Volume CCLXI: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Friday’s Fraudster Finale!!!

Hello every One and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition where I wield My Words even more fearlessly than usual! Thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Great Honour to have You in My House.

I usually like to go off a bit in the Free Lance Friday Edition but I’ve had a lot on My Mind dealing with some not so fabulous fraudsters in an Estate Application. The craziest thing about all of it, is that the cause of Action for the Claim was fraud in an Estate Application, and their defense is that the fraud is a legitimate Estate Application. I don’t know if it sounds as crazy as it is, but I am always tall King about how 9 is just 6 upside down, and this is a great example from My Microcosm. Freedom is slavery, war is peace, bad is good, and fraud is legit.

But what I’m really excited about today, is My ‘finale’ email Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability and Notice of Claim served upon all seven of My legal opponents. My brother is the only Man on earth who has any legitimate Claim of right upon My father’s Estate other than Me, yet there are seven People conspiring against Me in the Application! I most certainly would have mentioned this before if I had ever stopped to count. Five of them lawyers (liars), by the Way!!! How crazy is that fact alone?!

A Seven Nation Army…

I once said that ‘Seven Nation Army’ was a Secret message for Me, and I am still thing King it is related to My Claim against the Salvation Army (which did have default judgment awarded against them by the Court – I still have the Default Judgment against them in My portfolio). However, this Matter is Significantly more important to My Story overall, so I am thing King this is the seven nation army that Will try and hold Me back that the Song is referring to. It’s okay, not even a seven nation army Will hold Me back! 😉

And to that end, here’s the email Finale in response to their Motion materials which failed to move Me to do anything but hold them accountable for their crimes. Charges are hereby laid. 😀 Meh, Friday’s are as Good a day as any to get laid, right?

I Wish to say thank King or Queen You for all the support; documents, Public Notices and the von Dehn Family Manor Roll have all been getting lots of views recently, and that is always a Sign of Good things to come.

As always, I Will Keep You Posted – literally, and pun intended. I’m so lame – but at least I know I’m lame – that makes it funny, right?

Love and Blessings,

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