Volume CCLXV: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Corporations, the Pirates of the Citizen Ship

Hello every One and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. The Lovers of capitalism Will probably not like today’s Title much, so consider this a disclaimer to those who believe the goal in Life is to covet as much as One can that today’s Post contains graphic, disturbing logic and reason that cannot be reasonably disputed that Will Show how CAPITALISM is responsible for the greatest economic scandal the world has ever known.

Okay, so that’s a pretty big Claim to make to start a Free Lance Friday Edition, no? One might even call it a thesis, I suppose. Well, before I get into the greatest economic scandal the world has ever known, I Will first justify the first part of My argument by explaining why CAPITALISM is responsible for the greatest economic scandal – because capitalism rewards greed. Greed is the motive for nefarious Acts both lawful and unlawful that seek to gain wealth from others for personal benefit which in turn is rewarded by society by Way of repute and social status in a capitalist system. The theory is that capitalism promotes industry, (or ‘industriousness’) and entrepreneur-Ship. It’s True. In fact, I Will concede that it accomplishes that task very well. The problem is, it does it too well.

When One increases the value of a prize so much that every One Wishes to Play the Game, what Will People be Willing to do to level the Playing field? What Will People be Willing to do to get an edge over the rest of the field? What Will One be Willing to do to Win? And if there are many prizes, if ‘every One is a winner’ with each prize only slightly less Valuable than the One preceding it, how many People Will be Wishing to gain an advantage over the other Players? How many varying levels of corruption and deceit might spawn from such a Game, and what kind of chaos Will be Created at each level of the Playing field as they continue to compete endlessly for the top position? Welcome to the Game of LIFE! The Game of LIFE requires all persons to Play Monopoly (and I like to joke that they’ve recently added the ‘Rat Race’ expansion’) with a token Created and named after YOU!!!

Oh, You thought You had a choice about Playing the Game? Oh, no, no, NO!!! Every One must Play this Game of Life We are Gifted by God. And that’s how capitalist ideology became responsible for the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on Man’s kind.

The first trick was the corporation. Before the corporation, every One was liable for their own Actions in business or otherwise. People were accountable to the Law for their Actions. The corporation allowed for a new NAME to be Created for the business that would accept liability for business Actions in lieu of the Man. Well! One might Imagine where this is going, right?

One might now consider engaging in not so Honourable business conduct if One is no longer accountable to the Law in their personal capacity, right? And People wonder why business People and lawyers (in particular) get such a bad repute a Sean? Of course it was business People and lawyers who set up the first legal corporations. Um, if the purpose of a corporation is to avoid personal accountability for wrongdoing, is the very premise of the Idea not corrupt? Does that not make the entire premise of a corporation unlawful?

Well, some might argue this Part of the scheme seems the most dubious and fraudulent of all. Despite the fact that the entire premise of Man’s Matrix is laced in fraud and relies entirely on decept Sean, nothing is unlawful because One can consent to just about anything. Trust Law is a form of contract Law (and one of the oldest) and a (legally and) lawfully binding Trust relation Ship can be Established by Way of demonstrable causality. A Good example is a parent’s obligation to care for their new born child. The child has no choice about the relationship, the child must Trust the parents, and the parents are liable if harm becomes the child as a result of their negligence.

It’s also a Good example because it introduces the citizen Ship, the greatest heist of all. I can tell One first Hand that there are few things funnier than having some One say they are Sovereign and Independent only to be as King One how to be Sovereign and Independent two seconds later, but I Imagine the Crown had a Good chuckle in 1867 for Canada,

“okay, Canada, We see You are all grown up and Independent from the Crown now, congratulations. Now, please make sure You get a copy of that Birth Registration Act to Me as soon as it passes the senate.”

Of course, the Crown Will not Wish to let the treasonous traitors know that the Birth Registration Act of 1868 was to maintain a Record of all People who conspire with the colonists claiming independence. Canada was never granted any recognition of any land rights to Canada, the Crown made it very clear to Canada that the Crown doesn’t have a legitimate claim upon any land in Canada. Basically, One can’t grant authority to another to rule over property that neither party rightly owns in the first place, but Canada was too stupid to understand any of that or what it means and the Crown didn’t Wish to be at war with the colonists forever, so they were Trusted to care for the land until claimed by its rightful Sovereign. And the Crown determined the rightful Sovereign to be the People of the Common Wealth – but I’ll save that for part two or I Will not get this Fabulous Free Lance Friday Posted before midnight.

The citizen Ship was a master Full Idea (pun intended, Mister) to ensure that no One Will own too much, that capitalist, economic greed Will have a ceiling. Well, We’ve hit that ceiling and the fit’s hit the shan, so I figured this was a Good time to be tall King about how People were incorporated into artificial persons until every One was on the Ark of the Covenant, the Citizen Ship (for sailing the Holy See of Commercial Admiralty). And all the Fabulous Word Play that fits so well is probably just an astounding coincidence!

Love and Blessings,

Post Script,

Today’s feature photo is a Bolivian Rainbow pepper started from seed February first already in bloom!!! It’s also only been transplanted from it’s little jiffy pot into a two and a half inch clay pot, has at least a dozen blooms ready to go! It is also My first heirloom, a seed taken from last year’s harvest and a plant that is also in bloom beginning its second season! The idea was to create a variety that Will produce plenty of peppers in a small pot – mission accomplished!

Post, Post Script,

Yeah, no new News in My Microcosm this week except the call to the Bracebridge Courthouse which You can find here.


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