Volume CCLIX: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; Marching in Like a Lion

Hello every One and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House. It has been an especially Motive a Sean all Monday for Me today as I have already Writ several emails to follow up with State Actors abdicating their Oath to Canada’s (Sovereign) People, including a new email to the Court regarding Jester Jaye Hooper’s unacceptable decision regarding a Claim upon My deceased Father’s Estate.

Well, We may as well start with the biggest Good News to start today’s International Public a Sean. It’s now been two weeks since the Court was advised that Jester Jaye Hooper’s decision regarding a motion made before her clown Court is unacceptable because fraud and perjury are not admissible on any legitimate Court of Record. There has been no protest to My assert-Sean’s, so it is now time to start thing King about enforcing the Default Judgment awarded against the Respondents that was duly served upon them and filed with the Court long before the unacceptable decision was made. This is quite literally ‘due process’ in any Common Law jurisdiction – all responding parties were advised with fair warning that if they continued to attempt to perpetrate fraud on the Court, default Judgment ‘Nihil Dicit, Res Judicata’ Will be awarded against them without further Notice to them. Unless they don’t comprehend English, the language is clear enough to understand and any of the Respondents could have protested any part of the Notice served upon them, including the time I was providing them to respond. They said nothing, which is quite literally what ‘Nihil Dicit’ means in Latin, ‘he says nothing’ (in defense of My assert-Sean’s). ‘Res Judicata’ means that the Matter is already decided because the parties to the Motion had fair opportunity to oppose and failed to do so. It’s exactly the same concept as opposing the decision – if One does not do so, they are presumed to be in agreement with it.

So here is My follow up email to the Court, as King for the Default Judgment to be awarded against the offending parties, and as King if the Court requires a clean draft Order to enforce the Default Judgment (for contempt of Court) that has already been awarded against the offending parties.

But that’s just the beginning of the Magic for this Motive a Sean all Monday Edition. I also followed up with Member of Parliament, Merrilee Fullerton who is the Minister of Children, Community and Social Services, who would be the Member of Parliament One should be able to Trust to bring concerns regarding the Ontario Works Act before the House of Commons to make amendments to the Act necessary to prevent further legislative trespasses upon the inherent rights of Canada’s People. But as per usual, her secretary (Secret of Aires) is passing the buck to a provincial representative. Notice how no One Wishes to take accountability for their position of office? Regardless, We Will follow this road wherever it takes Us. Here is My follow up Letter and the reply.

And of course, as they continue to pass the buck, I continue to pay it forward…

But that’s still not the end of the Magic this Monday, I also followed up with the Editor of the Barrhaven Independent who has still failed to provide any more information regarding the alleged arrest of their Barrhaven ‘Grinch’. Now I do find it very suspicious that the media relations for the Ottawa Police are claiming they don’t have any additional information because that’s not what they told Me on the phone! In Our telephone converse a Sean, the Man said that all the inform a Sean I was as King for is provided and that it is up to the publisher to determine how much of the information they Wish to publish – some publications may not Wish to publish too much information in case the individual is acquitted of the charges because they may have a defamation suit to deal with after the fact. That seemed reasonable to Me, so I followed up with the publisher as King why they felt the Man that was arrested was the ‘Grinch’ of their Christmas story. Once again, they have so far failed to respond, though the Ottawa Police media relations department did respond today to say they are unable to provide any additional inform a Sean? So I responded as King for just enough information to clearly identify the incident sufficient to make a FOIA request (Freedom of Information Act).

You can find the updated correspondence here…

And if the Barrhaven Independent was only provided with the information they shared in their publication, then I am thing King it is fair to be as King of them why they are so confident that the Man arrested is responsible their Barrhaven Grinch? I presumed they must have more inform a Sean than I do because they can’t possibly come to that conclusion based exclusively on what was published. So here is My follow up email to their editor this afternoon.

And finally, I’m closing today’s Post with what I believe to be the second most important story of the day – My follow up email to My landlord regarding the unlawful Eviction Notice served upon Me in bad faith. Needless to say, an eviction Notice to vacate a premise in twenty days is something that Will cause a Man a considerable amount of undue duress, especially in a climate like Canada’s in the month of February!!! So the fine for doing so is very steep, especially for a corporation. The fine that can be imposed and enforced by the Landlord Tenant Board against an individual landlord is $50,000.00, and for a corporation, it is as much as $250,000.00!!! Despite apologizing for the Notice the morning after they were placed on Notice of Trespass for serving the Notice on Me in bad faith, Lori Simpson continued to assault My Character, demonstrating that she does not appear to be very apologetic at all! If One is placed on Notice for Defamation of One’s Character for falsely suggesting that One’s behaviour was unacceptable, the best Way to demonstrate that the apology is sincere, would be to stop making the accuse a Sean!!! Some People are morally bankrupt when it comes to the application of common cents (yes, that Spelling mistake is intentional because the transgression may prove to be costly).

Here is My follow up email to the landlord and My resolution proposal if Lori Simpson Wishes to stop this Matter from coming before the Board.

Now, frankly, I don’t really understand what any of these People are thing King because every One of them knows that I am publishing these emails on this International Court of Record. Believe it or not, any publication that is freely available to the public that maintains a Record (date and time stamp that cannot be altered) is a public forum and has the capacity to be used as a Court of Law in any Common Law jurisdiction. Emails and other digital Records are also My preferred method of correspondence for the same reason because every digital file Created Will embed a date and time stamp indicating exactly when the document was Created and any time the document is edited. Essentially, it Will make it impossible for My sister to Claim that I was served with an Endorsement I didn’t receive because email Will maintain a Record of exactly when the email was Created and cannot (easily) be altered. I’m sure there are hackers who may have some capacity to do so but a forensic expert would also be able to identify that the original date and time stamp has been altered.

Finally, I have lots of information to share with You regarding Man’s Macrocosm but I Will be saving all of that for tomorrow and I guarantee it Will be a full Edition. I have irrevocable proof that Pierre Poilievre (I swear I Will never learn how to Spell the Magic of that last name) is controlled opposition and nothing but a fraud – potentially even more dangerous than Trudeau because at least We know Trudeau is a treasonous traitor to Canada, Pierre just says whatever he is thing King the People Wish to hear and is as much a part of the WEF, the WHO and the war against Russia as Trudeau is. I Wish for Putin to know that I have no beef with any Russians whatsoever and Wish to have nothing to do with the west’s warmongering political policies. No politician is without their flaws, but I believe that unlike western leaders, Putin has a genuine interest in strengthening the Russian economy and improving the lives of his People. Who knows, maybe I’m just a victim of Russian propaganda, but I’m painstakingly aware of the western propaganda I’m routinely subject to, and Wish that Canada, the United States, the U.N. and particularly NATO would mind their own freaking business and take care of their own People before attempting to ‘liberate’ other countries while trespassing upon the inherent rights of their own People.

Much more to come regarding Man’s Macrocosm tomorrow, but today’s feature photo and the screenshot below are a window into My Microcosm and the documents the world is most interested in downloading so far this year. A picture is worth a thousand Words, so I am now Way over Word budget for today!

Annual downloads so far this year…

And for the month of February…

I’ll also be tall King a little more about that last one, ‘wrdsb’ because it stands for ‘Waterloo Region District School Board’ and is related to the loss of intellectual property Trusted to their care for which I am also entitled to some compensate Sean. I find it very interesting that is getting so much attention recently.

Love and Blessings,


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