Volume CCLXVI: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; Trudeau Getting ‘Trolled’ by Elon Musk

Hello every One and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. My Matrix IV Interpret a Sean for the Tell a Vision Edition is temporarily on hold for reasons I Will disclose at a later date, so for now I’m sharing My perspective on some of the events unfolding for State Actors on the world Stage of Man’s Macrocosm. As today’s Title teases, it also fulfills! Trudeau is in Deed being ‘Trolled’ by Elon and it’s a Show worth tall King about because it makes the story of Canada’s fall into fascism sound something more like a Shakespeare comedy Play. It’s like Elon Musk was tasked with designing the Emperor’s new clothes, has handed them over to Trudeau, and Trudeau’s walking telling every One how great he looks, not knowing he’s naked (because he was told only stupid People Will believe he is naked).

I don’t know, I am thing King it’s a pretty Good metaphor once You know the full story and it’s pretty hilarious to watch Trudeau (and the CBC) squirm.

I honestly think this is One of Elon Musk’s best pranks yet. His worst prank was challenging Putin to a one on one fight, declaring the winner the decider of the Russian operation in Ukraine. The prank was stupid for two reasons; he would lose a fight to Vladamir Putin in less than three minutes even if Putin did accept, and he doesn’t have any legitimate right or authority to make any decisions for the People of the regions in dispute because he doesn’t have any legitimate claim to that land or those People (as their elected ruler) in the first place, so his decision would effectively be as fascist as Putin’s if it isn’t what the People in the region Wish for (which was the case, I might humbly offer).

The reason I find it funny is because this is Truly the best Way to handle a narcissist. Basically, Trudeau is trying to frame the Tweet as untrue and Elon Musk as disingenuous because the CBC is only 70% funded by government. Well, Elon Musk just responded by changing the tag he had previously placed on the CBC’s Twitter account which read ‘government funded’, to ‘70% government funded’. Then another Twitter-verse user chimed in with something like ‘why don’t You give him the benefit of the doubt and make it 69%’. Elon thought that was pretty funny and decided to take the suggestion offered by the platform’s user. Obviously that’s not a bad Idea as the CEO of the company to take suggestions from users, it’s only going to make the platform feel more free and fun, while also making the platform’s users feel as though their opinion means something.

Well, the CBC wasn’t happy about it either. The irony here, is that if the CBC being government funded doesn’t Matter or affect the ability of the publication to remain unbiased, then Trudeau would just shut up. A smart leader (even if they are bribing mainstream media with the funding they provide) would just say, ‘yes, it is government funded because the Canadian government believes there is an obligation to Keep the People informed, but there is no incentive to favour one political party or opinion, they have a mandate to remain unbiased and adhere to strict broadcasting standards’ (or something like that).

If there is nothing nefarious going on, there would be no reason to be so upset that Elon is making the information public. That’s the kind of transparency People Wish to see. I had a Friend in Japan tell Me that they tried to pass a bill in Japanese government once that would require all vendors of all products to list the true cost of raw materials, production, labour, advertising, and profits associated with the as King price. It was determined to be so harmful to large corporations that the bill couldn’t be passed or the entire economy would collapse because People would not pay the as King price of many things if they knew the True cost.

However, I feel it’s only fair to also Give You the CBC’s propaganda piece in reply.

So why is it a propaganda piece? Because if there is nothing to see here, there is nothing to explain. There are lots of problems with the funding overall including which media companies are eligible to receive the funds in the first place. But all of that notwithstanding, what makes this Issue stand out so much is Trudeau taking a fit about it. If the Man had just shut his trap and said nothing, there would be nothing to talk about because Elon didn’t pick on the CBC exclusively, he gave the tag to several government funded media companies.

One of the reasons it’s a propaganda piece is because it begins by assuming a position of authority from the start. True journalism investigates issues objectively, propaganda is selling an Idea. The Title tells the audience that this video Will ‘explain’ the new government funded tag for You (because You’re too stupid to know what it means all on Your own).

He’s trying to sell You the Idea that the CBC being government funded doesn’t affect its ability to produce unbiased, investigative journalism – it’s funded for the same reason public schools are funded in a country where (some) education is free. Teachers have to get paid for children to be taught, journalists have to get paid to keep the People informed. Yet there is a very clear pro-Trudeau stance in the video, suggesting that Trudeau’s political opponent, Pierre Poilleivre, is responsible for the new tag with intent to discredit the CBC as a government mouthpiece. It IS a government mouthpiece and if it wasn’t they wouldn’t be war King so hard on ‘damage control’.

He tries to convince us that CBC is different from RT and China’s government funded state media because it has ‘standards’ that are available to the public and an independent ombudsman (also funded by government to Give the illusion of independent) to investigate violations, and People don’t ‘disappear’ or die if they question or investigate government. That’s True, but what they do here in Canada is fire People, guilt shame them, and blacklist their career, which is the equivalent of economic suicide in a capitalist democratic monarchy.

It’s also worth noting that the journalist does tell You what disingenuous journalists and publications do by printing catchy headlines that are True but entirely and intentionally misleading. He gives an example of as King a politician if they have ever stolen a million dollars, the politician Will obviously insist that they haven’t, and the disingenuous journalist publishes a headline, “Politician Denies Stealing a Million Dollars!”.

The CBC prints a lot of headlines designed to sell Ideas, and the irony is that this is a True propagandist tactic, and it is also one CBC uses frequently (like the video title it Self, insisting they Will explain to You the Twitter tag because You are too stupid to figure it out for Your Self and need to have CBC and the Canadian government tell You how to interpret this information).

Well, I ranted longer than I intended for the two videos I shared, so I’m going to Sign off with a third from Redacted because they are My other ‘Trusted’ news source at the moment (I don’t fully trust any source but these are the most trustworthy I know of). The main reason I’m sharing today’s Redacted is for time stamp 5:55. I hope You Will check it out because You Will not understand it’s relay Sean-ship unless You do… There’s also a few shocking things worth learning about even if You only listen to the first five minutes or so.

Love and Blessings,


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