Volume CCLXII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; Murphy’s Law – Hammering Down Nails in a Proverbial Coffin

Hello every One and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. It is a Lucky Wednesday in Deeds because We are Calling out criminals of the Bracebridge Superior Court of Justice for conspiring to perpetrate fraud in an Estate Application, courtesy of Court clerk, Michelle Murphy.

Michelle Murphy of the Bracebridge Superior Court was receiving documents for an Estate Application on behalf of Hala Tabl (My sister’s lawyer in the Estate Application) but NOT filing or processing the documents onto the Court of Record so that the two primary Beneficiaries holding contentious Wills would not be able to participate to Present their testamentary instruments to the Court (or their testimony in opposition of Tanja Johnson’s application).

I’m no longer responding to any correspondences from opposing counsel to The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s claim because all Respondents are continuing to suggest that due process was had in the Estate Application, while knowing the entire premise of their arguments is founded upon a fraudulent testimony to the Court made by Jenny (the Belligerent) Bogod and Susan (the Sanctimonious) Sacks in their Rule 21 Motion to dismiss.

I regret to say that I am thing King lawyers routinely attempt to ‘railroad’ what they call ‘Self Represented’ litigants, even if the Self Presented (NOT a re-presentation, this is the first and only Present a Sean) individuals is Acting in the capacity of Estate Trustee for a private, family Trust. Any One can Create a Trust and appoint whomever they Wish to Act as Trustee and Executor for the Benefit of whomever they choose and any such Trust is legally and lawfully enforceable the moment it is EXPRESSED (whether verbally or in Writing, though needless to say a Trust clearly Expressed on paper Will be far more credible). That’s why the Expression of the Trust is the whole of the Law regarding the Trust because it clearly defines the obligations of the Trustee to the Beneficiaries, which are legal and lawful rights just the same as any other private contract between parties would be. The point is, One does not require permission from a Court to be a Trustee or Executor of a private Trust, and the Court has no authority over the Trust lest a Trust obligation is contrary to the Rule of Law. So for any lawyer (who of course are presumed to know the Law as well as or better than the Common Man) to presume they do not know what a Trust is, or that they MUST respect the position of the Trustee, is attempting to gaslight the Trustee, and demonstrating gross contempt for the Rule of Law, the position of the Trustee and his or her obligations to the Beneficiaries.

I now have the information necessary to file private, criminal prosecute-Sean against the offenders, though processing the information is a considerable amount of work (though worth every moment if successful in achieving the result). Right now, I’m still thing King there are simpler options for bringing these criminals to Justice because any Court official has a legal and lawful obligation to take Action when an indictable offense is reported to them. It Will be much easier to Present the Notices served upon opposing counsel for their fraud in the Estate Application in a motion hearing for contempt, so I am also considering a short motion where I can supplement the Notices with oral testimony and just be as King of the Justice to pull up the Estate in question on the Court of Record – there isn’t one!

The Quest-Ion is, what Court do I file My Motion with?

Well, the Barrie Courthouse is apparently the ‘proper’ Courthouse for the Estate in question because that’s the Court that hears application for CONTENTIOUS Estate Applications. The Bracebridge Courthouse is for filing documents in non-contentious Estate Applications! See, even when I am thing King I have made a mistake and contacted the wrong Courthouse regarding the Application, Brendan McCarthy of the Barrie Courthouse informed Me that the Application should have been filed in Barrie! It’s really just one more example of their determination to perpetrate the fraud by filing the wrong application with the wrong Court, hoping that I Will be too stupid to know the difference and easily convinced I must be wrong if lawyers are saying so… Gas lighting!!!

Anyway, I decided to message all three Courts I routinely ‘do business’ with. Obviously the Ottawa Courthouse is nearest to Me, so that’s where I file all of My Claims (including The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s) and I could use the practice bringing a short motion before the Ottawa Court, anyway. However, the Barrie Courthouse is the correct Courthouse for the Estate Application, but Bracebridge is the Court responsible for Issuing the (fraudulent) Certificate. So really, I can make reasonable arguments for filing My Motion with any of the three, so the Quest-Ion is which Court is most likely to be impartial? My Friend legitimately believes that the Courts themselves are complicit in the fraud, though they have to be a little more careful about it because they know I publish everything here. Whenever I file documents with the Court, My Blog gets a sudden influx of views and downloads of My documents. The most popular Page on My Blog is the International Public Notices Page, so no One can Claim it is not a valid Public Record.

Now, if I were to make a request for the nearest available dates for short motions at the Bracebridge Courthouse, is there any reason that the Court would fail to respond? Not any reasonable one, right? And yet, after as King all three Courts when the nearest available dates might be for hearing a short motion, the only Court that failed to respond was the Bracebridge Courthouse. Coincidence, or corrupt, Sean? I’m guessing corruption.

