Volume CCLX: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s, ‘He Art Exhibit Sean’

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure and Honour to have You in My House. It is another ‘Son’ day True to its name because it is related to Honouring My Father ‘on Earth as in Heaven’, and although it pertains specifically to an Estate Matter in My Microcosm, it is relevant for every One in Man’s Macrocosm – or at the very least, My fell-low Man. I’m here to help My fell low Man stand up and Real eyes a new level of Highness for One’s head of State and Capital.

How’s that for an intro? I also Promised that I Will share the ‘new’ Motion materials from the Respondents in The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Claim; My sister, Tanja Johnson, and My brother, Michael von Dehn, respectively. I did not Wish to waste any more time before Honouring My Word, so here are the documents.

I’m not going to get into any real detail tall King about them in this Post, though I am going to let You know that this is the last email ‘exchange’ between the Trustee and the Respondents of this Claim at this time.

I don’t really expect People to actually read the documents (which may have something to do with why I never feel too guilty about not getting them Posted right away), especially when they are 117 and 132 Pages long each, respectively. The point is to Show the Common Man what the Court process is like, and I presume it Will be very similar in all Common Law countries.

The intent behind lawyers (liars) using this strategy (in My humble opinion) especially when dealing what they refer to as a ‘self represented’ litigant, is to overwhelm. Doesn’t Matter how many times I tell the lawyers that I’m not self represented, I am only One Man, there are no reproduct-Sean’s of Me that I am aware of. I am in fact the Trustee and Executor of a private, family Trust in God that I have Called ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’, and I am Acting in My Sui Juris capacity for the Benefit of the artificial person Created in the likeness of My Calling, Sean von Dehn, and also for Joachim Heinrich von Dehn to protect his assets for the intended Beneficiaries.

The point is that they’ve sent Me almost 250 pages worth of legal documents they are expecting Me to respond to by the end of March ‘in accordance with the Rules of Civil Procedure’ (and what We collectively agreed to at the Case Conference). Might be so overwhelming for some that they forget that all they were as King for was proof of the Casullo Endorsement on Sean von Dehn.

Sean is also Entitled to receive Notice of the hearing for the Casullo Endorsement (as is every other party with an interest in the outcome) so that he can be there for it, but Sean was not even as King for that, he was only as King for service of the Casullo Endorsement to Show that he had any knowledge of the Endorsement before filing the Claim on August 4th. That’s the bare minimum evidence necessary to substantiate their allegations against Me and the nature of the Trust’s Claim.

Without it, I have no reason to believe that all three Respondents are not colluding together to perpetrate this fraud on the Court with intent to influence justice and defame the Character of the Trustee. At this point, it appears as though Michael (and perhaps even Tanja!) had no knowledge of the Casullo Endorsement before I filed the Claim. There is no proof of service of the hearing of the Casullo Endorsement or service of the Endorsement it Self on any One with an interest in the Estate included in the completed Application Record! It is absolutely required to process the Application.

The other reason I’m sharing these materials with You today is because to the Common Man, the materials for Tanja Johnson may seem intimidating at first because it sort of looks like Hala did file an Application for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee electronically on March 24th at 7:14 PM or something (check the docs for accuracy). If One doesn’t know what One is looking at, it probably seems pretty convincing.

But that’s what I am going to be tall King about when I address each of these criminals individually. I’m also going to be more condescending and insulting than I’ve ever been in My correspondence with lawyers because I am so sick and tired of their criminal behaviour and their arrogance. At the same time, I Will be keeping it very professional. They’ve made it clear they have no Idea what a Trust is or what the Rules of Civil Procedure have to say about Estate applications, so I have no choice but to teach them exactly the same Way I was teaching My brother and sister at the beginning of this whole mess. If they’d listened to Me, We wouldn’t be in this mess today, and they wouldn’t be liable for criminal prosecution.

I also believe I can have the entire Matter resolved potentially as soon as the end of this week!!! I’m not going to be tall King about how I plan to accomplish that, though I Will be sharing My email correspondence with the Respondents of the Claim so that You Will have a better Idea what I am tall King about (because I’m basically going to be teaching these lawyers as I’m teaching My audience here because that’s really what this Blog is for).

So tomorrow I Will be tall King about all of the problems with Tanja Johnson’s Motion materials, Tuesday I am planning to address of all Christopher Crisman-Cox for My brother, Michael.

I’m not going to tell opposing counsel what I’m going to do if they do not agree to fulfill the terms outlined in My Reply Factum by the end of Friday of this coming week (potentially sooner depending on when I finish responding to each), I am only going to tell them that they Will all be subject to criminal prosecution and revocation of their license to continue ‘practicing’ Law (because no amount of practice Will ever achieve Perfect Sean).

The Kingdom of Heaven’s ‘He Art Exhibit Sean’ Will include all Judges and participants in My father’s Estate Matter, and any other State Actor who Plays any Role of Significance in My Story.

Please Keep in Mind, this is a continuous ‘War King Product-Sean’.

Oh, and I did also Wish to Present something of a preview regarding My response to Michael’s Motion who Claims in his Affidavit that he has no knowledge of The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean (is it really reasonable to believe he has never read this Blog?).

Oh, and what’s this? Is that a Notice of Breach of Trust served upon Michael by The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean Showing its Registration number with Canada’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General? That’s rhetorical – of course it is! And does it also say that a copy of the Trust Instrument and Trust Declare a Sean are attached? Once again, rhetorical, it most certainly does. Did My brother just knowingly commit fraud and perjury in his Affidavit to the Court? Again, rhetorical, he most certainly did. We Will just make a Note of that and Keep it in Mind when We reflect on some of his other lies. Christopher Crisman-Cox may Wish to explain to Michael that swearing lies onto a Court of Record doesn’t make the lie True, it makes Michael a criminal perpetrating fraud under Oath and penalty of perjury…

Love and Blessings,


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