Volume CCLXVI: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Murphy’s Law and Confronting a Criminal of the Bracebridge Superior Court

Hello every One and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House and I have an explosive Edition for You today because We are tall King with criminals colluding to perpetrate fraud by abusing their position as Court Registrar’s to take advantage of Self Presented litigants. Oh yeah, a Fabulous Friday in Deeds!!!

First, let’s listen to My first phone call to the Bracebridge Courthouse this morning. Would You believe that I had the Good Luck of having Michelle Murphy answer My call?! I’m sure You can Imagine how exciting that would be for Me (she’s been colluding with My sister’s lawyer to deceive Me regarding the status of My father’s Estate Application so that I have no opportunity to respond to their materials). When I tell Michelle how Wonder-Full it is to finally speak with her and introduce My Self as the Man who’s property she colluded to steal, she threatens to call the police and hangs up on Me!!! Have a listen Your Self!!!

How guilty is this bitch? Excuse My language, but in this case it is well deserved, Michelle should be living in a six by six cell where the state can drain as much of her energy for economic profit as they see fit without stealing any more property from Canada’s Sovereign People. Oh, and that’s Me tall King to Kingston (one of My cats) at the start of the call, who decided to start playing with a door stopper the moment I got on the call. He was pretty Good for the rest of the call.

So of course I’m going to call back, right!? Yeah, sounds like We’ve got a scared fish on a hook, better reel her in before she gets away! I don’t believe for one second she was going to call the police, what would the police do except arrest Michelle if they’re doing their job? She panicked, didn’t know what to say and she’s feeling threatened because she’s guilty of a serious crime, so her instinctive ‘go to’ was the police, but the police can’t help You if the threat of harm is fear of arrest for criminal Acts. But this Shows that Michelle Murphy knows she is guilty because if she’d been Given any authority to exclude Me from the Estate or not file documents to keep the Estate private, she would have no problem telling Me. The fact that she ends the call as quickly as possible is all the confirmation I need to know she knows she’s guilty. (I’ve known for a long time, but I wasn’t sure if she believes she has some right to do what she did – if she did, she would have stated her belief in defense of her Actions. Nothing to say? Nihil Dicit ‘he says nothing’. That’s Good enough for Default Judgment ‘Res Judicata’ because she is not attempting to protest or defend her Actions.

Anyway, here’s the second call to Michelle’s supervisor.

With all due respect to Kerry Thomson, I’m not sure how she Spells the Magic of her Calling, and I feel like it’s wrong but I’m not sure. If necessary I Will make corrections, no Spelling mistake regarding the Magic of any One’s Calling is ever intentional – only nicknames like ‘Belligerent Bogod’ are intentional and require Special circumstances for One to receive such status in House von Dehn.

And finally, an email follow up to Kerry Thomson so she can for herself first hand that Michelle Murphy is clearly withholding information from Me and telling Me that I can’t participate in My own father’s Estate proceeding because it is not open to the public and Will not be open to the public until a Certificate Issues (and to any enemy of the Estate and the deceased, no less).

It’s such a fabulous Friday already that I Will be back this evening with more from Man’s Macrocosm just because it feels like We are nearing the climax of this glow ball Product-Sean at high velocity, and a similar sentiment is felt in My Microcosm. I feel like the criminals are running scared with nowhere to hide, both in My Microcosm, and for the corrupt State Actors on the world Stage.

Thanks for tuning into this Universal Pictures Greatest Present a Sean!

Love and Blessings,

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