Volume CCLXI: The Thursday Thing King Edition; Judgment Day is Coming

Hello every One and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Thursday Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House. It sure seems like the Apocalypse is upon Us and that Judgment Day is coming closer every day for Man’s Macrocosm if ‘the west’ continues to escalate international Matters by continuously provoking Russia and China. The Macrocosm reflects the Microcosm in all things and the Scene that’s unfolding on the world stage is the same strategy imposed by State Actors as the Respondents to The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Claim – distract-Sean.

The Common Law, Common Wealth governments of Man’s Macrocosm don’t Wish for the People of their respective nations to pay any attention to the crimes of their own government, they Wish to point out the problems of other governments half way around the world so the People either forget how corrupt their own government is, or (worse) believe the straw man enemy is the reason for (their) corruption (or corruption in general – phrases like ‘undermining democracy’ come to Mind).

And just so every One knows, democracy is the biggest scam that was ever perpetrated on the so-called ‘western’ nations, it is not a ‘sophisticated’ or ‘evolved’ system of government, it is only sold to the People that Way because it is the most sophisticated and evolved means of absolutely controlling the People. The ‘majority’ Will always be of average intelligence, so the few who are intelligent enough can easily be demonized – that’s what the cancel culture is all about, really. The intelligent People having a popular platform where they educate the masses is enemy number one for democracy. Democracy allows the mediocrity of the masses to lead entire societies, it is almost prehistoric it is so flawed when analyzed with any real scrutiny. The masses can Truly be led like sheep, and Will even kill if they can be convinced there is a big bad wolf waiting to eat them (hungry for some Putin?).

Ah… Let’s hope the Macrocosm reflects the Microcosm in all things and all the pending wars Will be averted by a very real, collective conscious awakening and Real eyes a Sean that killing is wrong – I don’t Give a rat’s ass who You are doing it for. Hiring millions of hit men or hiring one is the difference between an army and an assassin – the crime is the same, only the sales (like on a boat, maybe a citizenship) pitch is a little different.

But yeah, I’m fed up with war and living in a world so Spiritual primitive that it still needs to be discussed to overcome. And these lawyers/liars I’m dealing with… Well, I’m just as fed up with them, and I’m done Playing games.

I didn’t feel like Writing a Post today because I’m planning to send one last series of emails to the Respondents to Give a final example of ‘due process’ of Law in any Common Law jurisdiction, and I’m hoping to get that Writ tonight. The Good News (perhaps more for Me than any One else) is that I’m planning to Keep the next few emails very brief (or at least by comparison).

This is My official email reply (or as official as any reply is going to get) to Christopher Crisman-Cox’s Motion materials for Michael von Dehn, My baby brother.

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s too long but I also wasn’t war King with any notes and apparently Christopher Crisman-Cox knows how to add Tabs, Headings, and Page Numbers in a table of contents, but he doesn’t know how to Create hyper-links so that I can skip to particular parts of the documents I Wish to speak to. I suppose their intent is to make everything as difficult and aggravating as possible for Me. Just in case You are wondering why I call Christopher an arrogant ass – I don’t usually stoop to that level, but he’s been refusing to acknowledge I am the Trustee of a Trust Claim for My deceased father’s Estate. In My eyes, that’s about as low as One can go. Some of My fell-low Men fell hard and far from their Honourable, high horse.

But I digress, the point to this email and the previous email to My sister Tanja Johnson’s lawyer, Neil Milton of Milton Estates Fraud, was for them NOT to be formal in any Way. The point is to Write the Way I would be as King if the Man were standing right in front of Me. And if I were to say these Words to any Man in any public setting and they were to remain silent, the crowd would most certainly presume the Man to be guilty as charged. And so Will a Court.

So don’t concern Your Self too much with the imperfect Sean’s in the last two emails, the point was to express My Self in plain English first, then to proceed with legal Action and begin the due process of service.

Oh, and incidentally, the only other Clue I Will Give is that after I send the next mini-series of emails, it really Will be the last time the Respondents to the Claim hear anything from Me regarding their Motion materials – I’m refusing acceptance of those (too much fraud and perjury in them to place on a Court of Record).

I’ll share the Notice with You for the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition. Until then, let’s hope We Real eyes war is futile, primitive, and the Way children resolve their Issues. I’m hoping the children of the world Will grow up.

Love and Blessings,


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