Volume CCXL: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; CV-22-89835, Calling Out Fraudsters in the Common Law

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House. I have been Promising to share the latest defense materials from My lawful opponents in the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s first Trust Claim, though I haven’t done that yet. Typically, I share documents pretty much as soon as I receive them, or at least in the first Blog Post I author after receiving them. However, this time there is a very Good reason for Me to procrastinate Sean.

Again, I Will share the new motion materials I received last week, and I did Promise in the case conference to respond to these materials by the end of March, so I must (by Honour of My own Word) respond to each of these documents sometime before then. Basically I’m just telling You that there is a limit to how long I can make You wait, so please be patient.

The reality is, I already have responded to their materials! One of the reasons I’m not feeling any moral or ethical obligation to share their new materials with You immediately, is because they are entirely irrelevant. It is professional gas lighting at its finest. In a nutshell, they are as King of the Court to focus its attention on very specific points of Law, and completely ignore the real cause of Action for the Claim, which is conspiring and colluding against Me to trespass upon My right to fairly participate in My Father’s Estate proceedings. What they have in fact done (if I can keep the Court’s Focus on the Real Matter at Hand) is provide all the evidence necessary to prove My case beyond any shadow of doubt.

As it stands right now, Keep in Mind that I still have a Motion of Contempt before the Court with proof of service of the Notice of Motion on all opposing counsel, proof of service of Final Notice of Motion for Contempt of Court on all parties, and proof of service of Default Judgment, ‘Nihil Dicit, Res Judicata’ for Contempt of Court on all parties, and the ‘Nihil Dicit, Res Judicata’ is especially binding in this case because proof of service and affidavit of service were filed with the Motion materials, so I can Show they were made aware of what Will be done if they fail to respond or defend the allegations against them, and they ‘said nothing’ anyway – guilty as charged by their own tacit agreement and admission. Court’s don’t ‘Act’ because they have no Will, so if there is no opposition to a Motion by opposing counsel, the Motion Will succeed because it has no Will to do anything else.

Now, these lawyers may try and gas light right up until the day they are arrested, at this point I really don’t expect much else, but failing to mention the fraud that was just perpetrated on the Court in either of their defense materials, IS conspiracy to perpetrate the fraud because their Statement of Defense were included in Hala’s Motion materials, and they knew what arguments Hala intended to make to the Court. They allowed the fraud to be perpetrated and ‘said nothing’ (Nihil Dicit). The Rule of Law says One has a moral and ethical obligation to speak out when they know another is perpetrating fraud and or causing harm to another by bearing false witness against him. The ‘Decision’ is made and they are successful in perpetrating their fraud on the Justice, and they still say nothing – Christopher Crisman-Cox took as much as 123 pages to say nothing if I recall correctly. And People are thing King I ramble in legal documents?

The Common Law is Common sense. I am as King a straightforward Quest-Ion, I expect a straightforward answer – that’s how Honourable People communicate. I’m going to teach Mr. Crisman-Cox and Neil Milton what the Common Law is and how People interact with One another Honourably in a Common Law Jurisdiction. Here’s the first example.

I’ve Writ other emails regarding their materials and I Will share them when I Create the Page for each of the Motions. The point is, I’m going to be as King of them simple, straightforward Quest-Ions in simple emails, and if they do not reply or respond appropriately, I am simply going to reread these emails at the Motion hearing (if they survive that long, which I seriously doubt). I am not sure they Will last till the end of this month because I know the Court is taking a serious interest in this Matter (or maybe even the powers that be that oversee the Courts?). The most popular downloads of the year so far are My response to Jester Jaye Hooper’s Decision, the (audio of the) Court of Record, followed very closely by the Motion of Contempt (still before the Court patiently waiting to be heard). The Audio Recording of the Case Conference and the updated motion of Contempt follow close behind.

The entire cause of Action behind this claim, is exactly the same antics these lawyers/liars are up to right now! They can’t answer a simple question and they hold this arrogant attitude suggesting they don’t have to. I’ve been as King a very simple question of all three Respondents to this Claim since the accuse a Sean against Me was first made –

“when was Sean allegedly served with the Casullo Endorsement, and where is proof of service of the Endorsement on Sean?”

Open Quest-Ion to all Respondents of The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s first Trust Claim

So I’m just going to continue to humiliate and expose these losers and liars who call their Self ‘lawyers’. I said that lawyer=liar, and here is a fine example of My Words Magically Manifesting.

