Volume CCLIX: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; On Earth as in Heaven

Hello every One and welcome to the Super Natural ‘Son’ Day Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Today’s ‘Son’ Day Edition is about Honouring Man’s Macrocosm despite the fact that there seems to be very little going on down here ‘as it Will in Heaven’. But that’s just because of Our percept-Sean, both Heaven and hell are before Us now for those with Eyes to see – perhaps it depends what One chooses to Focus (folk/Us) on. And if collective conscious is the Holy Sea of consciousness (which it is) then Our folk Us should be on what is being done on earth ‘as in heaven’.

Hope You enjoyed the intro because I’m going to get right into the Goods, starting with Woody Harrelson’s last appearance on Saturday Night Live. If You are into this sort of thing or follow mainstream media at all, You’ve probably heard all about this already, it’s one of those things that’s going as viral as the ‘conspiracy’ that covid was created as a biological weapon to destroy the economy. That’s actually a conspiracy fact now, too, though I’ll let Kim Iverson tell You a little more about that later on. Here’s the Woody Story courtesy of the Rubin Report (which You can also find on Rumble if they are not letting You see it here).

I also chose this link deliberately because Dave (Rubin Report) is tall King about the much bigger Elephant in the room than Woody Harrelson speaking out against big pharma and the globalists – some One is letting him say this on a mainstream media network. I am tall King about this all the time here on this Blog – nobody says or does anything that goes viral unless the powers that be Wish for it to be so. You don’t hear a Word that You are not meant to hear (neither do I, this is Universal, ‘God’ Law, if You Will). So the real Quest-Ion and the bigger elephant in the room, is why are they allowing People to say these things now, why are they now ‘promoting’ some of the skeptics? A lot more People are watching channels like Kim Iverson, Redacted and other not so legacy media linked independent journalists.

One of the biggest new stories to be slowly unfolding that is another reflect-Sean of something I was only hinting at near the beginning of this plandemic, is that ‘gain of function research’ is just a fancy, ‘definition’ update to the term ‘biological weapon’ – it’s exactly the same thing, they just gave it a more ‘clinical’ name for when it is done by ‘western countries’. And if You are any Good at jigsaw puzzles, You might be beginning to understand why Putin is so furious and why he Wishes to expose these other US funded (and probably Canada, Europe and all other ‘WEF’ infiltrated lands, too, don’t kid Your Self – remember Canada just gave over a billion to Ukraine, too!) biological weapon facilities they’ve been hiding in Ukraine.

Right, and speaking of Canada’s corrupt, neo-Nazi regime, it appears that Trudeau’s dictatorship was secured by Chinese interests. Have I not been telling You that Trudeau has been colluding with China for years? Not a coincidence that a Man who openly states that he ‘admires China’s basic communist dictatorship’. When asked why, he said, ‘because their basic dictatorship allows them to turn their economy’…

Or something like that, I’m paraphrasing, but I am thing King the exact quote is in this next segment.

I can’t stand looking at Trudeau, he legitimately makes Me sick to My stomach. I don’t know how every One doesn’t see right through him, his social queues at this point are painstakingly obvious. He Will stutter and slow his speech whenever he is hiding something, or guilty of something (in most cases probably both). But again, it is somewhat amazing that We are hearing anything about this at all because he has already bought and paid for all the media, and all the important legislators of Law. Get an entirely incompetent Governor General appointed to supervisor Your incompetence and We have the recipe for a very spicy and distasteful stew of corruption.

There is a great example of narcissism in the discussion above, too that compares blaming the girlfriend for checking the cheating boyfriend’s texts for his cheating – if she’d never checked his phone, there wouldn’t be an issue. Trudeau’s favourite tactic, ‘nothing to see here, so long as You don’t look or start as King any Quest-Ions’. 😉

There is a lot of information being exposed, even if You are not hearing about it in Your mainstream media, and most of the things I’m tall King about were things I could not really say were happening because I didn’t have any proof and I don’t Wish to be called a conspiracy theorist despite knowing many Will probably call Me one anyway – there’s no point pouring gasoline on an already raging inferno. I just say things like, ‘wait ’till We find out why the Chinese scientists that were kicked out of Canada’. ‘. Some time later, My Words just Magically Manifest into something like, ‘for biological weapons information they were producing together’. (we’re still not sure why the Chinese scientists were escorted from the lab, just to be clear – but still My number one guess).

One of those things that People used to call others conspiracy theorists for, was for suggesting that the government of Canada, the US and many other countries are no longer serving the People, they have Signed an agreement with the WEF. People were literally called crazy conspiracy theorists for suggesting anything of the sort, yet Canada has openly admit to Signing an agreement with the WEF.

I can’t find the actual agreement on the World Economic Forum website, but if You do check it out, I strongly encourage You to take a look at the ‘partners’ section and You Will very quickly begin to understand why they are telling You some products Will no longer be available (especially as it pertains to energy consumption).

“As the World Economic Forum (WEF) prepares to wind down its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, Haldimand-Norfolk MP Dr. Leslyn Lewis questioned a charter signed by Canada in 2020 that stemmed from a WEF-OECD panel on agile governance”

The Deep Dive

Alright, it’s hard to update Man’s Macrocosm these days while keeping a Post short, and I really don’t have as much freedom to Write as much as I’d like these days so I’m trying to get more accomplished in less Posts per week.

I’ve got a lot of news to share from My Microcosm, too, all of it relating to Man’s Macrocosm in some Way, including legal action against an unlawful eviction Sean Notice, a Motion Record from both My sister and brother’s legal counsel (and every bit as narcissistic and infuriating as One might imagine) in the Estate Matter of My father, and even Tiffany is back in the picture! Seriously, I told You My Matrix IV Interpret-a-Sean was put on hold for a reason (Tiffany is Character who looks like Trinity). My guess is that now that My sister can’t lie about her application anymore (and has allegedly been awarded a Certificate), she is now going to continue to have other People come forward with their claims against the Estate. That’s going to be a bit burdensome for her because the Court Will not have any Record of My sister being appointed on the Registry, so People Will have a hard time filing claims against an Estate that hasn’t been filed with the Court.

However, that is also why there is no Word yet about the other $3 million in claims against the Estate because those insurance companies have no received Word yet that My sister was (allegedly) appointed by the Court. It Will be so fun to watch her deal with all of this as it comes out. Maybe I should contact the insurance companies anonymously to let them know? That Will take care of Tiffany’s share because those claims are equally against My father and Tiffany Singh who now has legal counsel to be duly served (apparently).

It Will be every interesting to watch all the lies be exposed, as much in Man’s Macrocosm as it Will be for Me in My Microcosm. I Will share the new court documents with You tomorrow and plan to respond to each by dedicating a Page of My Blog for each response.

Love and Blessings,


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