Voluume CCLXI: The Sensei Sean all Saturday Edition; Crown See King Prosecute-Sean?

Hello every One and welcome to the Sensei Sean all Saturday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House. I do Love a little Word Play – the Spelling of Magic can be so much Fun! You know, like ‘Crown Prosecute-Sean’? Like I’ve said previously, God knew what She was doing when He Gifted Me with My Calling.

That’s really what’s happening here anyway. We’ve all heard before (or I hope most of Us have anyway) that One can make what is called a ‘citizen’s arrest’, right? It’s not very common, but if I catch a Man stealing from some One else, I can approach the Man and say, ‘That’s not right, Sir, please return that property to its rightful owner’.

If they don’t, I can tell the Man he is under arrest and attempt to detain the individual (without the use of force), or if it is unsafe to do so (if the Man is not Willing to stay), then I have a moral and ethical obligation to report the crime and retain as much information as possible to make the report. Most People Will never do this, they Will just call the police, and not because most People don’t Wish to do the right thing, but because in most cases it probably would not be safe to attempt to detain a criminal and there is no use in placing One’s Self in harm’s Way. In most cases it would probably only escalate the situation. Obviously if it is a big Man who is about to beat a smaller Man to death if no One interferes that is a completely different situate Sean and One must Act (or at least any One who is capable should).

The point I’m really trying to make, is that We all have duties and obligations as members of society to hold others accountable to the Rule of Law. If We don’t, societies would collapse into anarchy. Let’s face it, the police don’t generally catch People in the Act because they happen to be in the right place at the right time, it is because some One reports a crime in progress. They are not making a citizen’s arrest, but they are calling the public servants who are equipped to make an arrest and trained to do so with minimal risk to public safety. It’s basically the same concept, it’s just more evolved because Our society, weapons, and crime are more evolved, and Will continue to evolve.

The Idea of the Rule of Law, is that Law is legislated for moral Goodness, to maintain Order in society. Laws are not legislated to cause harm, that would be absolutely contrary to the entire Principle of Justice it Self – also one of My favourite Maxim’s in Law, ‘Contra Bonos Mores’, or ‘Against Good Morals’ (and therefor, not permissible in Law).

That’s why whenever there is a criminal charge against a citizen, it is always the STATE VERSES JOHN or JANE DOE. In Canada, CANADA is (technically) ‘the State’ (which is why Canada is further divided by provinces and territories), though ‘CANADA’ is also a corporation, and a very specific type of corporation – a CROWN corporation. The Real authority in any Constitutional Democratic Monarchy, is the Sovereign. This is another trick in semantics because the ‘Sovereign’ does very much refer to King Charles III, but it also refers to the People of Canada who are not citizens. I know, You’re probably thing King, “WHAT?! No, that can’t be True.”

Well, unfortunately, it is. Corporations are ‘for profit’ which is a trespass upon God’s Law (do not pay attention to the false profits), “Thou Shall not Covet”.

But People believe they have a right to own property. Greatest lie ever told. Or perhaps the greatest fallacy to ever be believed. We cannot ‘own’ anything, We can only steward the Land We have wisely for future generate-Sean’s. 😉

I know, sounds too rose-coloured-glasses-perfect, right? Well, it IS True. See, the colonists commit treason against the Crown, so they were MARKED as prisoners of war for their crimes and denied the right to ever own anything!!! One should read the whole ‘deal’ that Canada got for their independence and One Will see that the colonists had no Idea what they were Signing, and that was the point. Canada’s criminal colonists trying to prove they are all grown up and independent, while Signing a Declaration of Independence they don’t even comprehend the meaning of.

In a nutshell, the colonists were not granted ‘Independence’ over the geographical area commonly known as ‘Canada’, they were Given Royal assent to steward the land (because the Crown acknowledged it had no legitimate Claim of right upon the land) until it is Claimed by its rightful Sovereign.

