Volume CCLVII: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; Canada’s Descent into Fascism

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural ‘Son’ Day Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Presence is always a Gift in My House. Today I have an especially sinister Story to tell regarding Canada’s (official) descent into a fascist dictatorship with none other than the treasonous, Trudeau (true-dough, ‘airhead’) Man-child at the helm. Now, the POEC (Public Order Emergency Commission) has officially determined that Trudeau met the ‘incredibly high threshold’ to invoke the Emergency Act that allowed him to violently assault People responsible for what the world regarded as One of the most peaceful, powerful, political protests the world has ever seen, inspiring copycat freedom movements against unlawful mandates in many countries across the globe. On Friday, Canada descended from a constitutional democratic Monarchy into a fascist dictatorship.

Yesterday, I said that the Commission’s decision Will mark the darkest day in Canadian history and I was not exaggerating or understating the severity of this decision in any Way. I hadn’t even watched Viva Frei’s take regarding the Commissioner’s decision yet, but as it turns out, Viva uses exactly the same Words to describe this unacceptable and unlawful decision. The need for Trudeau to be tried for treason is more important now than ever before. The only Good News I have to report today, is that I believe that is exactly what Will happen to Canada’s most treasonous traitor, Trudeau, and it Will be for crimes against humanity, and for continuing to mandate and promote vaccines We now know to be extremely dangerous and potentially lethal in some cases.

Canada’s descent into a totalitarian dictatorship.

When the government of a Sovereign People can determine that their legal ‘Acts’ have the force of Law to violently trespass upon the Sovereign People’s Lawful right to protest an unlawful Act, the constitution the People have Trusted their government to Honour above all else, means NOTHING. It also means that Canada’s State Actors are no longer Honouring their Oath to the Crown, which is to ensure that the inherent (God Given) rights of Canada’s People are the Supreme Law of the Land. How can One Honour their Oath to the Crown if the government can determine that the inherent rights of the People can be stripped of them entirely if Man-child Trudeau believes the People are holding ‘unacceptable views’ determined exclusively by him? He created division among the People and demonized Canadians that were Honouring their Oath to the Crown. How does the Crown expect the People of Canada to Honour their Oath if they can ‘legally’ be assaulted and criminalized for doing so? Yes, a dark day for both Canada and the Crown, in Deed!

So where is the Good News, right? Well, not every One is intimidated into compliance with threats of losing their livelihood in the face of Honouring their Oath and Fiduciary obligations. Dr. Venu Julapalli is speaking out regarding the threats and coercion taking place in the health care profession, causing many of his colleagues to abandon their Hippocratic Oath for the sake of self preservation. Not only does the medical profession know that the vaccines are extremely dangerous, doctors who do not Wish to be vaccinated can now opt to have a ‘fake’ vaccine in order to keep their job – I guess on some level the medical profession realizes that they can’t fire every One who refuses to get vaccinated, so they are allowing doctors who Wish to keep their job ‘fake’ jabs so they don’t have to worry about the dangerous side effects associated with taking it. There is no other Way to describe this except to say that these vaccines are now officially a crime against humanity wherever they are being mandated.

Doctors being offered ‘fake’ jabs to avoid being fired for refusing the vaccine mandates…

When doctors are faking vaccination because they know the risks but continue to poke other People with the same poison, they are not fit to be war King as a doctor and should be tried for conspiring to perpetrate crimes against humanity with malicious intent. And I don’t believe that ANY doctor in the world can be exempt from this charge anymore because the scientific proof of the harm these vaccines are causing is no longer in doubt.

Again, if You are thing King I am exaggerating, please take a look at this Man’s channel. He goes over peer reviewed medical papers that are directly related to the vaccines which are absolutely causing heart problems, blood clots, and even serious brain damage in some People. Even celebrities like Justin Bieber and his wife suffered serious side effects after receiving the vaccine (a stroke for Hailey and Justin now has Ramsay Hunt syndrome). The stoke was the result of a blood clot in the brain. This doctor explains why People are suffering from strokes and heart problems after receiving the vaccine, please be sure to watch the full video, very well vetted research.

Now… If I can find this information as easily as I can, there is absolutely no excuse for any government to continue using these products or recommending them to their citizenry, much less to recommend the products under threat of harm or coercion, they are quite literally committing crimes against humanity, and One has to begin as King the more serious and sinister question – is this a ploy to murder millions of People because the WHO or the WEF believe there are too many People on the planet? What other excuse could the government possibly have for such blatant ignorance, and why would they Give immunity from prosecution to the drug companies mandating these products? We can only presume that the government Wishes to be held liable in their stead.

Nuremberg Trials 2.0 Will be coming soon, and Trudeau and Theresa Tam Will be among the first few to be placed on the proverbial chopping block. This is one situation where I believe the guillotine should be reinstated exclusively for state Actors that continue to mandate these dangerous and potentially deadly medical products. Actually, I take that back – let them rot in Guantanamo for Life, death by guillotine is too quick and does not provide the agonizing years to consider the Acts that caused them to be there. Let them spend the rest of their life suffering as many of their innocent victims Will.

And of course, all this information just makes Me that much more vigilante in My Microcosm because I Will be as King of My landlord why they are supporting the unlawful mandates imposed upon Ottawa’s People because they are effectively ‘coercing’ People to take these dangerous medical products and threatening Me for warning People in My community of the dangerous side effects. It Will be very interesting to see how MHI responds, and equally interesting to see how city councillor Wilson Lo intends to compensate People who have been harmed by the city’s vaccination campaign.

Remember, the original Nuremberg trials determined that ‘just following orders’ was not an acceptable excuse, so Wilson Lo trying to pass the buck to the provincial or federal government Will not stand in any legitimate court of Law.

However, We’re still not sure how many of Canada’s Court judges and justices have been bought and paid for by the Trudeau government. Very dangerous when the government can control the legislature, the judiciary and the administrative branches of government to enforce their tyranny and oppression of Sovereign People. When the Courts become weaponized to strip People of rights rather than Honour their obligation to Canada’s Charter and international Treaty obligations, We have entered draconian times in Deed.

I’m not going to stay on too long today because I don’t have Word count anymore so it is very easy for Me to run long quickly (most People can’t digest more than 1,500 Words at a time). However, I do Wish to say that there has been no reply to My Letter to the Editor of the Barrhaven Independent newspaper that I believed published an entirely bogus story. Hopefully I Will receive a reply to that email sometime tomorrow or Tuesday. If I don’t hear by Tuesday morning, I Will follow up with a second email and a phone call for Good measure.

Otherwise, no response to My reply to the Court advising them that Jester Justice Jaye Hooper’s decision is (legally and lawfully) unacceptable, though the document is now the second most downloaded document of the year so far (42 downloads in its first week), and only bested by My Motion of Contempt, which is My most downloaded document of the year so far. These are generally indicators for Me in My Microcosm that let Me know what documents are most relevant in Man’s Macrocosm.

If You haven’t taken the jab, congratulations. If You were coerced or intimidated into taking the jab, unfairly and falsely led to believe they are perfectly safe and effective, find Your Self a Good lawyer as soon as possible, or (if You are very confident and learning from this Blog), place the individual(s) who gave You the jab(s) on Notice of Liability for Breach of Trust and their Hippocratic Oath to do no harm, and follow up with Lawful action. The more People that bring claims against their medical professionals, the sooner the fraud Will be exposed and the harm to unsuspecting citizens can stop.

Be vigilant in the defense of Your rights, and please take care of One another. We have a Fiduciary obligation under God to be Good to One another.

Love and Blessings,


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