Volume CCLVIII: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; Kingston Plays Fetch

Okay, so I’ll admit the video quality is sub-par but My Friend has been insisting that I Show My audience just how cool My cats are. I have two, Kingston and Gigi. Gigi was adopted when she was already a year old (and already had a name, I didn’t name her), so she took a little more time to train and I’m just happy she doesn’t scratch furniture, walls or touch My plants – that took enough time to teach.

Kingston on the other Hand, was adopted when he was just six weeks old. I’ve never had to use a spray bottle or any other disciplinary measure to teach him how to behave other than the Word ‘NO!’. I swear he understands English perfectly OR I can communicate with animals telepathically. Either Way, I can speak to him in a perfectly normal voice, and if I am as King of him if he Wishes to Play fetch, he Will run and grab his fluffy little ball. My Friend is so amazed, she made Me Promise to share a video with My audience here, so today I am Keeping Good to My Word.

This is Kingston Playing fetch (roughly eight months old now).

It is impossible to not laugh and smile several times a day with these two continually competing for My affection. Gigi is NOT impressed that Kingston Plays catch and she gets very jealous. This video ends when Kingston is ambushed by Gigi’s jealousy.

That’s My Magical, Motive a Sean this Monday.

Love and Blessings!


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