Now, it’s also alleged that the rightful Claimant to the Land was unknown at the time (I know most of You are thing King the indigenous People of the land but that’s not True, either – or only half True). I only bring it up because People Will say that the land rights of indigenous People was or is recognized to some degree, but again, that’s all fallacy too because THEY don’t understand what it means to be an indigenous People, they are using Word Magic everywhere. The moment One claims they are rightful ‘owners’ of Land, One is Acting as a false profit (corporation). We can only ever be rightful stewards of land because People (although Sovereign) are not eternal, We are subject to death and whatever We believe We own Will be passed on to Our successors. This is why the whole world is in God’s Trust, and all People born into it are heirs and successors of His Kingdom….

Now, if We consider that this world is God’s Kingdom and that every One has an equal right to a fair share of its land and resources, We can see how claiming ‘ownership’ of it might be a little ambitious, no? You going to claim to ‘own’ what God put here for every One to enjoy free of charge?

Trust Me, all of this is True, every One using a fiat currency has been MARKED as a commercial, for profit, DEAD entity, a false profit war King to covet as much of God’s Kingdom as possible from the other Beneficiaries of God’s Trust in Man’s kind. If One is buying stuff with credit, who actually owns the stuff? The creditor, right? So if every One is buying ‘stuff’ with money that belongs to some One else, then what happens when the People who own the money are as King of the People to pay it back? Wouldn’t it be exactly the same as a repo man if One can’t pay their credit card bill? Everything One is thing King they own with the credit card is free for the creditor to repossess. You were possessed by an evil Spirit, and now the creditor is coming to repossess the stuff. Banks are collapsing, how long before they come to collect the People’s houses?

Ah, but see People don’t own any houses in Canada, People don’t exist as legal entities, only persons do! You are not a person, You have a person. You are a People with a legal person which is kind of like a monopoly piece for playing the commercial board game (bored yet). Biut if One doesn’t know the two entities exist, then One is a house divided because the person has no Life without the Will of the People, which is why a ‘Self Represented’ person can’t win in Court because the People is re-Presenting his or her Self as the second (coming of the) person. Clever, isn’t it? You’ve all heard of the ‘Second Coming’, – I bet You never guessed it would be You!

Anyway, the point is, the People ARE the Crown, so criminal charges in Canada are always prosecuted by the Crown because One is offending the (Sovereign) People. We know that must be True because when a criminal commits an Act it isn’t King Charles they’ve harmed, so why would the King prosecute? The Crown is prosecuting not because it represents Charles, but because it represents the Sovereign People of Canada, and King Charles is the guarantee that the rights of the Sovereign People are Honoured in Canada’s Courts because He is the True authority. That’s what Canada’s People get in exchange for their Oath to Honour the Crown. We recognize Charles right to be King, and Charles recognizes Our right to be Sovereign because We are all equal in a Constitutional Democratic Monarchy, authority of government is derived by Way of consent of the Sovereign People (an exact quote from ‘about Canada’ but You’ll have to go to the government of Canada website to find it, I’ve shared it before).

But here is a real example of Crown prosecute-Sean:

Unfortunately, Susan Sacks is on vacation for a week and that’s not exactly Good News when she’s been charged with an indictable offense on the public Record. I had to forward the email to her legal assistant, I would not Wish for her to attempt to leave town or anything, it might look like she’s trying to flee and make her a flight risk requiring a bail bond for her arrest.

They’ll receive Final Notice tomorrow sometime, then Default Judgment Will be awarded against them, then We are DONE dealing with them in any civil suit, they Will be subject to criminal prosecute-Sean at that point, and criminal courts are able to award damages to victims of crime, so I can still be as King for due compensate Sean for the harm done to Me, and I sincerely believe that this Will constitute aggravated circumstances and see no reason why I should not receive everything I am as King for!

I’ll share the final emails with You as they are served upon My criminal adversaries.

Love and Blessings,


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