Volume CCLXII: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; Marching in Like a Lion, on a Chariot of Fire, II

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Son Day Review, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. The Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm in all things and they do say that the month of March comes ‘in like a Lion’ (Leo) and ‘goes out like a lamb’. And then April showers bring May flowers, right? Always the darkness before the dawn.

For a modest little Public a Sean, this Free Lance Journalist is uncovering a lot of corrupt-Sean in Canada’s Courts. We’ve learned that lawyers can conspire with registrar’s of the Ontario Superior Court to keep documents off the public record to avoid opposition – or at the very least, We know this happens at least some of the time in contentious Estate proceedings. We know this because that’s what’s been going on between Michelle Murphy (who Gifts a whole new meaning to ‘Murphy’s Law’) and My sister’s previous lawyer (and ’employee’ of her current lawyer, Neil Milton of Milton Estates Fraud), Hala Tabl.

What are You thing King? Is Michelle Murphy ‘away on vacation’, or ‘unexpectedly out of the office’ again? Is Michelle Murphy the only officer of the Bracebridge Courthouse checking emails? Does Michelle Murphy expect Us to believe that the Bracebridge Courthouse just shuts down entirely if she’s not available? Yeah, My guess is that no One else at the Bracebridge Courthouse Wishes to be involved, and Michelle Murphy has nothing to say… ‘Nihil Dicit, Res Judicata’. Latin, meaning, ‘he says nothing, judgment is final’.

That email was sent last Lucky Wednesday and still no Word. This is why the Macrocosm reflects the Microcosm in all things because this does not look Good for Canada’s Courts to Man’s Macrocosm – it makes them look pretty corrupt, regardless how much lawyers may Wish to attempt to gaslight Me in My Microcosm. And as I’ve said many times previously, the Truth is, Courts don’t have the Will to be corrupt, only the Will of a Man can move a Court to corrupt Sean…

What was most interesting for Me about this, is that the email came less than two hours after I had Writ the Bracebridge Courthouse. I don’t know how the events are connected, I only know there are no coincidences. This seemed so perfectly timed. To read the actual motion materials, You Will have to open the pdf of the email and then open the attachments, they are available but I’m not uploading them individually (or at least, I don’t plan to).

You may or may not Notice that I didn’t reply until today, which is also why I haven’t Posted for a couple of days because I frankly didn’t really feel like responding to them right away, and I didn’t Wish to Post until I had (despite already knowing exactly how I was going to respond).

What I find most hilarious about the Motion itself, is that they are basically as King of the Justice to request that My approval of Jaye Hooper’s decision not be required. No judge has the authority or jurisdiction to do what she is as King for, the only officer of the Court who can dispute My determine a Sean that the decision is (lawfully) unacceptable, is Jaye Hooper by responding to My determine a Sean. If she says nothing… ‘Nihil Dicit’, My determination is final, ‘Res Judicata’.

But this time I Will have the opportunity to be as King of them these Quest-Ions directly at the Motion hearing. I Will also have a clean draft Order of My own to Present to the Court. That Motion Will be taking place on Lucky Wednesday, April 5th.

But this month really did March in Like a Lion and I do feel a little like I’m riding on a Chariot of Fire, lighting up the darkness and burning down the House (of Commoners). We also officially got a Claim filed with the Landlord Tenant Board for an unlawful eviction Notice served upon Me, and I am now also officially Acting as Trustee for two Beneficiaries in My Microcosm, and Acting as counsel for a second Claim with the Landlord Tenant Board for a maintenance request for neighbour. The Landlord Tenant Board offers an option to list someone as counsel and a neighbour was as King if I Will consider Acting as their counsel. So that’s a new thing in My Microcosm this week, and it’s probably roughly the tenth time I’ve Acted as counsel for Friends in legal Matters in My Lifetime, though most of My experience was in British Columbia before I’d even started Writing a Blog, and all small claim type stuff, or traffic court.

Alright, so that’s the update for the week, but to tie this into Man’s Macrocosm, I Wish for People to see what’s going on in the Court system in the United States because it is almost beyond belief, even when compared to some of the best political thriller fiction novels. I also find Viva Frei inspirational because the world basically watched Viva wake up to the world’s corruption in real time as he began seriously as King critical questions only to find more and more alarming revelations. It’s amazing to see how notorious his show has become, I still remember watching one of his earliest videos when he still had less than five hundred followers and thing King he was pretty Good. Never would have imagined he’d become as huge as he has, and I feel he deserves every bit of it! Anyway, My weekly tribute to Viva and Truthers everywhere.

Love and Blessings,


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