Volume CCLXII: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; War King for Crown Prosecution?

Hello every One and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Fab-Yule-Us Honour to have You in My House. If I were tall King more about Man’s Macrocosm and the craziness that’s taking place on the world Stage in this Glow ball Product-Sean, I would probably be tall King about how more and more inform a Sean is being exposed that Will eventually result in the Nuremberg trials, 2.0. Believe it or not, they’ve already ‘coined’ the express Sean, much like what happened with the ‘Great Reset’ which was once rumoured to be a conspiracy theory is now conspiracy fact. Eventually, State Actors Will be Judged for their performance on the world Stage. If the Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm in all things (which it does), does that mean that day Will come soon if I am also see King Justice by Way of prosecution in My Microcosm? I am thing King it just might!!!

I hope the intro was a bit of Motive a Sean for all this Magical Monday because I Truly am see King criminal prosecution in My Microcosm because the entire charade is just getting Way out of hand!!! They are literally escalating the situation by continually making more and more false allegations in their defense materials, swearing them onto the Record as ‘fact’, knowing them to be false! I guess the Idea is just to Create an entirely false narrative that is so complex and detailed that no One Will believe it is a lie. And yet, no amount of lies is ever going to Magically create a Court of Record for an Estate Application that doesn’t exist and never happened. Even if they did try to process documents now (file them onto the public record after the fact), the moment they do the Application Will be assigned a legitimate file number that uniquely identifies the Application on the public Record, so the Issued Certificate’s file number won’t match. That’s also why it is pointless to let this thing run its course until September because it’s only amplifying the harm being done to Me in the mean time, and all I have to do is be as King of the Registrar to pull up the Estate Application in the system to prove their entire testimony is founded upon a lie.

However, I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with the Ontario Superior Court. One would be thing King that when One reports a federal crime to a Court of inherent, concurrent, congruent jurisdiction (meaning they can hear any Matter any time because they can ‘inherit’ whatever jurisdiction is required to hear the Matter). The Superior Courts are a ‘one stop shop’ for Lawful Action. I’m not going to tell the Story because the Story tells it Self, I’m just going to share the emails with the (Ottawa) Ontario Superior Court.

Despite the fact that its pretty clear I’m not entirely impressed with the response I receive, there are a couple of details worth noting. Generally, One is NOT allowed to communicate with the Court like this without the prior knowledge and consent of all other parties, it is a serious violation of the Rules and one that I am militant about enforcing upon My adversaries in Law (because many lawyer DO try to communicate with the Courts without the knowledge and consent of their opposing counsel). The Court can basically do whatever it Wishes when One breaks the Rules, so sometimes they may not reply at all, other times they may advise the individual that they are violating the Rules, sometimes they may even violate the Rules their Self (presuming that the individual Writing the Court DID advise their opposing counsel they were going to do so – remember the Courts (as unbiased and impartial bodies) presume Honour first, meaning that they may not jump to the conclusion that One is violating the Rules just because it is not visibly cc’d on all other parties). The Court doesn’t seem to have a problem with Me bringing a Notice without the consent of the other parties, and I make it very clear I intend to do so (and why the Rules allow Me to).

The other detail worth Noting is that Motions heard in Writing take 8 to 10 weeks to be read by a Judge!!! That’s something I had no Idea about, I must confess – My understanding was that Motions made in Writing were to expedite the procedure when Matters are either not complicated or very clear (like no party opposing the Motion, such as this case). That’s literally what I was told by the Ontario Superior Court and I’m sure it’s True because Motions can take much longer to be heard, especially long motions. I just had no Idea that ‘faster’ was still 8 to 10 weeks, and there’s another reason I find that very interesting…

When I made My ex-parte Motion to Vacate an Endorsement made by Honourable Justice, Sally A. Gomery, and to suspend the Justice from further adjudication over that Matter for conflict of interest, I made the Motion in Writing because I was told it was the fastest Way to get the Motion heard at the time (this was at the beginning of the plandemic). I was worried that if the Court took too long and chose NOT to hear My Motion (because the Endorsement was to have the case dismissed, so opposing counsel was under the impression that the Matter was over and I would have to appeal), I would run out of time to appeal the decision (if I Wished to do so). Technically, I was already out of time to appeal by week five, but I Writ the Minister of Justice and Attorney General and told them I required a reply to My Motion, and advised them that My time to appeal the decision if My Motion is denied, begins when My Motion is denied, not when the Endorsement was awarded against Me. They (the Court – not the Minister of Justice and Attorney General’s office) responded to Me the next day, as King of Me to serve My materials on opposing counsel and file My materials with the Court! Point is, I thought it was ridiculous they were making Me wait five weeks to hear the Motion, now I find out it generally takes 8-10! Also, I am thing King it is pretty rare that Courts hear a Motion to vacate a Judge’s Order and suspend the Justice (that’s literally all I was as King for) because the day that I’m tall King about the Court’s reply saying they Will hear the Motion is My most listened to podcast on Spotify, and not by a small margin!!!

Anyway, if You didn’t feel like reading the emails to the Court, the punchline is that I was as King if there is any special procedure when One is reporting an indictable offense, and tall King about how there must be some moral and ethical obligation on the part of the Court to take Action when One reports a federal crime to them, especially one where none of the parties charged are denying any of the allegations against them! They finally gave Me the email for criminal Matters! In My humble opinion, that should have been the first email address she gave Me, and theoretically, someone should have been out and about making arrests today!

But this is why this Blog Will perhaps become a little more interesting because We are more or less done with the boring part of the legal fiction and onto the ‘Law and Order’ side of things that make for Good Courtroom drama (and hopefully less like a circus with fewer clowns).

So here is the email to the criminal department of the Ontario Superior Court.

Title is pretty straightforward, right? Curious to see how long they take to respond and what their response Will be. One Way or another, People, Trust Me when I tell You I Will find a Way.

I hope this Monday has been both Magical and Motivational for all of You.

Love and Blessings,


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