Volume CCLXII: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; All the World’s a Stage – War King for Crown Prosecute Sean II

Hello every One, and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House. Today’s Post may be one of the most inform a Sean all Posts ever with respect to holding State Actors accountable to their Role on the World’s Stage. One might be thing King that it is easy to press criminal charges when One has sufficient evidence to support their allegations, especially if the criminals in question are not disputing the charges against them – and it should be as easy as reporting the crime to any One Acting in an official capacity for the Superior Court – but it’s not that simple.

Now, You’ll have to bear with Me for a moment because I have been very busy. I basically sent the exact same email to three different Superior Courts – the Ottawa Courthouse where I filed the Claim, the Bracebridge Courthouse responsible for the fraud (colluding with lawyer Hala Tabl to NOT file documents she receives onto the Court of Record so that others (like Me and Tiffany Singh) cannot respond or even receive Notice with respect to what is going on with the Application) (because it hasn’t actually been filed, it’s just sitting on the desk at the Bracebridge Courthouse in Michelle Murphy’s secret folder), and the Barrie Courthouse which is responsible for cluing Me into the fraud by advising Me that there is no Estate Application in the system on May 2nd, then following up with Me the next day (after I relay the information to My sister’s lawyer to inform her she’s busted, fraud exposed, by sharing the email with her) to tell Me that an ‘anonymous’ voicemail was left at the Barrie Courthouse indicating that the Bracebridge Courthouse has ‘a receipt of filing’ at their Courthouse for the Estate I was as King about, but they are ‘behind on filings’ and haven’t had a chance to enter it into the system yet.

I initially thought the Barrie Courthouse was complicit with the fraud because I immediately was as King how the Bracebridge Courthouse would even know that I’d been as King them about this Estate. Brendan McCarthy assured Me he has no idea what’s going on and only contacted Me because he remembered Me as King about this Estate and thought it was a strange and unusual voicemail to ‘coincidentally’ be on the answering machine the next morning and figured he had a moral obligation to let Me know! Yeah, just a phonecall from Hala to Michelle Murphy letting her know that she needs to call the Barrie Courthouse to let them know they are wrong about there not being an Estate application on the public Record after doing a province wide search – she was being investigated by the Law Society at the time, so she was trying very hard to cover her tracks. Unfortunately, that only makes the fraud look that much worse because it shows how hard they were attempting to perpetrate the lie.

What I find MOST interesting, is that I only had one email address for the Barrie Courthouse, same one I had used to have these converse a Sean’s with Brandon previously. But take a look at the reply I get to My email this time!!!

The whole time I was tall King with Brendan McCarthy, I was tall King with the criminal department of the Barrie Courthouse? I guess he didn’t let Me know previously because I was as King about fraud in an application which would be a criminal Matter and I had no claim of My own before the Court at the time? I’m not sure, but at any rate, You Will notice that the email is for the ‘Barrie Criminal Office’, and this time there is no name… And whomever is responding does not Wish to Give One? Suspicious for sure, especially when dealing with a Court. When I am as King for an officer’s name, they are legally and lawfully obliged to provide it – yet they don’t.

But no Matter because some One took My email seriously, and I believe it was the email for the criminal office that facilitated an appropriate response (albeit eventually).

This is precisely the information I was looking for, and please don’t be as King of Me why I was unable to find this page previously because I do recall finding it in previous searches of the past, but I have no Idea how I found the page because I have been looking for this inform a Sean recently and couldn’t find this page.

At any rate, it takes One to this link...

That’s the ‘punchline’ for today’s Post because this link Will prove to be invaluable to Me in the future, and maybe for some of You, too! Now You know how to file a private, criminal prosecute-Sean in Canada. But what if the Justice decides NOT to prosecute for whatever reason? Well, I’m not going to share My contingency Plan with You just yet, though I do have One and am cautiously optimistic that it Will not be necessary. But if You Wish for a clue, Keep in Mind that the Default Judgment and Notices served upon these criminals are legally and lawfully binding – they’ve already lost by Way of their own admissions, or lack of protest to the charges (tacit agreement).

But here are the other emails that are baited like fishing lines waiting for bites. The more effort I can Show I have taken to resolve this Matter Honourably (through the proper channels) the better it looks for Me and the worse it looks for the Courts.

Now, the only Courthouse that hasn’t responded yet, is the Bracebridge Courthouse! Gee, I wonder why!!! I am thing King it is because Michelle Murphy is probably the One receiving the email and knows she’s dead in the water, guilty as charged. We’re not really expecting a reply but who knows – maybe Murphy Will try to come up with something just so that she doesn’t look so obviously guilty. It’s all here for the world to see on this International Court of Record. Trust Me, I Will Win in the end, I always do…

Finally… Three weeks in a row, I have some Benevolent fan sending Me gourmet food fit for a King (and actually addressed to One!). I Wish I knew who is responsible for this incredible gesture of kindness but I Truly have no Idea, so I am just going to use My Words in this Public a Sean to express My gratitude for as long as this gracious Gift continues. Thank King or Queen You SO much, You Truly have no Idea how much little gestures like this mean to a humble Man like Me (despite the King thing, I really am a very modest Man by means).

Love and Blessings,

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