Volume CCLXIV: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; A Present a Sean to the Court

Hello every One and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Gift to have You in My House.

Well, We’re not sure how many Ontario Superior Court Judges it takes to put a stop to Court fraud yet, We only know that one Court judge and one Court Registrar have so far proved to be insufficient. It is a Lucky Wednesday, though because I do have the new audio Recording for the Motion to ‘Settle the Order’!

Yeah, and this is a really Good one!!! I already knew it wasn’t going to be a Judge or Justice because the Motion materials indicated they were as King for a Registrar. I’m not trying to diminish Derrick Bert in any Way and I found him to be rather exceptional under the circumstances, but a Registrar doesn’t really have any Authority to do anything, he’s there explicitly and exclusively to do exactly what he says he is there to do – check for accuracy between Jester Hooper’s unacceptable and unlawful Decision, and the Order Jenny (Belligerent) Bogod Wishes to have ‘Issued’ (Signed) by the Court. It quite literally changes nothing about My Reply to the Decision it Self because only the Judge can dispute My legal and lawful refusal of acceptance, nothing can make a fraudulent document acceptable to the Court. All Jenny Bogod can now do with the ‘Order’ she has received is be as King of Me to pay her – I can still stay no. Because the Order was Issued by a Registrar, I can also vacate the Order ‘Void for Fraud’ and return it to the Court, which is something I Will Show You when I do it sometime when the weather warms up and I feel like going for a spring walk.

But this really is a Good one because Derrick helps to expose more of the fraud without even attempting to do so, believing he is supporting the legitimacy of the filing number because it shows up in the Court’s Estate search database. It shows that ‘an application was started on March 24th, 2022′ (just as Hala Claims) but it also shows that there has been no ‘resolution’ of the Estate, no other documents filed to process the application. Although he also claims this doesn’t prove that no due process was had, it only means that none of the documents have been processed by the (Bracebridge) Court yet, or entered onto ‘the system’. Over a year later and with My sister walking around with a Certificate. You can tell the Derrick himself sounds confused when he realizes that both statements can’t be True – how is there no resolution and an open application if My sister is currently walking around with a Certificate that presumably represents the conclusion of the Application?

I already knew that’s exactly what shows up at the Ottawa Courthouse because that was the first Courthouse (that was not the Bracebridge Courthouse) that I was as King to do an Estate search for Me, and it was Ashley Moniz-Andrade who explained to Me that the number assigned to it is not an official case file number, it is the number temporarily assigned to an application when it is started – it is assigned a proper case file number once the application is filed with (processed by) the Court. I also received an email from the Minister of Justice and Attorney General regarding Estate filing numbers and the minimum required number of digits for an Estate Application. Basically, the full number is eighteen digits (including the year) but four or five in addition to the year are usually sufficient, the rest of the digits are zeros and usually omitted except in the original filing. Any One who suggests that the case file number on the Certificate should not uniquely identify the Court of Record for the Estate Application it pertains to, is lying or stupid. What would be the point in assigning a number to the Certificate at all otherwise?

I’m sure I’ll have more to say about this later. My Friend was Present for the entire Show as well and I actually forgot she was here (she did tell Me she was going to leave roughly five minutes before and I remember apologizing for being so distracted – then I guess she decided not to leave and I didn’t even notice). But one of the first thing My Friend said to Me after the whole thing was over was, “I am thing King they know You are serious and finally beginning to realize You are also in the right. Didn’t he say something about having seen Your documents and knowing You know the Law?” (paraphrasing, but very close).

“Uh, yeah – I believe the Word he used was ‘clean’ I, “Write clean documents that follow the Rules,” or something like that.

I’ve also seen him at the Courthouse on several occasions, I believe I dealt with him once My Self and have zero complaints to make about him. He’s always been very professional in My experiences. I was expecting ‘Derrick Bert’ to be a much older Man but I’m sure Derrick won’t Mind hearing that and it was based exclusively on what I knew about him through email. He works for the Sheriff’s office of the Court and I believe he also schedules some hearings (ex-parte motions, maybe) so I just figured he’s be a more senior member of the Court. In fact, it was Derrick Bert who sent Me information for filing an Ex-parte motion to vacate a determination by Justice Gomery in another previous Matter against the City of Ottawa. Anytime he has communicated with Me, it’s always Good News – how I CAN do something rather than how I can’t…

So what are My plans moving forward? Well, I strongly encourage You to listen to the last audio. I do believe that the Courts are concerned about their repute a Sean, and I believe that the days of People like Michelle Murphy, Hala Tabl and the rest of her criminal cabal are shortly numbered. I’m still cautiously optimistic that the Courts are ultimately on the side of Justice, which means We (the People) are always Secretly Winning.

Love and Blessings,

I’m guessing most downloaded document of the year by the end of April…


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