Volume CCLXVI: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; Serving the Crown… with Service on the Crown?

Hello every One and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, I hope this Monday feels as Magical for You as it does for Me. Thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House and I have a Marvelous (We are the Real Marvel , Marvel-Us) Monday Edition for You today with plenty of videos to Keep You entertained, as well as a follow up letter to Canada’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General, the Honourable David Lametti, and Service on the Crown!

Okay, before I get into today’s video entertainment that Will help to Keep People in the loop with some of today’s trending topics in Man’s Macrocosm, I Will share My Motive a Sean for this Magical Monday. Writing letters to State Actors to remind them of their Role on the world Stage is how One Plays a Part in the Direct-Sean of this Universal Product-Sean, which is Universal Pictures Greatest Present a Sean because each of Us have a Role to Play. This is why Spelling is Magic because We are Casting Characters into this Product-Sean for the Final Act. Is One thing King it is a coincidence that the fiction they legislate by the passing of bills are called ‘Acts’? State Actors are Casting Roles for their Self and the People have a duty and responsibility to make sure those Roles are in the best interest of the People and do not trespass upon their inherent (Sovereign) rights.

First, here’s the follow up letter to the Honourable David Lametti because he needs to be carbon copied on any claim filed against the Crown or any private criminal prosecution anyway, so it’s best to inform him as soon as reasonably possible. Consider that if the Bracebridge Courthouse Registrar Michelle Murphy had not colluded with My sister’s lawyer to exclude Me from the Estate Application (and the Casullo hearing in particular), none of this would have been possible!!! If Michelle Murphy had actually processed the documents onto the Court of Record at the Bracebridge Courthouse, proof of service of notice of all hearings and endorsements on all parties to the Application would have been required. For all I know, it’s the reason she hasn’t processed the documents yet, because she doesn’t have the required documents necessary for the application, so they were hoping they could convince Me that due process was had so that they Will never be required to process the Application! As long as I believe the Certificate was Issued by the Court in a legitimate Application, who else is going to be as King any Quest-Ions? Exactly.

This time the document is Titled ‘Notice of FRAUD – Bracebridge Superior Court Registrar, Michelle Murphy’. It doesn’t get more plain than that, and the intent is to let the Honourable Minister know that one of his staff are guilty of a serious crime. If Michelle Murphy Will do this for My sister’s lawyer against Me, how many other People might she have done this to? One Will be thing King that the Honourable Minister Will probably Wish to suspend Michelle Murphy immediately at least until an investigate Sean is conducted to ensure that no more People are harmed. I don’t know, maybe not – that’s what I’d Wish to do. But either Way, We Wish to make sure We Give the Minister the opportunity to take Action and to right this wrongdoing done to Me.

But it has already been a week and in one Way or another, the Crown is now liable because it is the Courts that have caused Me harm by the Issuance of an unlawful Certificate Issued without any due process, and now because their officers continue to cause Me harm by ignoring the fraud after it has been reported to two Court judges in a Civil Matter, and one Court Registrar – yet My sister continues to walk around with a Certificate that only Michelle Murphy and Hala Tabl have any Record of, not a single document in the Application is actually filed (processed) by the Court yet. And I don’t believe there is any intent to process the documents, but I guess We Will see.

Interestingly enough, if the Crown is liable for harm done to One, they require Notice of the Claim sixty days before filing the Claim?

If you are claiming damages against the Crown in right of Ontario (Ontario government), you will need to provide 60 days’ notice before starting your claim as outlined in the Crown Liability and Proceedings Act


That seems like an awful lot of time for a Notice of Liability. My guess is that the intent is to Give the Crown sufficient time to resolve the Matter so it doesn’t end up in Court. If the Court Wishes to hold the appropriate People accountable instead, problem solved (for example). But I figure in the event I do Wish to go this route, I may as well start the process, right?

Okay, now onto the less serious stuff and Magic taking place in Man’s Macrocosm. Let’s start with Viva Frei.

There’s almost too much Good stuff in this one to even pick favourites for a short list, but Barnes has new lawsuits he’s taking on, information about lawsuits regarding Religious spiritual exemptions being tried as unconstitutional (US) and lots of other really Good conversation on a variety of topics. It is over two hours long but if You Wish to get an update on the biggest news in Man’s Macrocosm at least as far as US lawsuits are concerned, You don’t need to look any further. And Viva is entertaining to watch, too!

But I also Wish to share a video from My favourite journalist of the moment, Kim Iverson. In a far more subtle but reminiscent reminder of Viva’s journey down the rabbit hole, Kim Iverson has been following the more controversial stories for a while now, too, was cancelled by mainstream and has now started her own channel which could just as easily have been called ‘Kim Iverson unleashed’ because that’s exactly what it is. Now that Kim has her own Show, she’s been pushing the journalism boundaries and as King more quest-ions. I also appreciate her insight on issues and feel she has Good Ideas – suggesting Elon Musk remove the ‘sponsored by government’ tags from all accounts is a great example (rather than labeling them all). But the Real reason I’m sharing this particular video is because this video interview between Elon and the BBC has gone viral because Elon catches the interviewer out in a lie, trying to frame Elon’s takeover as being responsible for an increase in hate speech on the platform. It is hilarious because the Man from BBC just can’t admit that’s he’s lying even when he’s caught out on a Live broadcast. That’s the most embarrassing part for him because Elon Musk always looks so effortlessly cool (because he’s just being him Self, he has no ulterior, nefarious motives).

And You know I just wouldn’t be Me if I didn’t include at least a little bit of Canadian corruption to complete a summary of the craziness taking place in Man’s Macrocosm. Didn’t I say ‘wait till they start as King to investigate the Trudeau Foundation’, then You’ll really see how deep the Trudeau corruption goes?

Well, if You didn’t, this Magical Monday is a reflect-Sean of My Words Magically Manifesting once again, and for a conspiracy I had absolutely no knowledge of. I was tall King about the stocks the Foundation was investing in but this is even juicier because it looks like Trudeau has been receiving bribes from the Chinese government to influence elections and politics in Canada in general. But don’t worry, soon enough Trudeau Will be tall King about how there is nothing to see here.

I say let’s see what this new investigation reveals. Eventually, this government goes down, and when it eventually does, all the People lying for them Will stop lying and start taking deals – then We’ll really have a Fabulous International Present a Sean taking place on the world’s stage.

Love and Blessings,


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