Neil Milton’s Motion materials are the most hopeless of the two because the entire document is nothing more than evidence of the fraud and especially his partner’s continuous, and utterly arrogant disregard for the Rules of the Court, the Rules of Civil Procedure, and due process of Law. It’s nothing more than a Grand confess Sean of Hala Tabl’s contempt for the Rules of the Court, and the Rule of Law. Not one document in the materials provided have been filed with the Court at the time the Motion materials were authored by Neil, and none of the materials (which are allegedly the full materials for the Estate Application’s ‘Application Record’) Show any service of Notice of the Casullo hearing for an Endorsement (which all parties with an interest in the outcome are Entitled to receive Notice of, including Tiffany if she believes she has a contentious Will), OR proof of service of the Endorsement on any of the Beneficiaries after the Endorsement was provided.

Frankly, at this point I was expecting some One to at least try and Photoshop something together. But they are not even attempting to dispute any of My allegations in Writing, not One has said, ‘how dare You make these accusations against Me, We served You on such and such a date…’. I figured some One would at least make that claim and then just fail to back it up with any proof of service. Then My guess was for all parties to swear an affidavit without any proof of service, hoping to just gaslight the Court – three against One.

Now perhaps One can see why I don’t like to always be sharing what I am thing King with You all right away. Don’t be surprised if the previous paragraph gives the Respondents some new Ideas and We Will once again have the opportunity to watch My Words Magically Manifest. The problem is, it’s only going to make them look worse on this International Court of Record, which is the only True, legitimate (legislated) Court of Record regarding this Matter.

As a teaser, One of the things My dear little brother swears in his Declaration of facts, is that Sean says he’s been Acting as the Estate Trustee since at least June of 2020! He mentions it more than once, and he fails to dispute it. He ‘Declares’ that Sean has been Acting as Estate Trustee since June of 2020. He also starts the Claim by stating that he has no knowledge of ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’, and has no Idea what that is. Of course, I also have an email from Michael, thank King Me for three Cestui Que Vie documents, One for each of his children as a Gift for their Christmas in 2021 (Tanja Johnson also received One for My niece), explaining in detail what the documents mean, and that is proof of a Beneficial Interest in The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Trust. Frankly, the fact that any One can know what The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean is just by reading this Blog makes the entire statement irrelevant – another trick lawyers like to Play.

Imagine that Paris, France was bringing a Claim against My brother because he violated some of their laws on a visit to France, and My brother was to come back and say, ‘I have no knowledge of Paris, France, and have no Idea what that is’. Is One thing King that Will be sufficient defense? Does it change whether or not Paris, France exists and whether or not he violated their laws? No. Exactly the same concept here, it is not a coincidence I am comparing this to a foreign body of Land, because that’s what Sean is to Canada, a foreign body of land independently governed by its Crown capital and head of state, the House von Dehn’, the Mind of the Man, and by the Will of God, the King’s Keep, the Hand of Stephen.

So Michael has a number of sworn truths in his Affidavit that are easily proven false, and that’s never Good when it comes out on a Court of Record. The fact is, Michael certainly knows of ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’, regardless whether or not he believes it to be a Genuine Express Trust in God, he knows about it, and (more importantly) he knows that I most certainly believe it is a legal and lawful express Sean of My Life’s Purpose under God, and that I believe I have legitimate duties under God.

So when Michael claims he has no knowledge of that entity, One must be as King ‘what is the purpose and motive for lying about having knowledge of this entity?’. Why lie about it? What does Michael have to gain risking perjury on a Court of Record? It Shows malicious intent, it’s an example of Michael’s attempt to gaslight Sean’s Spiritual beliefs and convict-Sean’s, pretending he doesn’t know that My devote Sean to God is very Real.

Well, I’ve already said more than I had intended before sharing their Materials, but I Promise they Will be uploaded this week, probably tomorrow (even if I don’t respond to both tomorrow). This is just a preview of what’s to come, and We’re just going to make lawyers look stupid for the next however long until justice is done, simply by as King of them straightforward quest-ions to which any reasonably intelligent Man would be able to easily respond, and requesting documents any Honourable Man (of either sex/kind) would be more than happy to readily produce if One is as King for them, if only to absolve their Self and remain in Honour.

That’s all for now, hope to be back tomorrow with more Good News from My Microcosm and Man’s Macrocosm!

Love and Blessings,


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