CV-22-89835: The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean verses Johnson et al.- Fraud in Estate Application

Well, just to see what the official Court of Record has to say regarding the Estate Application, I typed ‘CV-20-59’ into a province wide case search which is allegedly the ‘CV’ number assigned to My sister’s application for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee (CAET). Interestingly enough, when I use just the CV number provided and no additional details, there are more than 50 records.

One might be thing King that sounds rather promising and surely Tanja Johnson’s Estate Application and (allegedly) duly appointed Certificate Will surely be one of the more than fifty results, We just need to narrow down Our criteria. So We enter the name ‘von Dehn’ and We get a result!!!

Oh, well that’s unfortunate. No Estate Application, just a (joint) claim against My father’s Estate and Tiffany Singh. I guess that Matter is waiting to proceed until some One is duly appointed a Certificate of Estate Trustee by the Court.

Finally, I decided to type in ‘CV-20-59’ to see what the Bracebridge Courthouse has in the Way of Estate Matters filed with their Courthouse. Nothing!!! Very interesting in Deed.

We’ll see what kind of explanation opposing counsel has for this phenomenon. These documents Will be very helpful in My next Motion for Contempt against all parties attempting to perpetrate this fraud on Me, and You! You are the public, and this is insulting to public intelligence. This just shows that any One can verify the claims made by Susan Sacks and Jenny Bogod at the motion hearing are entirely false, and that no materials were EVER filed (processed) by the Court in Bracebridge (or any other Superior Court of Justice). My belief, is that it was done with intent to not only deceive Me, but to also deceive Tiffany (who believes she should be appointed as Estate Trustee and is entitled to a 1/3 share), and to Keep the Certificate of Appointment off the Record so that the insurance claims against My father and Tiffany could not proceed, as the result may be harmful to their share and or may have impeded their ability to sell the house (because they mortgagors are not entitled to take their share until all other creditors are paid – they don’t get to help their Self first and let every One else fight over what is left, that would be deceitful and dishonest, and nothing a lawyer acting for a bank would ever consider).

How are You thing King they Will respond? My guess is the same gas lighting techniques they have so far demonstrated such excellency in deploying so far in this Claim.

This is just a quick update, I’ll be back with more soon.

Love and Blessings,


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