See, Michelle Murphy is the one who receives email for the Bracebridge Courthouse and I have indicated that I Wish to bring a short motion under Rule 75.01, Notice of Objection, Rule 75.04 for the revocation of the Certificate to the Court (for fraud in the Application), and Rule 75.05 (to return the Certificate to the Court). It is apparently quite common to file a Motion combining all of these Rules to object to the Certificate for fraud, have the Certificate returned to the Court, and to have the Certificate revoked for fraud in the Application. So I was clear about why I Wished to file the Motion because the Bracebridge Courthouse Will have intimate knowledge of this Application considering it is not available on the public Record yet because Michelle Murphy hasn’t processed any of the documents she has received for the Application yet!

Well, wouldn’t You know, the Bracebridge Courthouse is the only Courthouse not responding – exactly what Michelle Murphy was attempting to do when I first learned of the Casullo Endorsement in Hala Tabl’s Statement of Defense. I was as King for the Court of Record for the Application and no One was responding to My emails! Is Michelle Murphy the only one who receives documents for the Bracebridge Court’s email address? If so, that would make her the perfect person to conspire with to perpetrate fraud on the other entitled Beneficiaries they Wish to exclude from the proceedings, right?

So this really is a Lucky Wednesday because I don’t even have to try to prove that there is corruption and conspiracy to deceive Me afoot, it is plain and obvious by the Bracebridge Courthouse’s failure to respond. Here is the email.

The other two Courthouses responded in less than an hour (in fact, I am thing King less than half an hour and were very Good about continuing to respond to further Quest-Ions regarding criminal prosecution for fraud in the Application). Obviously, this is VERY suspicious. What is Michelle Murphy going to say? That she was ‘unexpectedly’ out of the office for the last couple of days, or did she go on vacation again? Is she expecting Me (and the rest of You witnessing this corruption in Canada’s Courts) to believe that the Bracebridge Courthouse just shuts down completely and hears no Motions of any kind when Michelle Murphy takes a day off or goes on vacation? How stupid is she thing King People are?

So I followed up with the Bracebridge Courthouse today to place Michelle Murphy on Notice for her participation in the fraud – after all, none of this would even be possible if Hala Tabl didn’t have a mole war King for her at the Bracebridge Courthouse. I wonder how much Hala is paying her to perpetrate this fraud – surely special favours like this cost a pretty penny? Or are the Courts just generally corrupt? Here is the email.

Now, the beautiful thing about this email, is that it was also sent to the Ottawa Court Masters Office email, the same email Justice Kaufman is responding to regarding the case conference because I Wish for him to know what’s really going on here. Obviously, I don’t need confirm a Sean these emails were received, the appropriate officers of the Court have a legal and lawful obligation to forward these emails to the appropriate individuals. I can guarantee that Justice Kaufman has seen this email and now has some Idea of the level of corruption We are dealing with, and the conspiracy I’ve been a victim of (along with Tiffany Singh, by the Way). I may Wish to oppose Tiffany’s Will, but that’s what I intended to do from day One and was told by My Brother that she had rescinded her Claim because a lawyer had told her it is not valid. I recently discovered that was a lie, too, and Tiffany still believes her Will is legally binding, so she has a right to be heard. Lawyers do not have any right to decide for their Self whether or not a testamentary instrument is valid, that is a Matter to be determined in a CONTENTIOUS proceeding for the Estate Application, which never happened.

The really Good News is, this email correspondence is so damning for all of My adversaries in Law including Michelle Murphy that I don’t believe private criminal prosecution Will be necessary, I should just be able to forward this email thread to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General with special attention to David Lametti, who also needs to be cc’d on the private criminal prosecution anyway so that he can assign some One to represent the Crown in the criminal proceeding.

Well, that’s all My Lucky for this Wednesday, but I do feel We are hammering down the nails in Michelle Murphy’s proverbial coffin and when the Truth of this Matter is finally revealed to the Courts, I am thing King I Will easily be awarded every penny I am as King for. Speaking of which, the ‘fines’ I am as King to have imposed upon the law firms for their lawyers contempt does NOT go to Me, fines are payable to the Minister of Finance. I can strongly encourage or suggest that the funds received by the Minister of Finance are used to promote Justice for Self Presented litigants, and I have something special in Mind for that, too. I would like to be as King of the Minister of Justice to use the funds received for fines to place into a Trust account exclusively for People subject to fixed income such as Ontario Disability, Ontario Works, Canada’s Pension, and war veterans, and for the funds to be used to finance claims of abuse by these organizations (or legislated Acts) against the Beneficiaries they were initially legislated to Benefit.

See, if the Minister of Finance stands to receive $3 million in fines for prosecuting these firms, it is that much more likely they Will be inclined to take Action.

Love and Blessings,


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