Volume CCLXIV: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; How Many Ontario Superior Court Judges Does it Take to..?

Hello every One and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Royal, Moral Highness is always a welcome Gift of Presence in My House.

Today Will be a short Post because to be honest with You, I am thing King I am more weary of Writing about My Father’s Estate Matter and The Kingdom of Found a Sean’s Claim against the Estate than You probably are reading about it. The Matter has been ongoing for over three years now, and I have My sister, My brother, three law firms, a court registrar (clerk) and potentially even an Ontario Superior Court Judge (Jester Justice, Jaye Hooper) conspiring against Me – and that’s not even an exaggerate-Sean!!!

So believe Me, I am so done with all of it. It’s all been nothing but lies and deceit with the intention of making My dear sister look as pristine and innocent as possible while characterizing My determine a Sean to let the Court know the Truth about her as violent, aggressive behaviour… After all, how dare I Give the Court enough inform a Sean to make an informed decision (insert Greta Thunberg meme here).

Anyway, I advised My brother and sister’s lawyers that if they don’t produce proof of the Casullo Endorsement upon Me, it Will be presumed that their intent is to conspire with Hala Tabl’s current lawyers (Rosensack LLP) to perpetrate fraud on the Court with intent to deprive Me of My rightful property, defame My Character, and unfairly influence the course of Justice (because they both know I had no knowledge of the Casullo Endorsement and seem to be enjoying the Show). To sit by and quietly do nothing while knowing others are bearing false witness against another Man is to be just as guilty as the One bearing false witness.

Tomorrow, there is a new Motion to ‘settle the Order’ of Jester Justice, Jaye Hooper. Apparently, Rosensack requires another Motion to force Me to consent to the unacceptable and unlawful Order of Hooper? I’m not really sure I even comprehend what it is they are as King for, or how the individual they are as King Will have the right or authority to speak for Jaye Hooper even if their request is granted. What are they going to say to Me,

“You must consent to the unlawful Order of Jaye Hooper, fraud and perjury are absolutely admissible on a Superior Court of Record…”

Some Jester posing as a Justice

So We are going to find out just how many Courts We have to report this fraud to before a Judge decides to take action. That’s the Word Play in today’s Title. It is an absolute joke that the Court is presuming to not know that no Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee was ever awarded by the Court if there is no Court of Record for the Application! It is not reasonable to presume the Court doesn’t know that ‘2020-59’ is not a legitimate file number for an Estate Application! It is not reasonable to presume that the Court does not know that Trusts in Ontario are governed by the Trustee Act of Ontario. It is not reasonable for a Court justice to not know that,

“The powers, rights, and immunities conferred by this Act are in addition to those inferred by the Instrument Creating the Trust, and have effect subject to the terms thereof…”

The Trustee Act of Ontario, Section 67

As I said previously, My high school teachers would be so proud of Me now to see Me citing My references! This is the Common Law, ladies and gentleman, Lords and Ladies of Your Royal Keep and Heart of Your Sovereign nation!

These lawyers have been attempting to gaslight for a long time, but the point is it is equally unreasonable to presume that any of these lawyers do not know all of these things, too. That just adds to further ‘aggravating circumstances’ with respect to their collective determination to cause Me harm at any cost – even an indictable offense. If You don’t believe Me, look it up, it’s section 380.1 of Canada’s Criminal Code.

The difference between tomorrow’s Motion hearing and the previous Rule 21 Motion, is that there is no Rule that prevents the Justice from considering evidence. If One Wishes to accuse another of some Act, the onus of proof lies with One’s accuser. This means that My accusers must provide proof that I at least had knowledge of the Casullo Endorsement, and must also provide explicit examples of My alleged ‘attack’ upon the Judge’s Endorsement. The only criticism I remember making, is that I had no knowledge of it (and I should considering I’m the primary Beneficiary and next of kin to the deceased), and that the hearing was obtained in violation of the Rule of Law, and the Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 1.09 in particular. That’s not a criticism of the Judge because I have no Idea what the Judge was told or what Application the Judge Endorsed, and neither does the Court because there is no ‘Record’ of any request for any direction made in the Estate Application because the Application hadn’t been filed with the Court. To the best of My knowledge, it remains unfiled to this day.

And that’s another reason why Jester Jaye Hooper’s decision is unacceptable, because it is clear that she considered the evidence Presented by opposing counsel, when the Motion can only succeed without considering the evidence. If the evidence is considered, then it does not qualify for dismissal because opposing counsel would have the opportunity to Present evidence also. The Casullo Endorsement was evidence included as an exhibit with their Motion, so they violated the Rule right from the start by stating they would be including the Casullo Endorsement as ‘evidence’. Oh, and also worth noting that after taking thirteen weeks to make a Decision, Jester Justice Jaye Hooper doesn’t even get the name of the Judge right, she refers to the Justice as ‘Caruso’ throughout the entire Decision. I wonder if she had just finished reading some Robert Louis Stevenson or something. Wasn’t Robinson Carusso the Man stranded on an Island who meets a Man named Friday (I am thing King because he meets him on a Friday, but it was a long read ago…).

I also received a ‘random’ email from the criminal division of the Ottawa Courthouse last ‘Lucky’ Wednesday which included the necessary forms for private, criminal prosecution, and they were just as King of Me to fill them out and swear them before a Justice to lay the charges. I advised them that there is a Motion at 10:00 AM tomorrow and that two of the criminals intend to perpetrate their fraud on the Court again tomorrow, so I hope to alert the Judge to their fraud at that time. They didn’t reply, so I presume they are fine with that…

Either a dis-Honourable Justice Will attempt to railroad a Man tomorrow in violation of his rights, or We Will finally have an opportunity to witness Justice being served. I’ll have the Recording of the Motion for You later tomorrow.

Love and Blessings,


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