on the International Public Notices Page.

And there is also My reply to My sister’s lawyer, Neil Milton, who is perpetrating fraud on the Court in an Estate Application…

And today We also had Christopher Crisman-Cox aiding and abetting fraud and perjury on a Court of Record with his Memorandum for the Case Conference. Once again, I just tell Christopher that I’m not preparing any more Court documents until the last Motion I filed is heard by the Court. I feel it is putting the cart before the proverbial ass (though I was sure to use the Word ‘horse’ in the email because they Will just try and Characterize the email as vexatious otherwise).

So that’s today’s Thoroughly Thrilling Good News for this Thursday. I’m going to try calling the province again tomorrow to see if there is any One above Kristine Haines-Chiarello competent enough to know that the Ontario Works Act was not created to be used as a tool of extortion in order to compel performance in violation of One’s Charter rights. I’m hoping some One at Ontario Works recognizes that Canada’s Charter and International binding Treaty obligations, are the highest Law of the Land in any Common Law country.

Love and Blessings, I’ll Keep You Posted as best I can.


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