Volume CCLXV: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; A New Prince of Peppers Product-Sean Company

Hello every One and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Presence is a Gift in My House. Well, despite the craziness of Man’s Macrocosm the Motive a Sean for Me this Magical Monday is a New Product-Sean Company owned by ‘The Prince of Peppers (Product-Sean Company), ‘Bad Ass Buddha Tonic’!

Yeah, I’m not sure what You are thing King but the Truth is, I’ve got like a million of these little entrepreneurial ideas that are just not quite important enough for Me to follow through on. This one, however, is something I Wish to Create for My Self anyway (which is also a pretty common characteristic) and I was tall King with My Friend about it because I already have a ripe, red hot pepper (and it also just happens to be a Prince of Peppers Signature variety which I’ve Called the ‘Purple Pendant Pepper’). My Friend was so excited about the idea, she was as King of Me when I plan to start making My next batch and as King if she could help Me get this idea off the ground in any Way!

Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. [20] For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

Matthew 18:19,20, King James Version

My Friend is also often as King of Me about equity, so this Will Give Me an opportunity to Show My Friend how the Laws of Equity are war King in Man’s Macrocosm with a Hand’s on example from My Microcosm. All Real property belonging to The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean is measured and accounted for on the King’s Ledger relative to its Real Value (meaning Silver and Gold, in ounces). This Way assets of the Trust increase in value as the economy is inflated and the relative Value of the dollar continues to decrease. The ‘equitable’ Value of Real property Held by the Trust always continues to increase as the value of fiat decreases. And believe Me when I tell You, the fact that China, Russia, India and some other countries are tall King about ditching the dollar completely at the same time I am tall King about the difference between promises to pay and Real wealth is not a coincidence either. One of the very hardest pills for ‘the West’ to swallow, is that all of their central banks are criminal cabals and responsible for the majority of the world’s wars. I know that’s a big claim and I’m not really substantiating it with anything today, though it Will be a common theme moving forward, mostly because I am thing King Man’s Macrocosm Will not have much choice regarding the Matter. Mainstream media may not be tall King about the collapse of fiat yet, but believe Me when I tell You they soon Will be because they Will have no choice. Basically, it has NEVER been lawful to Create ‘money from nothing’ (though getting One’s chicks for free is okay – paying for that is illegal in most countries (though perfectly lawful if consensual)).

Once again I didn’t really mean to go off on a tangent, the point is I’m excited about this new entrepreneurial venture because it is one that a Friend is basically going to make sure I follow through on! It’s also going to be a Fun little project because it really does have minimal investment capital and reasonably quick return. It’s not something that Will make either of Us billionaires overnight, but it’s one of those things where We can easily scale up Product-Sean slowly in accordance with demand.

Essentially, it’s a tonic loaded with anti-oxidants and all sorts of other Goodies for optimizing health and immunity. The original recipe Will be the mildest but even the mildest packs a pretty Good punch and Will certainly wake One’s senses. I plan on making three versions to start, kicking it up a notch by adding jalapeno peppers instead of regular peppers, and finally scotch bonnets or similar scorching peppers for the baddest of Buddha’s taste buds. The hotter the tonic, the more potent tincture. What doesn’t kill One makes One stronger.

We’re starting with a single batch and Will be looking into all aspects of bottling Our Product-Sean, including some kind of cool label design. The Tonic does take some time to prepare so there is a two week preparation period before the first batch Will be ready, and I Will be making the first batch tomorrow!

So I am thing King that Will be something new and interesting to share with all of You as well as a Good experience for Me because I really do have a ton of Ideas, I just don’t care about any of them enough to put the energy into making it some kind of entrepreneurial venture.

Elon Musk said once that

“if One needs encouragement to start their own business, they probably shouldn’t start their own business. If One has an Idea that is so Good One feels morally compelled to start their own business, that’s when One should probably start their own business.” – Elon Musk, paraphrasing (but I think pretty close).

I am also thing King there Will be Good News in My Microcosm soon but only time Will tell. Very soon I Will be using the Power of this International Public a Sean to tell the full story regarding the Estate fraud because it’s really only been very recently that I’ve been able to put some of the last pieces of the puzzle together, and it really is a pretty incredible story considering the level of corruption on the part of the Courts. And that’s exactly why I believe there Will be some kind of resolute Sean to this Matter soon because the longer this mess continues, the worse the Courts look. The repute a Sean of the Court is far more important than any One person.

Love and Blessings,


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