Volume CCLVIII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; A New Script for State Actors on the World Stage

Hello every One and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Royal, Moral Highness is always a Blessing to My House. Today Will be a typical Free Lance Friday Edition where I Will be wielding My Words fearlessly and setting the Scene for My next Act in this Universal Pictures Greatest Present a Sean.

It’s been a pretty eventful week and an even more eventful year for this humble King in Man’s Macrocosm. We have seen clown courts replace Crown Courts courtesy of Jester Jaye Hooper abdicating her Oath to the Crown with a Decision that demonstrates how State Actors can abuse the Powers of the Court to trespass upon the inherent rights of the Sovereign People they were Trusted to protect. I’m going to start by sharing the International Public Record regarding this Matter so that the People of the world can see for their Self exactly what I am tall King about.

To begin, let’s start with the Court of Record where a court Jester replaces justice by ignoring a Claimant’s complaint that the testimony Presented by opposing counsel is entirely false, and being made with exclusive intent to defame the Character of the Claimant and the nature of the Claim by suggesting the cause of Action is a ‘colossal attack’ on an Endorsement the Claimant knew nothing about at the time the Action was commenced.

Now, if You do not Wish to listen to almost a full hour’s worth of audio from the Rule 21 Motion hearing, You can skip ahead to the last ten minutes or so where the Claimant’s Trustee (Yours Truly, King Sean, House von Dehn) tells the Jester Jaye that the entire testimony made by the moving party is a lie, and that none of the documents mentioned were ever filed with the Court. Everything was done in private, off the Court of Record, and in violation of Rule 1.09 which does not allow for any party to any Matter to have any communication with any officer of the Court without the other party’s prior knowledge and consent.

“I’m not as King of You for legal advice, I’m just saying that if… if I know for a fact at this point in time (which I do) that not one document has been filed and processed by the Court meaning it hasn’t been entered into the system – that means it hasn’t been processed, that literally means there has been no due process in this Estate. Now, I know that 100% for sure, so who then is liable if not Hala Tabl? That’s what I want to know. Is it the Courthouse in Bracebridge? Is that the one I place on Notice?”.

“I’m certainly not going to tell You who You should put on Notice.”

“Well, someone has to be accountable for that!”

“But You don’t think there’s anything suspicious about this Estate Matter NOT being on the Court of Record?”

“I’ve listened to everything, I’ve taken copious notes and I strongly encourage You before You take any more legal steps to get some legal advice.”

“Well, I think it’s very obvious that fraud is afoot here unless there is something I don’t know that Your Honour isn’t telling Me that says lawyers are not actually required to file their documents with the Court. If that’s TRUE, then okay, I concede, I lose My position. But not one document has been filed by Hala Tabl with the Court, and that a fact confirmed by the Bracebridge Courthouse as of this morning, so…”

“Okay, well I’m going to leave it there…”

Jester Jaye Hooper, for an Ontario Clown Court

Now, this is a federal offense, punishable by up to fourteen years, reported to a Justice on a Court of Record. The Justice has a legal and lawful fiduciary obligation to the public to investigate the accusation if she is accepting the testimony of both parties at face value without prejudice. Failure to do so, is conspiring with the party perpetrating the fraud and demonstrating extreme bias – an abuse of Court process, and why this individual has earned the Title ‘Jester Jaye Hooper’.

In addition to this joker on the bench ignoring complaint of a federal crime of fraud and perjury on the Court of Record, she threatens Me for recording the Motion, most likely because she does not Wish for the world to see how much of a joke she is – this is the second ‘abuse of Court powers’ because a Judge should be impartial, which means she does not have any right to threaten Me with contempt without a motion being filed by one of the parties. Here, she is taking her own initiative to threaten a Claimant for reporting Court fraud, most likely because she was bribed by defending counsel, and the Court of Record is embarrassing for her, and very damaging to the repute a Sean of Canada’s Courts.

