CCLXVI: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; Conspiracy Facts

Hello every One and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Well, I don’t much like using the Words ‘conspiracy theory’ because those are two Words that Will be flagged by virtually every electronic surveillance application the Snowden’s of the world are tall King about when they mention metadata collection and surveillance. But I figure I’m at a point now where they monitor every Word I Write anyway, so why not share some conspiracy facts today that were once conspiracy theories. Before We even get started, one of the conspiracy theories that proved to be a fact was that the CIA launched a campaign to discredit any One that might be speaking Truth to Power as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ so they could continue to perpetrate the conspiracy with plausible deniability, brushing off any (legitimate) accusation as a ridiculous ‘conspiracy theory’. This is also known as psi-ops or more commonly, propaganda.

If the ‘woke movement’ claims the majority of the Mind’s of Man’s Macrocosm, there Will no longer be objective Truth, and We Will Truly be Living in a Godless, profane world. Educational institutions are teaching children that their gender is subjective, and the state is threatening to remove children from their parents if the parents interfere with a child’s decision to mutilate their sex organs. One Will literally have to be insane to live in the world that Will emerge if the woke movement were to succeed. Don’t worry, it doesn’t – in fact, very few People are Truly insane enough to believe that any of this is Good for children or society as a whole. Men competing in women’s sports because they ‘identify’ as female is a mental health disorder – whether or not it is the individual who Self identifies as the opposite sex to what they are biologically, or whether or not it is the People advocating for these individuals to have ‘women’s rights’ as a biological Man? I’ve got news for You, People – it isn’t about inclusion for trans-gender People, it is about diminishing the rights of Man so that the Word ‘Man’ means nothing and has no gender until One determines what One Wishes their gender to be. Or even both genders, apparently, as some individuals like to be addressed by the pronouns ‘they/them’ – so the transgender movement also means that an individual can Self identify as more than one person. How unique. That would totally change the definition of Man’s kind, wouldn’t it? Would ‘human rights’ still apply to this new hybrid of Man that has no sex and no other clearly definable biological characteristics – or is that the point, to have Man identify as something other than Man so that the individual no longer has the rights of Man?

Oh, that probably sounds like a conspiracy theory, so let Me share with You this rather funny if not sobering reflection of some of the conspiracy facts of late…

Now… Canada is one of a few countries that continue to lie to their public quite blatantly. There are still Health Canada commercials on CBC network encouraging children to get their covid-19 vaccine. If it isn’t well known by the Trudeau government, it only makes him look that much more incompetent by telling You that it is becoming well known that Pfizer’s vaccine has ZERO efficacy on Covid-19, and We also know that Pfizer knew this from their initial trials!!! They also knew that the number one side effect of the ‘vaccine’ was covid-19!!! Yes, the Pfizer trial documents actually prove that the vaccines are in fact a biological weapon used to spread covid, not to stop the spread. Pfizer execs knew this the whole time which is why it was so important to get all the tech companies censoring any of the Truth. Just in case You didn’t know what was in the Pfizer documents, here’s someone to let You in on some of it.

So there You have it folks. According to Naomi Wolf’s research, the Pfizer vaccine is in fact a biological weapon spreading covid-19, not stopping it. There can’t be any scientific data to show it slows or stops the spread because it simply isn’t True. It does, however, cause boatloads of harm for the Citizen Ships.

I’m going to Keep this short today or I won’t get it Posted in time but believe Me when I tell You, these criminals Will not get away with their crimes, there are lawyers all over the world looking for new and creative Ways to make dishonest governments and big tech pay, and there are no governments more guilty that Canada’s fascist, lying, misogynist, True-dough. They all need to be tried for crimes against humanity for lying about the science. All Will pay the piper in time.

Love and Blessings,


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