Volume CCLXIV: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; April Showers, a King Reigns On

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House. Today’s Thursday is thoroughly Thrilling because yesterday I said that the audio recording of the Motion to ‘Settle the (invalid, fraudulent) Order’ Will likely become My most downloaded document of the year by the end of April. At the rate things are going now, it Will likely be My most downloaded document of the year by the time I Write the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition tomorrow!

Yes, if You haven’t heard it yet, I strongly recommend that You do because it is loaded with little gems. Perhaps the most Significant detail of all that I failed to even mention yesterday, is that roughly two thirds of the Motion are without Belligerent Bogod. Derrick, the Registrar, stays on the call with Me for probably close to half an hour after Jenny Bogod leaves the Zoom meeting. If I don’t point out that this is not at all typical, it might not be apparently obvious to the Common Man.

There are a couple of reasons why this isn’t typical conduct for a Court. The first, is that generally speaking the party bringing the Motion is the One who pays for the Motion. Some One has to pay the Court for its time. A party can be as King of the Court to Order for the opposing party to pay their costs for the Motion just as Belligerent Bogod does here, though One requires the authority of at least a Justice to Issue such an Order (which is also why the request was denied). The other reason it isn’t typical is because no party is permitted to speak to the Court regarding any Matter before the Court without the prior knowledge and consent of all other parties – basically, if I Wish to be tall King to the Court about anything that involves any of the other parties, they have to either Give consent or be Given the opportunity to attend. We discuss the very rule I’m tall King about, which is 1.09 of Ontario’s Rules of Civil Procedure.

One of the other ‘gems’ of the Motion is related because it is the request for costs for the Motion. The Registrar explains that he does not have the authority to authorize any additional costs, though he would be happy to pass the request along to Jaye Hooper if she Wishes. Jenny, Belligerent Bogod very quickly revokes her request. In one moment she goes from tall King about how much he can Imagine the costs of communicating with Me must be (does she mean the one, single email she sent Giving Me Notice of the Motion? – yeah, absolutely back-breaking), to ‘never Mind, I won’t bother, not worth the trouble…’? Yeah, not at all suspicious, probably not more than a couple thousand dollars, right? Hardly worth going to the trouble of as King a Justice to Order those costs be paid, too? That doesn’t make any sense to Me, it’s clear they Wish to do as much harm as they can, why not go the distance? Especially if they are so sure the justice is on their side, why not be as King of the Justice to help her hammer one more nail into My proverbial coffin?

That’s the other reason it’s a little strange that they didn’t request a Judge.

But the most interesting difference between this Motion and the Motion with Jaye Hooper, is a difference that was noted by My Friend who was sitting quietly in the background drinking tea for the entire hearing. She said the most notable difference was that when I told Derrick the Bracebridge Courthouse was refusing to share documents with Me, he was as King of Me why? When I told him Michelle Murphy told Me the Estate Application was ‘not open to the public’ after I learned about the Endorsement against Me from the defense materials of Hala Tabl, and that she still refused to Give Me a copy of the Endorsement ‘until a Certificate Issues’, Derrick was as King, ‘were You as King who gave her the authority to keep the Matter off the public record’?

The point is, My Friend said that these are the right kind of Questions to be as King, and the sort of Quest-Ions the Justice should have been as King at the Motion hearing. Those are the logical, Common Sense Quest-Ions to be as King. Who Gave Michelle Murphy of the Bracebridge Courthouse permission to Keep the Estate Matter private, and without any Notice to Me? My guess is no One. Even funnier was when I told Derrick what she says now when I’m as King the same Quest-Ion, “they just don’t reply to My emails now…”.

Yeah, not unusual at all for a Courthouse, right!?

But not only is the Motion likely to be the most downloaded document of the year by the end of the day tomorrow, it is like there was some kind of cosmic energy while I was on the Zoom call with Derrick, too. I was tall King about how bad all of this looks for the Court and how I publish everything here, and I was too distracted on the call to be checking My stats while I was in the Motion to Notice I was receiving an unusual amount of views while I was in the Motion and before uploading the new audio. Derrick also immediately acknowledged that I’m uploading everything here.

The big News for today (and as You may have guessed if You did listen to the audio of the Motion), is that I was as King what days the Barrie Courthouse hears Motions and when their next available virtual Zoom Motion might be. I can’t say I’ve ever had any Issues with the Barrie Courthouse not responding to My emails, though today they remain silent? I find that curious now, too…

But the biggest Good News of the day is My Final Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability served upon the Bracebridge Courthouse because really, none of this would even have been possible if not for Murphy’s Law, and Michelle Murphy of the Bracebridge Courthouse taking Matters into her own hands and deciding for her Self who Will get to participate in My Father’s Estate proceedings by colluding with Hala Tabl to ensure that any interested parties as King about the Estate are told that no documents are being filed because of ‘covid delays’ so that Tanja and her lawyer can have the legal system to their Self.

They haven’t replied yet, I’m giving them until 5:00 PM tomorrow, then I’m going to notify the Minister of Justice and Attorney General because at this point, it is difficult to say how many People within the Court system it Self may be conspiring against Me, especially if the Barrie Courthouse is not responding to Motion requests now, too.

As per usual, I Will be Keeping You Posted and tomorrow I plan to be tall King a little more about Our collapsing glow-ball economy.

Thanks for being here,

Love and Blessings,


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