Obviously, her attempt to intimidate Me and convert this Trust Claim into a commercial claim was unsuccessful, or it wouldn’t be here today. Don’t let a joker of a judge abdicating their oath intimidate You into submission to their jurisdiction – Keep them in their little box and report their abuse of Power to the Department of Justice and Attorney General. Judge’s are not allowed to threaten Claimants before the Court see King Relief and Remedy for trespasses upon their inherent rights protected by the Rule of Law. If I had removed the audio, I would have been tacitly consenting to her inferior (commercial) jurisdiction. A Trust Claim does not need to be legislated to be a legal or lawful entity because ‘Juris’ means language, ‘Diction’, is what the language declares. The ‘juris-diction’ of a Trust Claim is the legis lay Sean of the Trust Instrument, and subject to nothing else.

Now, just to add gasoline to an already raging inferno of injustice, there was also a case conference hearing where I once again advise the Honourable Justice Kaufman that I Will be as King for $100,000.00 in compensation from any One who continues to defame the Character of the Beneficiary and the nature of the Trust’s Claim by suggesting the cause of Action is a colossal attack on the Casullo Endorsement. We’re doing this in chronological Order because the case conference took place before the Decision from Jester Jaye Hooper was made. Notice that Jester Jaye is SO incompetent, she does not even get the name of the Judge correct in her decision, though she claims to be competent in English and comprehension. Carusso and Casullo? Did she get it wrong on purpose? The entire ‘Decision’ needs to be redrafted even if it were otherwise acceptable (which it’s not).

It didn’t seem to stop Jester Jaye from making an incorrect and unacceptable ‘Decision’, so she is now liable to the Claimant in the amount of $100,000.00, and the Court has a Duty and obligation to advise Jester Jaye’s performance bond insurer that she has abdicated her Oath. I also have a Duty and Obligation to advise the Court that the Jester’s decision is only fit for a Clown Court, not an Ontario Superior Crown Court. I have a Sworn Oath of Office on the Court of Record to Honour the Crown, so I can’t let a Matter like this go or I Will be abdicating My own Oath to His Majesty, Charles III!

And, silence IS consent. I’ve proven it now by the letter of reply to Jester Jaye’s threat to ‘notify police’ or ‘find Me in contempt’ for Publishing the Court of Record. I gave her My lawful reasons for Posting the audio, and the Ms. Hooper was ‘hooped’, and had nothing to say. It’s been two weeks, she has nothing to say to My reply advising her that her Decision is ‘unacceptable’ for fraud and perjury on a Court of Record, which requires evidence (which also disqualifies the Rule 21 Motion because evidence cannot be considered).

So I’ll be preparing a Clean Draft Order and filing it with the Court on Monday, then I Will be dealing with Multifaith Housing Initiative who also issued Me a Notice to evict Sean in bad faith, which is subject to a maximum fine of $250,000.00 when perpetrated by a corporation. Lori Simpson does not seem to be so apologetic after all, as she continues to assert that My behaviour was unacceptable based exclusively on hearsay testimony of an individual whom she Will not disclose to Me. Read the emails and discover what ‘gas lighting’ is legally if You are not already familiar.

Finally, I was able to confirm that the ‘Grinch’ story reported by the Barrhaven Independent newspaper is based in fact. The Ottawa Police did arrest a 43 year old Man who was charged with 54 counts contrary to the criminal code of Canada and provided the information to the Barrhaven Independent for publishing. However, the police also confirmed that they do provide all the information available (like the Man’s name and what the charges are), and that it is up to the discretion of the publication to determine how much of that information they Wish to publish. Fair enough. So I am now as King of the Barrhaven Independent and the Ottawa Police how they know this is the same Man who stole Christmas gifts from the back of Adrienne Benjamin’s vehicle.

The Ottawa police were not able to locate the information when I was tall King with them but did confirm sharing the information with the Barrhaven Independent, and have promised to follow up with Me to provide the full details later. I am as King because I am going to offer to provide pro-bono lawful counsel to the accused if he does not have a lawyer, as I know I Will provide much better defense for him than legal aid (should he accept My offer).

Well, that’s the Friday Free Lance Edition and all I can Promise You is that things Will be changing very soon. Multifaith Housing Initiative chose to make an enemy of Me and Will soon pay the price. My only crime was as King of Ottawa’s Public Health why they are coercing and intimidating People in My community to get vaccinated without warning them of the health risks associated with the procedure. Even the media was sentenced to death in the Nuremberg trials, ‘just following orders’ is not sufficient legal excuse for violating the right of informed consent to medical experiments on the public.

Love and Blessings,


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