Volume CCLXIII: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; Spring Has Sprung

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House. Today’s Title is relative to both the Spring season and feeling as though the Lion’s spring has finally sprung, soon it Will be time to enjoy the feast. Yeah, admittedly not the best metaphor but it’s based on a proverb I Posted here once.

Wow, okay, I can find photos faster than I thought. But there You go, St. Augustine said it first, I suppose. In My Microcosm, this Truth seems more apparent everyday. The most wonder-full thing about this Public a Sean, is that You are what make this Public a Sean relevant to Man’s Macrocosm. This is in fact where the events taking place in My Microcosm have the most Magical effect in Man’s Macrocosm. If there is no public Record, there is no accountability, lies mean nothing. But when the world is watching…. Lies become damning, and People are generally held to account. All the world’s a Stage, and this is especially relevant for State Actors with a leading Role to Play.

Jenny Bogod and Susan Sack of RosenSack LLP can lie about due process in an Estate Application as much as they Wish, but it doesn’t Magically Create a Court of Record or make the Certificate My sister is holding any less fraudulent – it’s still a bogus Certificate that relates to no Application processed by the Court. It also doesn’t help Michelle Murphy of the Bracebridge Courthouse to explain why she hasn’t processed any of the documents Given to her by Hala Tabl, or why the Estate Application was ‘not open to the public’. It doesn’t provide proof of service of any of the documents on the Entitled Beneficiaries. In short – saying that due process was had doesn’t make it so, and the Truth Will come out.

Why am I so confident? Well, there are other claims against My father’s Estate, at least one for two million dollars (I didn’t find the second one last time I did a search so it might have been withdrawn), and they can’t proceed until My father has some One appointed to represent (and in this case it IS re-Presenting My father to the Court because he’s dead, I am Acting as his Living Will) his legal interests in Court. And because I know that these Claims are still waiting to proceed, I can only presume that the Courts are doing their job because I was as King from the beginning to ensure I receive Notice if any One Wishes to bring any Claims against My father into Canada’s Courts. This is why I say the Courts don’t have the Power to be corrupt – only People war King for them can be. If the Certificate had been Issued by the Court, the Claimant’s waiting to proceed against the Estate would be Given Notice by the Court that a Trustee has been appointed.

I’ve been very busy in My Microcosm with other Matters, too, and I Will be tall King more about them in the near future as well, though the ‘big event’ to be looking forward to now is April 5th. Five is My favourite number and it’s also a Lucky Wednesday and Will be the third Motion in The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Claim. However, one of the things I’m not often tall King about which is relevant to Man’s Macrocosm which I Will be tall King about in more detail later, is how I’ve been sending mail to Trustees of the Public Trust. I don’t ever use postage, only My thumbprint where One Will typically affix a stamp, and ‘On His Majesty’s Service’ (sometimes also, ‘God-Speed’).

Significance? Didn’t they tell You nothing in Life is free? There is a receipt for every piece of mail sent and received by the Post Office, and Canada Post is owned by Royal Mail, it only has usury privileges (franchise rights), including the right to name the franchise (Canada Post, for example). It either means that I am discharging sufficient equitable Value from My Life force Energy with My thumbprint to satisfy the commercial obligate Sean for Postage, or King Charles III is paying the bill for Me because I am Acting in His Service. A capital ‘H’ for His always represents the True King (You can be may King of that what You Will).

Any One can Write any Member of Parliament without Postage, and technically any other State Actor in any capacity – but I’m not sure if that’s fully Honoured in Canada, and mostly because the People don’t know. I’ve had to tell People at the Post Office that they can’t refuse to accept mail ‘OHMS’. The fact is, anytime this Service is used, if Canada ever Wishes to get paid for sending that mail, it has to send the bill to the Crown (or whoever or whatever corporation represents that entity for Royal Mail, but You get the Idea). An address is considered an office, legally and lawfully. So it also allows the Crown to know who is ‘Acting’ in service of the Crown because the Honourable Way to address a State Actor is with a Letter, and it is the Duty of the People to be Issuing Orders to their public Servants. Gives the Crown a rough Idea of how many People are Honouring their Oath…

I’m excited about a lot of things coming in the very near future, including The Prince of Peppers Product-Sean Company’s second season, with several pepper plants already in bloom!!!

These are not the ones in bloom (obviously), these are pepper seedlings started shortly after the New Year and are doing fabulous! I learned a lot from My first season and the experience is already starting to show. I have also developed a near super-human tolerance to hot peppers in My own food, with tonight’s pasta sauce containing half a package of Scotch Bonnet peppers (roughly 6 medium sized with seeds) and a full package of Jalapeno’s.

I’m also feeling inspired to paint again because I’ve got so many important Characters to paint from Man’s Macrocosm, which Will be a beautiful Way to merge the two cosmos into One. We are all Singing One Song (Uni-Verse), We’re just not singing in Harmony, We need the right Key….

A week from this Wednesday, We Will have another State Actor Por-trait (for traits) to paint in the Casting of Characters for The Kingdom of Heaven’s ‘He-Art Exhibit-Sean’. I’ll be dedicating a Page to the project, too because I’m getting a little excited about painting some of the State Actors with horns (depending on how well they Honour their Role on the world’s Stage).

Love and Blessings,


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